Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Antar Dasha Interpretation


Effect of the Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

  • Effects of Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of Mars
  • One may be inclined to do many types of business.
  • Wealth may be attained from friends and happiness may prevail.
  • Wife will be endowed with clothes, ornaments and vehicles.
  • Money may be spent excessively and migration.
  • Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), great enjoyment and comfort of luxuries, gain of elephants, horses, clothes, etc.
  • Happiness of wife and children, opulence and glory, and increased good fortune.
  • Gain of property, celebrations on the birth of a son, gain of wealth from the employer, acquisition of a house, land, villages, etc. b the beneficence of the sovereign.
  • In the last part of the Dasha there will be functions of songs and dances and bathing in holy water.
  • Construction of wells, reservoirs, etc, and performance of religious, charitable and pious deeds.
  • There will be sorrows, physical distress, loss of wealth, danger from thieves, and the king ( government), dissensions in the family, distress to wife and children and destruction of cattle.
  • Pains in the body in his Antar Dasha.
  • For regaining good health, the remedial measure to be adopted is giving a cow or female buffalo in charity.

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