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Detailed Child Astrology Report with Predictions:


Analysis of effects of all planets:
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts.
The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Leadership quality.
Over sensitive.
Uneventful life.
Inimical to own people.
Ill health.
Premature graying of hair.
Eye problem.
Financial gain through government.
Fond of music.
Restless for change.
Fond of women.
Less control over mind.
Over active.
Short tempered.
Gains from father.
Landed property.
All kinds of wealth.
Loves family.
Devoted to mother.
Fond of music.
Strong constitution.
Harm to education.
Spends for own happiness.
Frugal for others.
Wastage of money.
Too assertive.
Too competitive.
Bitingly witty.
Small matters taken too seriously.
Heart disease.
Chest pain.
Loss if in business.
Loss of ancestral property.
Unhappy life.
Devoid of domestic happiness.
Poor health of spouse.
Loss of spouse.
Mean spouse.
Loss of spirit.
Lack of masculine vigor.
Academic accomplishments.
Wealth through spouse.
Just and fair.
Attracted to gambling.
Miserly yet profligate.
Too dependent on others.
Much passionate.
Much appetite.
Material happiness.
Strong artistic leanings.
Disappointments in love.
Delayed married.
Lack of principles.
Strong emotional and sexual urges.
Expenses on unworthy habits and activities.
Weak eyes.
Loss of libido.
Harm to longevity.
Lack of proper learning.
Losses in speculation.
Delayed married.
Abortions or miscarriage to spouse.
Ill health of children.
Troubles from children.
Calculating mind.
Restless mind.
Weak minded.
Mental aberration.
Sickly and feeble constitution.
Fond of arts.
Setbacks in career.
Major ups and downs in career.
Loss of relatives.
Loss from theft and fire.
Troubles from government.
Addicted to unworthy activities.
Too strong attachment to mundane pleasures.
Shrewd personality.
Weak health.
Loss of wealth.
Marital life spoilt.
Loss of spouse.
Outspoken spouse.
Humiliation due to disrespect.
Company of unworthy women.
Much worry.
Digestive problems.
Diseases in urinary tract.
Loss of virility.
Risk of watery accidents.
Analysis of effects of all bhavas [houses]:
First House [Udaya/Tanu Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
Fair, stout, average height, luster on face, fine body, large head, prominent nose, proportionate limbs, beautiful eyes, round shoulders, broad waist, silky and light hair.
Compassionate, religious, god fearing, religious, stoical, orthodox, reserved, learned, artistic, intuitive, adaptable, receptive, inclined to changes and travel and emotional nature.
Superstitious, indecisive, easily led astray, weak willed, greedy, immoral, lacks self confidence, timid, stubborn, nervous, confused, vague, rigidity in observance of orthodox religious processes, ambitious to exercise authority over others.
Weak and affected health with many common ailments.
Health deteriorates over time.
Education will face several obstructions but these are likely to be crossed to reach academic accomplishments but with much delay in progress.
College education will be a little smoother than school education but Masters Education may not be possible.
Career will develop moderately well but will face much unhappiness, several obstructions and extreme ups and downs.
Life in general will be unhappy due to your own mistakes, faults and attitude problems.
Loss of money through speculative investments, social enjoyments, luxuries, gambling and other negative activities and also through health matters.
Very few friends but most of them quite unsuitable and harmful.
Poor relation with relatives.
Wealthy spouse who promotes your wealth.
Financial gain from spouse.
Spouse from a wealthy family.
But no marital happiness.
Major differences with spouse.
Active attraction to other women.
Active sex life outside marriage quite possible.
Sickly spouse.
No progeny likely or trouble through progeny.
Loss of spouse.
The basic strengths of your charts are related to your intelligence, humane, generous and helpful nature, ambitious, leadership qualities and executive abilities.
The basic weaknesses of your charts are very poor health, impulsiveness, easy anger, occasional cruelty, excessive sexual passion, weakness for gambling and speculation, for all mundane luxuries, pleasures and comforts in very high degree and dominating attitude, much desire for wealth and power, and indiscreet and careless handling of career, wealth and all life events.
Second House [Dhana Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
Eloquence but no oratorical power.
Despite high intelligence and a warm heart, your speech will be too impulsive, hurting and overpowering.
Absence of tact, patience or humility along with dominating attitude will devalue your speech and image.
