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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Career Transit Report for 3 Months:

This 3 months period is expected to range from competitive to comfortable and it would bring in a mix of beneficial situations and opportunities too.  These are relatively good periods for making use of your friend circle to promote your circle of influence which shall be helpful in increasing your gains from profession.

Your level of confidence and circle of influence will improve considerably.
Possibly you will enjoy much support and appreciation your colleagues or superiors and if you can maintain your confidence level and practical sense you will be able to make better progress.
During these 3 months, there are definite indications of challenges followed by gains in profession.  During this period you can, expect yourself to be more forthright and courageous.  There will be a travelling involved too.  Financial results are likely to be good yet unsatisfactory.
Month wise forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.
Otherwise results will vary WIDELY in degree and timing.

July 2014
It would be futile to make future plans or start a fresh activity. Peace of mind will not pervade throughout this period. Therefore, do not let anything imprudent spoil your progress and growth now. There will surely be people who will try to annoy and distract you. Refuse to get involved in anything that does not concern you. These times of rest and relaxation should be taken as a gift and a blessing and should not be passed up under any circumstances.
Based on the study of various points in your horoscope, it is foreseen that this period will make your professional life very hectic and domestic life also demanding. Overall this period would demand huge stamina from you.

August 2014
Your mood would be assessing and quiet and there may be concern for growth and development. There would also be a possibility of lot of physical activities / action in your office of home.
Drop your ego, if any and enlist the help of others. Information exchange is the key to putting the last few puzzle pieces into place. Doing things on your own is important and necessary, but at some point you need to realize that the next major step requires a certain amount of input from others. Gather data and apply it to your situation.
Financial results shall improve over a period of time beginning from now.

September 2014
Things will get better as the month progresses. Consider this to be a favorable period to finish work, especially if the matter has been pending but do not start a new project that needs the approval of a higher authority. Use all your energy and skills and try to push your paperwork through. Make sure you keep all the documents ready and facts in place as the removal of hurdles from your path today will be a real blessing.
Your level of intelligence and confidence will continue to get better. Your energy level would be high. You may realize that good discipline and other organization skills are important for you. During this period you can, expect yourself to be more communicative, social, creative and innovative
Let your sharp and keen mind will help you assess and solve the nagging problem that was a source of much mental stress and anxiety for you. Your intellectual capacity and logical reasoning are at their best, and even the most challenging tasks can be handled by you with ease.
You must ensure that you are always in the right frame of mind to get them done.