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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Career Report with Adhi Yoga 10 Years:
What is Adhi Yoga?
If benefic planets [Jupiter, Venus and well associated Mercury] are situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Moon, the combination goes under the name of Adhi Yoga.
Even if these planets are present in two of these houses or even in only one house [instead of being in the three houses as mentioned above], Adhi Yoga is still valid but to a reduced degree.
With Adhi yoga, the person will be polite and trust worthy, will have an enjoyable and happy life, surrounded by luxuries and affluence, will defeat competition and will be healthy and live a long life.
Whether this Yoga appears in your natal chart:
In your birth chart, the three benefic planets [Mercury, Jupiter and Venus] are not posited in the 6th, 7th or 8th houses from Moon.
Hence Adhi Yoga is not present in your birth chart.
When is Adhi Yoga formed in transit?
Adhi yoga can also be formed when the above defined conditions are met in full during transit of planets and this can give similar good effects but such effects may be quite lesser in degree and will be effective only during the currency of the applicable transit.
Adhi Yoga effects are also possible to a much reduced degree and extent when transit Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, form a chain within your chart [when not placed in 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Moon] but remain in strength or in good signs.
In your birth chart these three planets will form an auspicious chain in transit during the period from 2nd May 2015 to 17 Nov 2015 [starting with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and ending with Leo, Virgo and Libra] and will thus offer some of the good effects of Adhi Yoga.
Benefit for you?
Due to the favorable transits of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the signs and during the periods given under para-3, you will get the following effects.
Your power of concentration will increase and you will be more and more practical.
Your mind will act in logical and versatile manner.
You will be quite articulate and your memory will be more retentive.
Though highly analytical, your mind will always act in quite rational manner.
It will become more and more sharp and active and capable of weighing the pros and cons of any matter and of taking balanced decisions.
You will learn new things and will use them to your advantage.
You will maintain a strong sense of family while your powers to function in a leadership role will improve and will bring you into lime light through newer and better opportunities.
All these will open the gates to growth and you will need to use the time for your gain in a more focused way.
However the actual and final status of your career will obviously depend on the overall quality of your birth chart, the main planetary periods that you go through and the transits of planets that influence your chart.
Whether business, profession or employment is suitable?
In the area of choice of occupation, your horoscope gives quite evenly mixed up results.
Both business/self employment and service career [job] has nearly equal support.
This is as per the propensity and capability that you have in your nature as per your chart.
However the luck element is clearly better in job career as compared to what you have in business or self employment.
Thus in general you will do comparatively better in service career though you may remain much inclined to do business etc.
But the current main period of Saturn [the 7th main period - negative] is not sufficiently benefic for business [as Saturn is Agocharastha] despite being numerically strong and yoga karaka for your ascendant.
At this stage of your life your horoscope does not bestow you with adequate luck for continued or meaningful success in business or in independent profession.
Employment career will be comparatively safer and more suitable route for you to earn money during the coming years.
You should choose your career route after intelligent balancing of your personal inclination and the practical usefulness.
We recommend a service [job] career for you.
Industries /Areas suitable for your success:
Career in areas related to the following [given in decreasing order of preference] or a suitable combination of them will be good for you.
These are leadership roles, administration, management, legal career, accountancy, financial management, banking, NBF industry, real estate, commercial units, hospitality industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, technical and scientific services, medicine and all areas allied to it, health care services industry, hospital management, food grains industry, luxury goods industry, and fine arts.
Suggestions for improvement in your career:
Your natural intelligence is of high order but you may not get the full benefit of your intelligence or hard work if you do not develop more self control and avoid sudden anger and attitude issues with people [both superiors and colleagues if in service or with the authorities and competitors or vendors in business] at work place.
This is due to a cluster of five planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu and Venus – placed in the loss house from ascendant along with debilitated Jupiter in the fortune house from ascendant and in the career house.
Further Mercury, the planet of communication and judgment, is aspected by Saturn and debilitated Jupiter in your birth chart.
Further Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis in D_1 birth chart.
In D_9 chart Mercury is placed at the center of the nodal axis while Mars is conjunct with Saturn in the 7th house of professional relationship from Moon and is also square to Sun.
In D_10 career chart, Saturn with Ketu is in ascendant while Rahu is in the 7th house from ascendant, Mars is in the 7th house from Moon and Mars aspects both Su and Mercury.
Thus the basic aggressive or combative trend of your attitude must be curtailed if not entirely avoided.