If not controlled from early stage in life, these may adversely affect your social and professional image.
You will not be a popular member of the family.
You will earn quite good amounts of money but much of it will be spent very easily and often without any good reason.
Significant financial losses will occur due to varying reasons but primarily due to your own mistakes.
You will spend your money without control or care and would be stubborn and indiscreet about the investments you make.
Family life will suffer much due to mutual mismatch, wrong priorities, and influence of your parasitical friend circle.
Your virility quotient will be low at the start and will decline further over time while health of your spouse will be quite sickly.
You are not expected to get a progeny.
You will be easily tempted in matters of relationship with women.
Gain from/through father and spouse will occur.
Financial status will remain highly fluctuating, unstable and unreliable.
Third House [Shourya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
You will be quite brave and will have good level of initiative but you will also be too rigid, without any rationale.
Your expression of courage will be varying between over confidence and indecisiveness.
Chance of your being exploited by parasitical people will therefore develop easily.
Highly analytical mind, much intelligence but hasty and unconvincing yet dominating communication.
Your overall popularity will be low within the family but better outside yet you should not trust this at all since you will never have any real friend.
Social life will be very active and this may lead you to choose associates that are parasitical and harmful for your health, good name and finance.
Fourth House [Sukha/Matru Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life.
Your mother will have indifferent health.
She may not live sufficiently long.
You will have very good relation with her.
Health of father will remain much better and you will develop only average equation with him.
He will live much longer.
You will gain financially from your father.
You will not be close to your relatives or to your siblings, if any.
You will not be much attached to your spouse.
You will not have good relation with her and marital life will be quite unhappy.
Your accomplishments in academic education will be moderate.
This will be achieved after crossing some major obstructions.
Your happiness at home before or after your marriage will not be enough or good.
Such disturbances at home will be much more after your marriage.
Wealthy spouse who promotes your finance.
Spouse from a wealthy family.
Gains through spouse.
But no marital happiness.
Major differences with spouse.
Active attraction to other women.
Very active sex life outside marriage.
Sickly spouse.
No progeny likely.
Loss of spouse.
Fifth House [Atmaja Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your children, social status and creative powers.
Your capacity to produce children would be low and this will further decline over the years.
Health of your spouse too will be quite poor, especially in the area of generative system.
Thus you may not get any children of your own.
You will be very intelligent but not really creative in your work.
Your intelligence, perceptive ability, analytical prowess and judgment will be often adversely influenced by a tendency to bully others and show much pride.
Career can thus suffer, much and often, due to this attitude.
Desire for quick money and more power will be high.
You will be quite materialistic and no real spiritual tendencies will develop in life though you may be religious.
But you will be basically a helpful, charitable, generous and humanitarian person.
Level of your social status will not be very high.
You will be quite popular among your [so-called] friends but your friends will not be dependable or good for you.
Sixth House [Vighna Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts, obstructions and service to others.
You will have many enemies throughout your life, most of them female but they will often appear to be friends till you suffer through them.
Most of your enemies will be known to you but you will not choose not be careful.
Enemies will be more prevalent within your professional and social circle.
Several sudden changes will occur in your career and life.
These obstructions, enemy actions and unexpected changes will disturb your health, career, income, home life, social life, popularity and happiness and general wellbeing.
Your constitution will be basically very weak and afflicted.
Several common functional disorders will affect you but none of them will become any threat to your life.
Yet the combination of many ailments may become unmanageable and can become a threat to your life around 2070.
Low immunity, poor physical vitality, stomach ailments, intestinal disorders, diabetes mellitus, liver troubles, decline in masculine potency, UTI, pulmonary ailments, premature graying of hair, eye problem, hypertension, heart disease, chest pain, nervous debility, vision problem, and bad effects of guilt, insecurity, suspicion, high irritability and inferiority complex.
Accidents and especially watery accidents too are possible.
Disciplined life style, regular physical exercise, regular prayers, control over activities of pleasures and enjoyments and above all control over emotional imbalance and egoistic attitude will help you to keep better.
Haste, anger, poor selection of friends, faulty investment decisions and speculation, much luxury and indulgence in mundane pleasures and medical expenses will cause regular and significant losses.
Despite respectable earning and legacies, financial stringency will occur and accumulation of wealth will be disturbed.
