Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

In Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, expect inclinations towards business ventures, wealth through friendships, and luxurious gifts for your spouse. Government service may bring achievements, while family joy and prosperity prevail. Celebratory rituals mark the Dasha's end, but challenges like sorrow and financial caution may arise, with remedies such as charitable donations suggested for health issues.

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

General Effect of the Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

According to Vedic Astrology, the placement of Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha can bring significant changes or effects based on an individual’s birth chart and other planetary positions.

What is Mahadasha and Antardasha?

Maha means ‘great’ & Dasha means ‘a given time period’. As per Vedic Astrology, all through, a human life is under the influence of a particular duration of time, which is under the influence of a particular planet, which is called the Mahadasha of that planet. Antardasha is a subperiod within the Mahadasha that defines the planetary influences.

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Let’s explore its general effects, as mentioned below:

  • Business Ventures and Friendship Blessings

    During this period, there could be a strong inclination towards exploring different business ventures. Apart from this, you may gain wealth through friendships which will lead to a sense of happiness and contentment.

  • Luxurious Lifestyle and Financial Caution

    During this period, your spouse may receive gifts of clothing, jewelry, and vehicles. However, there's a risk of overspending and the possibility of relocation is also there.

  • Achievements in Government Service

    During this phase, you may attain a high position in government, enjoying luxuries and comforts. In addition, you could acquire possessions like elephants, horses, and fine clothing.

  • Family Joy and Prosperity

    You can expect the happiness of your wife and children, along with increased wealth, glory, and overall good fortune during this period.

  • Prosperity and Blessings

    During this time, you will acquire property, celebrate the birth of a son, and get expected income during this period. You may also get a house, land, or villages through the benevolence of the sovereign.

  • Festivities and Rituals in Dasha's End

    Towards the end of the Dasha period, you can expect joyful celebrations with songs, dances, and ceremonial bathing in holy water. There may be the construction of wells, reservoirs, and engagement in religious, charitable, and virtuous deeds.

  • Challenges and Hardships

    This period might bring sorrows, physical discomfort, loss of wealth, and threats from thieves and the government. Family discord, distress to your spouse and children, and loss of livestock could also occur.

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