Saturn Retrogression 2016 & its astrological significance

In case you have been feeling changes & shift in your personal and/or professional life since 25th March 2016, you can attribute it to the retrogression of Saturn in your birth chart. Wherever Saturn is located in your birth chart, that area would show the most changes now. Saturn retrogrades every year for nearly 5 months out of the 12 months in a year, making it one of the most significant astrological phenomena. This year, Saturn retrogrades from the 25th March till 13th August 2016 in Scorpio where it also has the rare company of Mars, who would also retrograde from 17th April, bringing in a lot of activity & unexpected events in life for you. Moreover, Saturn & Mars Conjunction as well as Saturn Retrogression is taking place in the same sign of mysterious Scorpio after 32 years, making this run of nearly 5 months to watch out for!

A retrogressing Saturn is very powerful with the ability to create life changing events in one’s life. The period 25th march to 13th August 2016 could see some very significant changes in your professional life, income source, relations with siblings, your own health and of your spouse or just about any sphere of life. It depends on in which house the Saturn Retrogression takes place in a birth chart. New projects, shift of residence, major investments & any risk concerning new projects should be avoided after the 25th March till Saturn remains in retrograde state. Since Saturn is our guide to Karma & destiny, you will find many clues that point towards your future and decisions on some crucial new events that unfold would need to be taken during this period.

An analysis of a birth chart with due focus on Saturn Retrogression could help you with finding these answers. It would be important to understand the specific areas and predictions of this transit that would affect each one of us, along with which choices to make & how to handle & avoid the challenges during this period. A retrograding Saturn responds to Astrological Remedies very well. Vedic Astrology’s plus point is that it not just help tell us the cause and effect, it also gives us possible ways and means of getting ahead of it. This is covered in the specific and specialized field of Astrology called Astrological Remedies. Vedic Astrology has a unique dasa system which is used to decipher the significant dates that could push you in a karmic direction.

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