Seventh House [Kalatra Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships.
Your marriage will be delayed.
You will be able to marry during 2046-2047.
Wealthy spouse who promotes your finance.
Spouse from a wealthy family.
Gains through spouse.
But no marital happiness.
Major differences with spouse.
Active attraction to other women.
Sickly spouse.
No progeny likely.
Very active sex life, particularly outside marriage.
Divorce or separation may tend to occur but may not finally occur.
Loss of spouse may occur due to her poor health during 2065.
You will not have any opportunity for a second marriage.
Eighth  House [Guhya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
At any time you will not be in favor of resorting to unfair means for making financial or other material gains.
Your morals in this area will be quite strong and reliable.
Fluctuations in honest income, high personal ambition and wrong advice from unworthy friends will push you to accept such gains but you will NOT accept these or agree to these.
You will get legacies from ancestors and also from spouse.
You will be very keen to maintain liaisons with women other than your spouse.
Association with many parasitic females will occur both before and after marriage.
Loss of spouse will occur during 2065 due to her poor health.
Ninth House [Dharma/Bhagya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life, interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
Your luck will favor you in some areas.
You will enjoy some support of luck to cross obstructions to success in education, fluctuations and fall in career, and being able to marry a wealthy spouse, though very late in life.
You will get many opportunities for success and continuity in many areas of life, defeat of many enemies and inflow of good money.
Your luck for unearned wealth will give you major gains from legacy from elders like father and from your spouse.
But you will not be lucky to enjoy a happy or satisfactory marriage or to get your own children.
Your morals will remain astute in avoiding unfair financial gains.
But you will fail to resist temptations for relationships with your female associates.
You will have a seed of religiosity [not spirituality] inside you that needs to be promoted.
You may be able to develop this late in your life.
Tenth House [Agnya/Karma Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.
Only service career will be suitable for you.
Business or self employment will not be possible.
Career will remain unstable very frequently, mostly due to your own attitude and your weak health.
Your achievements will be generally high but these may come with some delays, obstructions and stagnations and above all many sudden falls from high positions.
Much impediment, obstruction, controversies and much enmity from colleagues and displeasures from superiors will occur.
Health will act strongly against your doing better in career.
You will start your working life from 2027.
Areas dealing with the following in the given order of preference or a suitable combination of some of them will be right for you.
Financial management.
NBF industry.
International trade.
Freight forwarding.
Real estate industry.
Health Care services industry.
Facility services industry including catering services.
Event management industry.
Press and publications.
Career will end during 2065-2066 due to continued ill health.
Eleventh House [Labha Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
You can gain meaningfully from only three sources.
These gains can accrue to you from your occupation and from legacy from father and from spouse.
Investments in safe deposits like government bonds and securities and mutual funds with capital appreciation or capital security guarantee will be suitable for you.
Land related investments will be beneficial for you.
No gain from speculation is seen.
Gains through your occupation will be decently high but often obstructed and interrupted.
Landed property and cash assets from ancestors and spouse will bring much gain.
On the whole you will acquire much material benefits but most of these will not be retained.
Twelfth House [Vyaya/Antya Bhava].
This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires & their fulfillment, losses, expenses, travel to other countries and events beyond your control.
Mundane pleasures and enjoyments, luxury, various other addictions and indulgences, and also gambling and speculation will cause loss of considerable amount of money.
You will remain sexually insatiate within and outside marriage.
The primary pleasure of bed will not be satisfactory at any time.
You will have some religious inclinations and this may develop more during the late stage of life.
Loss of health, wealth, lack of marital bliss and basic happiness, absence of happiness of progeny and many other frustrations will be quite high.
Analysis of future events during the balance periods of
Viomsottori Dasa:
This part talks of events in the broad time frame of the main periods [dasas].
All of these periods may not be applicable in your case.
The indicated events will be valid till the period of your actual life span.
Break down of the various periods:
The breakdown of remaining periods are:
Up to 06 Sep 2027: Balance of main period of Jupiter.
07 Sep 2027 to 06 Sep 2046: Main period of Saturn.
07 Sep 2046 to 06 Sep 2063: Main period of Mercury.
07 Sep 2063 to 06 Sep 2070: Main Period of Ketu.
07 Sep 2070 to 05 Sep 2090: Main period of Venus.
Period wise analysis of future events:
Up to 06 Sep 2027: Balance of main period of Jupiter.
