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Today's Planetary Positions

- Houston, US
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 1° 45' 30" Tau Krittika
Sun 3° 38' 29" Gem Mrigasira
Moon 22° 5' 54" Lib Vishakha
Mars 12° 45' 12" Ari Ashwini
Mercury 8° 27' 26" Gem Ardra
Jupiter 11° 16' 23" Tau Rohini
Venus 7° 26' 55" Gem Ardra
Saturn 25° 7' 32" Aqu P.Bhadrapada
Rahu(R) 18° 33' 30" Pis Revati
Ketu(R) 18° 33' 30" Vir Hasta
Uranus 0° 55' 23" Tau Krittika
Neptune 5° 40' 56" Pis U.Bhadrapada
Pluto(R) 7° 25' 50" Cap Abhijit

Aries Astrology Guide

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is an initiator and leader. You have a bright persona. But if things start getting out of hand you get bored quickly. Sticking to a strict routine may turn into spontaneity and recklessness for you as you won’t enjoy it. You like facing challenges head on, literally trampling things in your path to progress. You are courageous & fearless but a sense of short temper persists which is also your biggest weakness. You act in the heat of the moment. This also means that you are not the one to hold grudges. You like the company of people who are practical and free spirited. There is a lot of energy in you waiting to be invested somewhere. Though you may seem unpredictable and short tempered, there is compassionate and warmer side to you as well. You can make a good entrepreneur but need support to succeed. You like exploring the unexplored, risk takers. Anger and love are just two sides of the same coin for you. Your rash attitude sometimes hurts relationships. Your impulsive decisions hamper future prospects so some of your projects lose steam before reaching the finish line....more

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