Venus Retrogression Report

Venus Retrogression Report



23rd July to 3rd September 2023 can be a period of confusion, deception and misdirection as Venus moves into Leo on 7th July, signaling a phenomenon which we will have to endure for nearly 4 months, i.e., till 3rd November. In this period, Venus will get into a retrogression mode, fall back into the previous sign and carry the effects and challenges till the period ends. We need to remember that:

  • There will be confusion, wrong signals, lack of clarity & general confusion in life during this period.
  • At the same time, a lot is to be learnt & gained AFTER the retrogression is over. Hence, it is crucial to understand the effects of this phase before any damage occurs.
  • This 43 / 44 day phase is one of the trickiest, particularly for those who have Venus as their ruling or influencing planet.

Effects of Venus Retrogression on You

Venus’ retrogression would disrupt events from 23rd July and the challenges could intensify as Venus 'falls' back in Cancer on 7th August, pushing us all into a phase of uncertainty and confusion. The retrogression will end on 3rd September, bringing an end to the height of challenges, and Venus will come back to Leo on 1st October, restoring some balance in our lives.
Finally, Venus will leave Leo on 3rd November, bringing this disruptive phase to an end.

  • Venus, during this phase, will create confusion in your mind, build up the doubts and aggravation in a manner that you might wish to confront or create a misdirection in your plans.
  • You will compromise with relationships, professional and financial decisions; you should not trust your judgement during this time.
  • Aggression or pro-activity could backfire; hence, a passive approach is better for this phase.

Why should You order the Venus Retrogression Report?

  • In this period, Venus will bring many challenges, reversals & setbacks – all of which need to be handled very cautiously. Some parts of your life will see confusion, other parts deception and yet some other a wrong direction that could backfire. The report will help you stay prepared.
  • It will identify the exact areas of your life that will be stirred and where you would need help in identifying the challenges.
  • This is a time when people make grave judgement errors and try to ‘fix' professional or relationship matters, only complicating things further and paying for the mistakes over years. This report will help you prevent this.
  • Suggest remedies to mitigate challenges.


Helpful Tips:

  • Identify the exact areas of your life that will be stirred & have challenges.
  • Prevent grave judgement errors, complicating things further & paying for mistakes over years.
  • Suggestions & remedies to mitigate challenges.

Report Size:

12 Pages