Otherwise this will continue to affect your patience too easily and will ruin your professional image and will also disturb your physical health and vitality that is necessary for sustained hard work and good performance.

You will often find that you have no energy left when you have a lot to do but may have plenty of energy when you do not need so much.
While you will go to one extreme or the other of matter or issues and will never be on the middle of the road.
You will need to strike a balance between these two extremes.
Also many events in your career will occur when your own ideas, proposals, suggestions, views and plans will not get any appreciation or acceptance and you will not have any control over such events though you will be much hurt and even angered by these.
You will do well to accept this situation as they are [and do this with a smile] since any opposition or obstruction from your side to such events will bring doubly negative results for you and you alone will be the loser.
You will also need to improve your professional communication to showcase your strong points without appearing to be proud so that you let others see you in brighter colors.
Cooperate without hesitation to get cooperation.
Things to avoid for success in career:
Avoid hasty speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments with seniors or authorities.
Do not expect that your views and logics or your style of functioning will be accepted or even be appreciated by them or by others as this will not happen.
Expecting less will give you more peace of mind and good health as frustration and anger will be avoided.
Avoid all varieties of controversies at all times.
The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above with respect to career route [business, self employment or service] and area/industry of work are followed.
Otherwise the readings may vary WIDELY in Nature, degree and timing.
Forecast [for next 10 years till 30 Apr 2025]:
Analysis of horoscope and the main and sub periods of planets:
In your horoscope, Sun is exalted and hence strong but is entirely inactive in offering good effects since Sun has only 8% residential strength and he is much afflicted by Rahu and is placed in the house of loss.
In D_9 chart Sun gets aspect of Rahu and of Mars carrying the influence of Saturn.
Also Saturn is square to Sun here.
In D_10 career chart Sun gets the malefic aspect of Mars.
Moon is afflicted by Sun, Mars and Rahu and is placed in the 12th house of loss from ascendant in birth chart.
Moon is highly inauspicious and has very poor directional strength [hence quite inactive to do well].
In D_9 chart Moon is highly afflicted by aspect of Saturn and Mars but is this is slightly balanced out by aspect of Jupiter.
Moon very highly afflicted by aspect of Saturn, Rahu and Mars in D_10 career chart.
Mars is 100% combust in D_1 birth chart and is also afflicted by Sun and Rahu.
In D-9 chart Mars is afflicted by Saturn and suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Rahu and Sun.
Mars suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Rahu and Sun.
Mercury is strong but highly inauspicious.
Saturn fully aspects Mercury in D_1 chart.

In D_9 chart, Mercury is placed at the center of the nodal axis.
In D_10 chart, Mercury is placed at the center of the nodal axis and the malefic aspect of Mars while Mercury is square to Saturn.
Jupiter is debilitated in birth chart D_1 and is placed at the center of the nodal axis and is also square to Mars.
Jupiter is extremely weak, inauspicious and ineffective in giving good results.
In D_9 chart is generally well placed but is opposed by debilitated Venus.
In D_10 chart Jupiter is in 6:8 locations with his dispositor planet Mars.
Venus is 100% combust and afflicted by Mars and Rahu in birth chart D_1.
Venus is debilitated in D_9 chart and suffers from PKY between Sun and Ketu.
In D_10 career chart Venus is afflicted by conjunction with Saturn and Ketu.
Saturn is ill placed in Leo in birth chart D_1 and his dispositor planet Sun is highly afflicted as given above.
In D_9 chart Saturn is with Mars opposite Moon and square to Sun.
In D_10 chart of career, Saturn is with Ketu in your ascendant.
Rahu is placed with Sun and Moon in the 12th house of loss from ascendant in D_1 chart while his dispositor Mars is afflicted as given above, in the 7th house of professional relationship in the D_10 career chart and in the 8th house from ascendant in D_9 chart.
Ketu is in the 6th house of enmity, health issues and debt in D_1 chart, very negatively placed in wealth house in D_9 chart and in ascendant in D_10 career chart.
Since all the planets are basically afflicted, the main and sub periods of various planets ruling the next ten years are incapable of protecting or promoting your career fortune.
Thus any good event in the area of career will depend on your attitude, judgment, wisdom and self control and health status and also on the auspiciousness and strength of the applicable transits of planets at any point of time during these ten years.
All readings given below are to be understood and used in the light of the above points.
