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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. As per your requirement, we had prepared Detailed Composite Astrology Report 20 Years:
General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Fond of pleasures.
Easily angered.
Your Health:
Basic health is weak and afflicted by common ailments.
Functional ailments will develop further and will get chronic.
Your Important Years in Life:
The 17, 22, 26, 29, 35, 38, 39, 49 and 52nd years of your life may be significant ones, directly or indirectly.
Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will be very intuitive.
You will be prosperous and may gain by marriage.
You are likely to get legacies suddenly which, later on, may cause you trouble           
Unable to handle your money, you will lose it through speculation, relatives, children, or through affairs of the heart.
You may keep changing your occupation/vocation.
There will be several ups and downs in career.
You will be much obstinate and impulsive and will squander your energies in going to extremes, only to regret later.
You will be liable to accidents, and brain & nervous disorders.
Demonstratively affectionate you are likely to have several love affairs.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Inheritance of patrimony.
Poor relation with elder siblings, if any.
Devoid of fortune.
Uneventful life.
Loss of spouse possible.
Intense emotional and sexual inclination.
Not a very good mentality.
Insufficient power of reasoning.
Lean body.
Eyesight affected.
Pleasing personality.
Reverence for religious and elderly people.
Good for mangalya [for long life of spouse].
Incurs displeasures of seniors.
Short tempered.
Wavering mind.
Highly subjective.
Lacks independent judgment.
Less control over mind.
No bodily comfort.
Longevity may be affected.
Ready for facing risks and challenges.
Can face critical situations.
Energetic body.
Not much success.
Miserly yet profligate.
Fond of pleasures.
May be given to intoxicants.
Rash tendencies.
Small matters taken too seriously.
Weak health.
Easy bleeding possible.
Phlegmatic problems.
Long life.
Raj Yoga valid but extremely weak.
Proficiency in mathematics.
Retentive memory.
Late marriage.
Lack of happiness.
Sickly spouse.
Loss of spouse may be possible.
Susceptible to what others think.
Anger in temper.
Poor oratorical power.
Stage fright.
Weak fertility.
All good effects of Mercury will be much reduced and all negative effects will be much promoted.
Long life.
Self made person.
Analytical ability.
Poor relation with paternal side.
Obstructed success.
Harm to education.
Harm to mother.
Harm to property.
Harm to peace in home life.
Intellectual arrogance.
Trouble in ears.
All good effects of Jupiter will be reduced and all negative effects will be promoted.
Huge inheritance.
All luxuries and material comforts of life.
Travel to other countries.
Authorship ability.
Many ups and downs in livelihood.
Fluctuating fortune in finance.
Marital happiness retarded.
No or few children.
Fond of luxury.
All good effects of Venus will be much reduced and all negative effects will be much promoted.
Service under or for government.
Too bold.
Gains from unscrupulous means including illegal gratification.
Loss of wealth.
Accidental losses.
Devoid of wealth.
Unhappy conjugal life.
Separation from family.
Difficulty in old age.
Opposed to others.
Too many enemies.
False accusations.
Prone to violent and dangerous actions.
Lack of adequate sense of esteem.
Chronic ailments.
Acquisition of landed property.
No or limited progeny.
Not straight forward.
Short tempered.
Prone to accidents.
Danger from watery places.
Gains from various sources.
Many good qualities.
Many enjoyments.
Skin problems.
All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.
All predictions exclude the effects of the remedial measures suggested.
Special Notes on Finance, Investment and Remedy.
Finance and Investment:
Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next twenty years.]
For Service:
You have abilities for working in several fields for employment career.
Thus a wide group of options will remain available and suitable for you.
The most suitable of these areas are given in decreasing order of preference but you can use any appropriate combination of them.
Administrative roles.
Leadership roles.
Executive roles.
Planning roles.
Services related to government.
Medicine and all allied areas.
Health care services industry.
Welfare services for women.
Scientific and technological services.
Legal services.
Hospitality industry.
Facility services industry.
NBF industry.
Fisheries industry.
Explosives industry.
Liquids or chemical industry.
Marine products industry.
Performing arts.
For Business:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
For Self-employment:
Suitable Method of Work:
[For next twenty years.]
