2024 Horoscope

2024 horoscope is happily aligned as all the major planets are in harmony with each other. Saturn remains in Aquarius throughout bringing its second most powerful and giving position in a 30 year cycle and all of us should use the power of Saturn to power your way forward in Life. Jupiter will move from the sign of Aries to Taurus in May of 2024 bring a very clear and significant impact on your horoscope for 2024. You will find the polarity of your fortunes will shift between the pre May 2024 and post May 2024 period in the coming year.

The most important impact that you would feel compared to 2023 would be the movement of Rahu & Ketu ( Dragon’s head & Dragon’s tail) causing many changes in your 2024 horoscope destiny. Rahu & Ketu are in mystical and unpredictable signs and so you will find your life change beyond your current level of expectations.

Saturn & Rahu would steadily continue to move closer bringing the possibility of more war zones in the world as the year draws to a close and the impacts would start becoming more prominent in our lives with this change.

Overall 2024 horoscope promises growth & gains as long as you follow a steady path.