Yearly forecast of career:
Year 2015:

The period from 2015 to 2020 will be very difficult and challenging for your occupation but some good planetary support will help you too.
During 2015 to 2017, Saturn in transit in the 8th house from Moon [Astama Sani – very negative and obstructive] and in the 7th house of relationship from ascendant will remain much obstructive for career matters.
During this year 2015 you are expected to face many differences with and restrictions from superiors at work place.
Work pressure will be very high and varied in nature.
But good balance will be maintained by favorable position of transit Jupiter, especially during the second half of 2015.
You will not get any cooperation from anybody, seniors or peers.
You will not get any opportunity for progress in role or position.
You may or may not miss a hike in your pay.
There will be much need for tolerance and tact in day to day work.
Ignore all humiliations that can occur.
Try to keep fit to let you do the hard work that will be called for.
Do not attempt to change your job now since such efforts will not be successful or good for you.
Year 2016:
This year will maintain the basic trend of 2015 but overall this year will be comparatively better.
Despite the fact that you will face many criticisms and restrictions at work from both seniors and also from colleagues, your luck and self expression will improve significantly and you will have chance to get better projects or roles in this year.
While you can handle both old and new areas well and together, it will be better for you to do well in the new areas quickly while you ensure that the current areas continue to be well attended by you as before.
This will cut down on any further chance of criticism and will gradually improve your existing image.
Overall your performance will be better but subject to your maintaining good health.
However your hard work or performance will not be appreciated or acknowledged openly or even silently.
You will not get any reward for your efforts.
This year will not bring any chance of any form of progress and you may not get a good hike if you can manage to get any.
All the above events will make you more determined to turn the situation around and for the better.
Yet you should be ready raise your tolerance level in the face of total non-cooperation from all but such efforts should not make you look proud or combative.
Take care to avoid more difficulties through sudden conflict with anyone, superiors or equals.
Year 2017:
This is also a quite tough year but the end part of the year can start bringing in new and unexpected problems.
All the current trends of opposition and criticism will remain as before.
Yet your luck for career will improve well and decent financial growth will be possible in this year.
This luck and improvement in professional equations has to be maintained throughout this year 2017 so that you enter the year 2018 with a more dependable foundation of professional image.
This is especially necessary to guard against negative events that will start from the year 2018.
Complete all your pending tasks quickly and well.
Build up further your relations with all and ensure that you become as much indispensible to your employer as is practically possible.
Remember that only calm and tolerant approach to various issues at work will do you good
Also it may be useful to look around for other jobs just in case you need to change your job in the next year.
This is a year for consolidation and firming up plans for 2018 to 2020 since that phase also will not be very easy to handle.
The stronger you make your image the better you will do during 2018-2020.
Year 2018:
2018 to 2021 will be another very challenging phase in various ways and due to variously different astrological reasons.
Transit Saturn will now be in the 8th house from natal ascendant of birth chart D_1 [very similar effects like Astama Sani – very negative] and in the 9th house [of legal difficulties] from natal Moon inn D_1 chart and moving square to Sun and opposite to Mars in D_10 career chart [much negative and troublesome due to regular obstructions from and conflict with seniors and colleagues].
You will have to face many sudden situations when you will see totally unexpected obstructions in your work.
The overall outlook at work place will be very negative.
Your responsibilities and tasks will increase much while you will not be given even the minimum infrastructural support.
Thus it will be very difficult for you to deliver good results and meet the targets set for you.
You will not get any support or cooperation from anyone, seniors, colleagues or subordinates.
At the same time you will be in much need for support.
Restriction and obstruction on your working will increase further and will be very difficult to handle.
Indifferent health status too will add to your problems at work.
You will need to take special care of any area of work that can have some legal implication and you must stay always alert about such legal matters developing and putting you into new problems.
But transit Jupiter will maintain stability in career and your position will remain safe.
You will get a hike too but it will be a moderate one.
Year 2019:
All the current issues and challenges in career will remain strongly present till the middle of 2019.
You will need to maintain your personal confidence and work as calmly as possible.
You will also need to depend more and more on yourself and not expect any help or support from anyone.
Such actions will let you see your environment in true color and this understanding will sort out many of your problems.
From Jul 2019 your time will improve due to transit Jupiter entering the fortune house from your Sun and Moon in Jupiter’s own sign.
You will have better luck in all matters at work while your judgment of all issues and events will be quite precise.
