Ketu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Antar Dasha Interpretation


Effect of the Ketu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

  • Prudence and intelligence prevails and education brings happiness
  • Job and business brings moderate gains and the financial condition improves.
  • There may be contacts and assistance from friends.
  • At the end of the dasha there may be obstacles in work, wasteful expenditure and mental agony.
  • Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), enjoyment, charities, gain of wealth and land, birth of a son, celebration of religious functions and functions like marriage suddenly, well- being in the family, gain of clothes, ornaments.
  • There will be association with men of learning, dawn of fortune, and listening to religious discourses.
  • Antagonism with government officials, residing in other people's houses, destruction of wealth, clothes conveyances, and cattle.
  • There will be some beneficial effects at the commencement of the Dasha, still better results in the middle but inauspicious at the end.
  • There will be good health, happiness from one's son, opulence and glory, availability of good food and clothes, and abnormal profits in business.
  • Distress, unhappiness and troubles to wife and children, and danger from the king (government ) may be expected at the commencement of the Antar Dasha.
  • There will, however, be visits to sacred places in the middle of the Dasha.


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