365 Day Horoscope Report

365 Day Horoscope Report



This report is set up to bring you predictions for 365 days on an annual, monthly & daily cyclical forecasts basis. This will help you view your life’s timeline in three ways:

Annual Cycle that covers the larger goals which drive your life (e.g.: your career, marriage, relationship status, social position, political position, assets that you build up during your lifetime, children, things like moving to another country, etc.).

Monthly Cycle that includes the intermediate goals which require action and implementation plans to calibrate your life.

Daily Cycle which includes the daily, day-to-day efforts that help you cover the last mile, ensuring that you utilize your energy and efforts on the days when luck would favor you the most. It will also help you avoid the bad days that could set you back.


What would shape your Next 365 Days?


Annual Cycle Events:

  • As Saturn holds most prominence in the larger scheme of things, your life will be greatly influenced by its movement through Aquarius and its retrograde motion till October 2023.
  • The next big influence would be Rahu and Ketu’s move in November 2023.
  • At this level, you may experience traction in your profession that could push your income up, take you through travels that can change your plans and perspectives, make you recalibrate your personal life or marriage.


Monthly Cycle Events:

  • The retrograde movements of Mercury in the next 365 days, and the steady shifting of Sun every 30 days will determine which months would deliver the promise or challenges.
  • You will experience several changes in major areas of your life in December 2023 and February 2024.


Day to Day Cycle Events:

  • Moon’s movement and its connections with the rest of the 8 planets on each day will chart out the good and bad days for you.
  • You will have many days each month which will bring you opportunities; but there would be at least 7 days each month when important decisions and actions should be held back.


Why should you order the 365 Day Horoscope Report?

  • Get an annual view to help you look at things in the larger picture to help you take some strategic decisions about life.
  • Get a monthly view to assess how th y ear will progress & understand the positive & negative trends so you can plan your activities, travels, major moves in profession & in relationships.
  • Get a daily view with a day by day forecast of the next 365 days with a focus on career & love to help you map the entire year along with clear guidance.
  • Get remedies to cross any hurdle or pitfall.

Helpful Tips:

  • Annual view to look at things in the larger picture.
  • Monthly view to assess ho wthe year will progress & identify the positive & negative trends.
  • Day by day forecast of the next 365 days with a focus on career & love.
  • Remedies to mitigate any hurdle or pitfall in the next 365 days.

Report Size:

15 Pages