However the overall picture will not come out of the malefic effects [of transit Saturn in the 8th from ascendant and in the 9th from Moon] and thus you cannot reduce your alertness or cautions as yet.
This is a time to stay alert, work hard, have patience and see through the negative phase ending on 25 Jan 2020 when transit Saturn will enter Capricorn.
Till such time you must avoid getting involved in any legal matter, even inadvertently.
Year 2020:
With effect from 25 Jan 2020, you will be free from the negative effects of transit Saturn in the 8th house from your ascendant as Saturn will enter Capricorn, the 9th house from ascendant and in the 10th house Sun/Moon sign.
This transit will offer mixed results.
You will get offers for change of job but you may also run the risk of legal issues even now and till Apr 2022 and any such issue can stop the change of job.
Also transit Jupiter will not be able to give you steady support as he will keep moving between Sagittarius and Capricorn and thus will be debilitated for most of the time till Apr 2021.
Only career safety will be maintained while you may not get any peace at work or any increment in your pay.
Any effort to change your job will not be successful at this stage despite having offers in your hand.
This will not be a specifically negative year but it will prove to be quite frustrating due to long stagnation covering this year and the years before it.
There is no way to get away from this ordeal and you will need to maintain patience for some more time.
Year 2021:
Status quo will be maintained till Apr 2021.
From May 2021 transit Jupiter will come out of debilitation and will enter Aquarius [the career house from your ascendant and the gain house from Moon sign – both very positive].
Transit Saturn will not be so well placed in Capricorn in the 9th house from ascendant and in the 10th house of career from Moon in your birth chart.
Thus it may not be possible for you to change your job to one of better position and income.
But you will surely be on safer ground and will get a decent hike in current job.
Events at work will occur in a destined manner, good or bad, and you will not have any control over them.
It is better to not try to change the natural flow of events as things will be more negative if you try that.
But problems with superiors and colleagues will still remain very active and challenging [transit Saturn square to Sun and Mars in birth chart, and over Mercury and square to Saturn in career chart D_10.
You will need to be more cautious and careful now since a growth point has not arrived yet despite a long wait and opportunities must be developed since situations are about to improve.
Year 2022:
Career situation will remain challenging but will become more favorable in this year.
You will need to use your past experience and handle all career problems with a better sense of judgment and timing till Apr 2022.
Thereafter transit Saturn will be in Aquarius in the 10th house of career from ascendant and in the 11th house of gain from Moon sign.
This will bring you a very encouraging growth point in career through a change job that will give you a very good position and very satisfying pay.
At work you will not have to face any problems through anyone directly but communication issues will develop much and if you fail to anticipate them and also keep them under control, communication failure will occur and you cannot afford these at this good stage.
At the same time you will see some small peaks in your performance and appreciation and some rewards too.
But in your hurry to do even better you may run into making some quite avoidable mistakes at work.
You must remain alert and cautious to avoid such a situation as there will be much gain in many ways if you can avoid mistakes now.
Year 2023:
Communication with seniors, colleagues and other below you will be the main bottleneck in this year and also in the next.
There will be several occasions of communication failure and these can invite some occasions of false allegation too from inimical colleagues.
You will make repeated mistakes of airing your views too strongly and often at the wrong moment.
Your attitude will be one of hurry to get results and the mistakes that you may commit will initially relate to communication and then lead to others.
Disagreements and conflicts will increase the pressure on you and you will make serious mistakes at work through hurry and inadvertence.
These will in turn bring in many obstructions from both colleagues and seniors.
You will be totally misunderstood and thus your opportunities will reduce.
This is a very negative status for anyone to be in at your present stage of career.
Only self control and more focus to right priorities and avoiding rash actions at work can help you to avoid such situation.
Year 2024 [till 30 Apr 2025]:
The status of career dynamics will remain the same.
You may not be sufficiently convinced that your approach to speed of doing things at work needs any change.
You will work hard and fast and will produce very good output but due to the mistakes [you will own up these and will correct them too] your professional image will suffer.
This will strongly stand in your way to further progress though your income will keep rising.
This is an important year to change your working style and improve your personal image since the coming years will be quite difficult per se [transit Saturn opposite to natal Sun in career chart D_10] and it is not safe to enter that stage without sufficient goodwill to back you up.
Take care to observe your surroundings, assess it well and then act.
You cannot afford to let communication failure and hurried actions spoil your apple cart.
This is a time to take the wakeup call seriously.