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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. As per your requirement, we had prepare Career Transit Report for 1 Year:
Analysis of birth chart D_1:
From ascendant:
Ascendant lord Saturn is quite strong and auspicious in birth chart D_1 but is placed in the 9th house from ascendant [mixed results].
Ascendant Capricorn is occupied by Ketu [all round trouble with much mental unrest - very negative].
Venus, the lord of career house from ascendant, is extremely inauspicious [only 17.6 units out of 60 units].
Venus is placed at the center of the nodal axis, with 8th house lord Sun and Badhaka planet [planet of obstruction] Mars [all very negative].
Venus is also placed at the junction of two signs [ineffective and negative].
From Moon Sign and from Arudha lagna [professional image]:
Moon is exalted and Vargottama [extremely positive].
But Venus, the lord of Moon sign and of Arudha Lagna [AL - denotes professional image], is extremely and variously afflicted as given above [very negative].
Moon is highly inauspicious [only 20.8 units out of 60 units] - very negative.
Saturn, the lord of fortune house and career house from Moon and from AL, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga [along with Jupiter] between the nodes [restriction to growth of career and finance - very negative].
From Sun sign:
Sun is exalted and is quite strong and auspicious [very positive] but as lord of 8th house placed opposite to career house from ascendant, Sun is per se very negative.
Sun is also placed with Badhaka [obstructions] planet Mars [negative].
Saturn, the lord of career house and gain house from Sun, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga [along with Jupiter] between the nodes [restriction to growth of career and finance - very negative].
Analysis of career chart D_10:
From ascendant:
Ascendant lord Mars is placed with Saturn in an enemy sign [very negative].
Saturn, the lord of career house and of gain house from ascendant, is very ill placed in Leo in the 5th house of judgment and creativity at work [very negative] and does not enjoy any benefic aspect [very negative].
From Moon sign:
Moon is exalted but is placed opposite to a Scorpio Sun [quite negative].
Saturn, the lord of fortune house and career house from Moon, is very ill placed in Leo in the 4th house from Moon and adversely aspects Moon and also aspects the career house from Moon [very negative] and does not enjoy any benefic aspect [very negative].
Such adverse aspect of Saturn carries the negativity of Mars conjunct with Saturn.
From Sun sign:
Sun is very ill placed in Scorpio while Mars, the lord of Scorpio, is placed with Saturn and also square to Sun [very negative].
Sun, the lord of career house from Sun, is much afflicted as given above.
From Arudha Lagna:
Arudha Lagna [professional image] is in Sagittarius in D_10 career chart.
Jupiter, the lord of AL is exalted [very positive] but is placed with Rahu and is placed in the 8th house from AL [both very negative].
Mercury, the lord of career house from AL, is placed in Capricorn and gets aspect of exalted Jupiter [very positive] but is placed with Ketu [negative].
Thus in view of the foregoing, the natal chart gives mixed effects for career matters but these effects are basically more inclined to be negative.
These results will be modified by the operating periods and transits.
Analysis of current main and sub periods:
The current main period lord is Jupiter.
The current sub period is of Jupiter till 27 Nov 2014 followed by the sub period of Saturn till the 28 Feb 2015 and beyond.
Jupiter suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga [along with Saturn] between the nodes in your birth chart [restriction to growth of career and finance - very negative].
Jupiter is extremely weak [gets only 86% of the minimum requirement of strength].
But Jupiter is generally auspicious, though in a much restricted way due to association with Saturn.
Saturn is afflicted and incapable of offering support as given in details in above paragraphs.
Thus none of the period lords are favorable for your career.
Analysis of current transits of major planets:
Transit of Saturn:
Transit Saturn [lord of ascendant] is and will remain exalted in the career house [suitable for change of job, fairly positive] but square to the nodes [change of job happens in a destined way and not as per plans].
Saturn will moves opposite to Sun, Mars and Venus and these will produce major conflict with and opposition from superiors [Sun] and with colleagues [Mars] and restriction to career progress [Venus, career house lord] -- all negative.
Saturn will remain exalted in the 6th house from natal Moon/Arudha Lagna and this is highly positive and growth oriented.
Saturn is in the 7th from Sun sign will be quite negative and will invite non-cooperation and persecution from superiors and threat to stability of job.
In D_10 career chart, transit Saturn is square to the nodes, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus and will respectively create destined movement of career events, restrictions in day to day working, communication failure and obstruction to career progress.
Saturn in square to Mercury in D_10 chart will adversely affect observation, perception, analysis, judgment and communication in any matter related to career.
At this stage transit Saturn may also create change of roles or project and will also cause increase workload, and may create restlessness that can cause many differences and misunderstandings with colleagues and superiors and will adversely affect your communication ability, both oral and written.
On the whole transit Saturn will allow some positive effects to develop in your career through a change of job but will not improve your professional status in any job, old or new.
Transit of Jupiter:
Jupiter in transit will be moving through the 6th house [trine of career house] till 20 Jun 14 and then will be exalted in your 7th house.
He will promote career progress till 20 Jun 14 and will then support professional relationship and image.
Till 20 Jun 14 transit Jupiter will positively aspect your career house from ascendant along with the combination of transit Saturn and transit Rahu and will thus form a Maha Yoga in transit.