Service or business or self-employment:
Not suitable.
Not suitable.
[For next twenty years]
[Given in order of preference]:
Investment suitable in:
[For next twenty years]
Most Suitable.
Real Estate.            
Suitable for own use.
Not suitable for making gains.
Debt Instruments.       
Equity and FOREX.                 
Not at all suitable [direct investment], despite some initial gains that can tempt you.
Mutual Funds [with capital appreciation guarantee]
Comparatively most suitable among all types of mutual funds but subject to limitations given below.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker’s MF with global presence.
Don’t invest in MF-s during 2015 to 2017, 2025 to 2027, and during 2028 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest modestly during 2014, 2018 to 2020 and during 2030 to 2032.
Invest as much as you can during 2021 to 2024.
Mutual Funds [with capital security guarantee].
Comparatively quite suitable as a secondary option to the above.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker’s MF with global presence.
Don’t invest in MF-s during 2015 to 2017, 2025 to 2027, and during 2028 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest modestly during 2014, 2018 to 2020 and during 2030 to 2032.
Invest as much as you can during 2021 to 2024.
Mutual Funds [with no guarantee].
Generally not a particularly preferred mode and you should avoid it.
But if you must invest here then you will need to follow the guidelines given below.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker’s MF with global presence.
Don’t invest in MF-s during 2015 to 2017, 2025 to 2027, and during 2028 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest modestly during 2014, 2018 to 2020 and during 2030 to 2032.
Invest as much as you can during 2021 to 2024.
Own business.           
Not suitable.
Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
Yes, there are some planetary combinations present that obstruct generation of income or cause loss of money.
Some of the major combinations are:
Ascendant is occupied by 8th house lord moon and loss house lord Mars.
Ascendant gets the malefic aspect of Rahu.
Jupiter, the lord of ascendant, the lord of property house from ascendant and also the main planet for growth of finance, is placed at the junction of two signs.
Jupiter is also placed in the 3rd house as the lord of 4th house.
Moon, the only planet for financial stability is the lord of 8th house of sudden losses and is placed with Mars.
Mars, the lord of investment house, is also the lord of 12th house of loss and placed in ascendant.
Mercury, the planet of investment is extremely weak and is placed in the 8th house of sudden negative effects.
Sun, the lord of fortune house is placed in the 8th house of sudden negative effects.
Sun, the lord of fortune house and Mercury, the lord of career house are placed at the center of the nodal axis.
Venus, the lord of gain house, is very weak and highly inauspicious.
Saturn, the planet of contraction, aspects the house of accumulation of wealth, the house of fortune and also aspects Venus, the lord of house of gain.
Rahu is placed in the house of judgment and investments and adversely aspects the house of fortune.
Special Notes on Remedy:
Perform Rahu-Ketu Shanti [pacification of the nodes], every year, preferably at Sri Kalahasti temple in AP, India or in any other temple of equivalent status.
Wear an Emerald of 950 to 1050 mg weight on a gold ring on the ring finger of your right hand.
The ring should be open at the bottom to allow the stone to touch the skin well.
Start wearing this on a Wednesday morning within one hour of sunrise [preferably in the brighter half of a month] after keeping it immersed in fresh milk overnight during the preceding Tuesday night and then washing with fresh water on Wednesday morning.
Chant “Om Madhusudanaya Namah” 108 times at the time of first wearing the ring.
Use it at all hours every day.
Wear three beads of Kaalagni Rudraksh [5 faceted Rudraksh] on a white thread around your neck.
Alternatively you can use a chain of gold or silver.
The Rudraksh-s should touch the region around your heart.
Try to choose a day during the bright half of a month for wearing the Rudraksha-s.
Chant “Om Madhusudanaya Namah” at the time of wearing the Rudraksha-s.
Use it at all hours every day.
Purpose of Remedies:
1. “Rahu-Ketu Shanti”.
To improve the overall quality of your life and reduce all delays, fluctuations, obstructions and failures from all areas of life with special emphasis on better health, steadier accumulation of wealth and improvement of marital prospects.
2. “Emerald”.
To strengthen and bring success to all aspects of your life with special emphasis on health, marital prospects and better success and fortune in career.
3. “Rudraksh-s”.