You will work sincerely but your progress will be slow due to lack of luck in this area.
Despite support from parents you may occasionally lose interest.
However you will again pick up the trend of regular work.
Yet some failures will occur and you may even lose a few years occasionally.
Near the end of this period you will complete your graduation for university degree.
This may spill over to early 2028 in the next period.
Home life:
Your home life will not be very happy.
You will not feel comfortable with relatives.
You will be very devoted to your mother and will take good care of her.
Your relation with father will be moderate and not as close as with your mother.
Social life:
You will have too many friends including mainly female friends.
Your friends will not have good nature and you will need to be choosy.
Loss through your social circle will be easily possible.
You may even get into really bad company.
However you will not lose track of your life.
You will have weak and affected health.
You must take care of your health right from now so that you can grow better.
07 Sep 2027 to 06 Sep 2046: Main period of Saturn.
Career will start working career from 2027 or 2028.
Career will progress quite well and you will gradually earn very good name through your leadership ability.
But no growth point is seen till 2031.
Later you will change many jobs very gainfully but you will also lose many jobs or be forced to leave them.
You should try to change this trend.                         
You will have very good income profile right from the start of career,
But your expenses will be very high and often in avoidable areas.
Yet you will save and investment quite well.
The financial status can be made really sound if you avoid loss through wrong investments.
Avoid speculation, gambling, association with women and also too much of social life.
This will help you much to accumulate a very healthy kitty.
Take care from the start of your working life.
Love Life:
There will be many romantic associations but these will break down sooner or later through financial loss through them.
But you will get into new ones.
This trend must be checked or you will suffer in many ways.
Marital Life:
Marriage will be much delayed despite good efforts by your parents.
Finally you will get married during only at the very end of this period or early in the next period.
Expected time of marriage is during 2046-2047.
General debility.
Common ailments.
Loss of masculine vigor.
High BP.
07 Sep 2046 to 06 Sep 2063: Main period of Mercury.
Career will grow much better in this period.
You will see many growth points but all these will happen through several changes of jobs, some by your choice and others under various circumstances.
Try to maintain an even career graph by following a tactful and accommodative approach.
From 2055 your health will weaken further and this will affect your career even more.
Good care and disciplined living style will be required to keep your career going up well.          
Very good income will grow well but with many changes and breaks.
Though income will resume quite early each time and at a higher level every time but you will fail to accumulate most of your earnings.
Speculative and other wrong investments, too much of social enjoyments, unworthy association, negative habits and quickly declining health will cause a lot of loss.
Thus your accumulation will always remain much lesser than what you can easily achieve.
There is much need to avoid this trend with full determination.
Love Life:
Several female friends.
No real love or romance.
Much loss of money through women associates.
Should firmly avoid social life.
Marital Life:
You will get married to a lady from a wealthy family during 2046-2047.
However marital life will be much affected right from the start.
There will be too many differences in priorities and preferences.
Your life style will be a major issue.
There will be many trials and tribulations within marriage.
This point should be seen with total seriousness and practicality.
Health of your spouse will gradually decline.
Sex life will be insatiate.
Home life will be much unhappy.
Risk to health of spouse will increase near the end of this period.
No happiness of progeny is expected.
Declining health.
Faster decline in health will occur from 2055.
Much care and caution is needed.
07 Sep 2063 to 06 Sep 2070: Main Period of Ketu.
You will continue working at the start of this period despite quickly weakening health.
However you will not be able to take the pressure beyond 20652066.
At this stage you will stop working and after this stage there cannot be any career.
No specific gain is expected by working in this period.                         
Income from career will run till 2065-2066.
Income from all your assets, properties, legacies and retirement benefits will be far higher than what you may need for yourself and your spouse.
Expenses for medical expenses of spouse will increase suddenly but will stop suddenly too.
Overall finance will remain healthy despite sudden spurts of high expenses.
You will gain the assets of your spouse at this stage.
Love Life:
High desire level.
Yet no worthwhile event is seen.
Marital Life:
Marital life will pass through a very difficult time.
Your spouse will have much risk of passing away during 2065.
Personal health will decline very quickly in this period, especially after the demise of your spouse.
Major and sharp decline in your health is expected from 2068.
2068-2069 will be a very critical period