Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018-19: Results for Aries Moon Sign

This prediction is for Aries Moon Sign. If you are not sure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out easily.

Jupiter is the most promising planet in Vedic astrology. It governs aspects including Spirituality in you. Being the largest planet of the solar system, Jupiter bestows success in financial endeavors and enriches the well-being in one’s life. If your ascendant or Moon Sign is ruled by Jupiter, then you are fortunate enough as the planet brings considerable success in your life, based on other factors in your horoscope.

Are you aware that Jupiter has been transiting Libra since October 12, 2017? And, this year after spending almost an year in Libra, the planet makes a transition to Scorpio on 11th October 2018, Thursday, and will stay there till 30th March 2019, Saturday. This planetary movement from one zodiac sign to the other is set to have different effects on different Moon Signs.

If you are an Aries, let’s explore how the Jupiter Transit will affect your life over the next one year.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio is likely to have an average to not so great effects on those born with Aries as their Moon Sign. Jupiter - the lord of your ninth and twelfth house is now transiting your eighth house. This makes this planetary transition rather unfavorable. Vedic astrology can be your nemesis in the odd times too. The upcoming one year period will be a good time to involve yourself in spiritual activities for getting some positive outcomes. During this period, you may face some conflicting events in your life, which could even leave you feeling pessimistic. So you are up for a phase of life which would show you all colors from positive to the one with road blocks. It would be best to brace yourself to hold your ground and let your life sail through the obstacles and some distress. Being diplomatic and remaining cautious while taking some important life decisions should be your strategy over the next one year.

Health Trends

You are required to be careful about your health. Be on a guard for ailments and take to the medical help without delays for any symptoms. There is a possibility of some ill health and fatigue due to over indulgence in work or some bad habits like drinking, etc. So, it would be in good interest to look after yourself while the giver planet Jupiter transits in your Moon Sign.

Wealth & Finances Trends

The period seems to be average for finances. Be cautious to avoid incurring any debt during this period. It is advised to not make any key investments this year and instead take care of your savings and valuables. Keep a watch on the activities of business rivals as they may try their best to cause obstructions in the path of your progress.

Education Trends

Your hard work and dedication may not bring desired results. A major change of stream or area of specialization is being broadly depicted in the education pattern. It is most likely that you may switch over to a different course of study (for example from commerce to science stream) or even a shift within the subject or electives like from civil engineering to mechanical engineering. When preparing for the examinations and assessments, it is advisable to opt for tuitions and group study. As you need some hard work to get to your expected results in the competition or examinations.

Career & Profession

There is a possibility of a transfer to some remote or a distant place. The reason of the same could be some sort of disturbances at workplace, or even a new or an existing assignment which could make you go to a faraway place to work. The atmosphere at work place could keep you stressed. You may not get much help and backing by your colleagues. There could be rifts with your superior as well.

Marriage & Relationships

You could go through some disharmony on the domestic front. This could leave you affected. Financial spends on family matters are likely to rise and will leave you burdened & stressed. You should also take care of your relations with members of your family. Must keep a watch on your words to keep quarrels at bay. Refraining from arguments to maintain harmonious relations with your spouse and children will be in your best interest. Be watchful while engaging in new alliances, especially making friends on social media.

For a personalised report based on your birth data on how Jupiter Transit will effect the various facets of your life, you can refer to Jupiter Transit & Fortune Reading.


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