This will promote growth in career and will restore confidence and change of job or role or project.
After 20 Jun 14, Jupiter will be exalted in transit and will favorably aspect your ascendant, your gain houses from ascendant and from Moon,
and also aspect the 7th house of professional relationship from Moon.
Thus throughout this year 2014, transit Jupiter will positively support your fortune and gain related to career.
Thus on the whole Jupiter will give a lot of positive effects for career that may reflect through advancement of income through changes occurring in career.
Transit of Rahu:
In transit, Rahu will remain in Libra sign.
Thus Rahu will move through your 10th house from ascendant [positive for change of job], through 6th house from Moon/AL [gain through career change - positive] but in 7th house from Sun [poor equation with all superiors and affected health - negative].
Thus the significant transits will mostly favor your career prospects during the year.
Overall assessment of career:
In overall assessment of the quality of your natal chart, dasa periods and transits of the year the following events are expected to occur.
In case you are looking for a growth point through a suitable change of job, you may get one around the middle of the year or somewhat later.
Any job or role will remain a quite disturbed throughout the year and this disturbance will continue in any new job or new role too.
You may commit some mistakes of judgment or analysis at work.
These will happen under circumstantial pressure and not due to your inability or negligence.
You must actively and urgently try to improve your observation, analysis and communication with all.
Your responsibilities will increase in current or in any new job or role.
Your health will remain affected and can lack in vitality and you need to take care of that.
To take advantage of 2014 you will need to act from now but lie low in all your dealings with everyone.
Overall your career will remain finally stable in any job or role and a growth point is on the cards but this may easily spill well over to the second half of 2014.
Detailed monthly results for next twelve months [additional inputs]:
Mar 2014:
Quarrels with and loss through enemies at work.
Displeasures from superiors and the authorities.
You may suffer humiliation and anxiety and depression of mind.
Unsuccessful efforts and some troubles will bother you.
Fear, anxiety and health issues will affect your life and so career.
Association with unworthy people needs to be avoided.
Apr 2014:
During this month you will become rash.
You may accuse others without reason and will also face false accusation in return from others.
Your mind will remain disturbed and will affect your actions and decisions adversely.
Quarrels with elders will occur often and will bring much disgrace to you.
Despondency, failure in attempts and inclinations towards rash and wrong actions will be predominant.
May 2014:
Better task or project in career.
Chance of increase of your reputation and standing.
You may be in the limelight on a small scale.
Some success in career but not amounting to any growth or direct gain.
Take care of all your actions.
Do not do anything in a slipshod manner just to meet the targets.
Otherwise these will create further problems for you.
 Jun 2014:
Keep yourself impersonal in any matter related to your career.
Otherwise many odd situations can develop.
This is a period of cooperation with all people.
Engage yourself in group efforts and projects.
This will be the most effective way to accomplish success.
Be alert and remain watchful of your associations.
Gains at work possible through friends and elders now.
It is a time for team work in all areas of career.
Jul 2014:
Analyze your past actions and try to make corrections and improvements wherever necessary.
Stay very alert for any actions being planned or taken against you by anyone.
Travels related to job may be possible.
Displeasures of and disfavor from superiors can occur.
You will suffer from problems of stomach and eyes and these will affect your work.
Friends will behave like enemies and will work against you.
Sorrows and quarrels at work will have to be faced from time to time.
Aug 2014:
Health issues will continue to obstruct your career progress.
BP and fatigue possible.
You will be easily irritated.
Obstacles in all undertakings.
Yet it is an excellent time to impress others but very difficult to work with others.
All actions should be taken with due deliberation and caution.
Sep 2014:
Your temperament becomes suddenly quite harsh and mean.
You will choose to act in very obstinate manner.
This weakness will be exploited by others and they will dupe you.
Headache and eye troubles will disturb and even obstruct your work.
Oct 2014:
Take care of your working environments.
Increase your interactions with all associates, especially with people you deal with in your work daily.
You should listen more to others than acting independently.
This is a good time to accelerate the tempo of your work.
Friendship with good people is seen.
Some gain of money through career may occur at this stage.
Nov 2014:
Past events will have significant consequences now and will influence you and your work.
Therefore you should analyze your past events and actions.
During this month, ill health, loss of respect and non cooperation from superiors can trouble you.
Take advice from other people in case of any confusion.
Dec 2014:
Mental tension.
Embarrassment from enemies.
Displeasures from superiors.
Worries in every possible way.
Even if you have to express yourself in any controversial matter, avoid dominating anyone.
Jan 2015:
You will need to exhibit more efficiency and effectiveness in your work at this stage.
You should work hard and very sharply too.
You will need to work as per the wishes of others.
Take good care of your subordinates also.
Care for your health will remain a must as various health affections can alter your career prospects.
Feb 2015:
During this month you will form various relationships at work for various purposes.
You will need to observe and analyze these relationships for your benefit and use them accordingly.
Avoid getting into anything or doing anything alone.
Alternatively seek the advice of others and do things as per such advice.
Strictly avoid any direct conflict as otherwise complications may develop.
Health will produce difficult issues and will obstruct work.
Try and keep as well as possible.