To tone down the indiscretions and hidden complexities of your nature and to improve your health, good name, luck, occupation and finance, marital prospects and prospects of children and to avoid delays, enmities and obstructions from all matters of importance.
This is the single most important remedy for you and must be used with total trust, respect and patience, along with the other remedies.
Time to apply remedies:
All remedies except Emerald-- immediate and throughout life.
Emerald -- Start using from after consummation of marriage, throughout balance of life.
Sleep with head towards south direction, provided you are not pointing your legs towards your place of worship.
Maintain and promote spiritual inclinations.
Whenever possible, don’t visit hospitals, cemetery or morgue etc with the gemstone or Rudraksha-s on your body [Take bath and pray before wearing them again].
Next Twenty Years [Till 31 Mar 2034]: An Overview:

Analysis of important areas of your horoscope and of the ruling periods during the next twenty years:


Basic Horoscope analysis:
Sun is placed in the 8th house and at the center of the nodal axis [very negative].
Moon, the lord of Sun sign, is placed with Mars and gets aspect from Rahu [very negative].
Mars, the lord of investment house and of house of progeny, is also the lord of loss house.
As lord of loss house, Mars is placed in the ascendant and moon sign and gets aspect of Rahu [negative].
Mercury, the lord of 7th house from ascendant/Moon is placed in the 8th house [negative for getting married, for quality of marital life and health of spouse].
Mercury, the lord of career house from ascendant/Moon sign, is placed in the 8th house [very negative for career].
Mercury is placed in exaltation sign in D_9 chart [Raj yoga - very positive].
However Mercury is very weak and placed at the center of the nodal axis [very negative - most good effects of Yoga are eliminated].
Jupiter, the lord of ascendant and Moon sign, is placed at the junction of two signs [inauspicious and clear restrictions on good effects].
Jupiter, as the 4th house lord is placed in the 3rd house [negative].
Career house from Sun has Rahu posited there [many ups and downs in career [negative].
Saturn, the lord of 7th house from Sun, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between Ketu and Mars [PKY - very negative for marital life].
Saturn aspects Venus while Venus is placed in the 9th house [quite obstructive for love and marriage and many trials and tribulations in love life and marital life].
5th house from Ascendant/Moon has Rahu and 5th house from Sun has Saturn [very negative for love life and progeny].
Family and wealth house lord Saturn is placed in the loss house [major obstructions to accumulation of money and peace in family life].
The nodes cover the 5-11 axes [very negative - sudden and unexpected negative effects related to inherited property, to love life, to childbirth and to holding on to material gains].

Analysis of ruling main periods:
The next 20 years of your life [till 31 Mar 2034] will be covered by the balance part of main period of Rahu [till 04 Mar 2027] followed by a part of main period of Jupiter.
The first main period lord Rahu is highly ill placed in the 5th house and being square to Sun and Mercury in D_1 chart.
His dispositor planet Mars is the lord of loss house and placed in the ascendant.
There is no benefic aspect on Rahu or on Mars while Rahu aspects Mars.
Rahu is ill placed in the 9th house in D_9 chart, while his dispositor planet Saturn is square to Jupiter and Moon.
Rahu is placed with Sun in the ascendant in D_10 career chart and placed opposite to Saturn.
Rahu main period will pass through several slot of Vish Shool phase of transit Rahu during his own main period.
These phases will bring major obstruction and injuries to your career and your reputation.
These phases of Vish Shool during main period of Rahu are 21 May 2020 to 26 Jan 2021, 06 Oct 2021 to 30 Oct 2023, 17 Mar 2025 to 22 Nov 2025.
The second main period lord Jupiter [the lord of ascendant and Moon sign] is placed at the junction of two signs [inauspicious and clear restrictions on good effects].
Jupiter, as the 4th house lord, is placed in the 3rd house [very negative for education, home life, property and for mother].
In D_9 chart Jupiter gets the direct aspect of Saturn, the planet of obstructions, delays and contraction.
In D_10 career chart Jupiter is placed in the 8th house in Scorpio sign and opposite to 3rd and 6th house lord Mercury.
Thus the main periods of these two planets [Rahu and Jupiter] cannot provide any significant or stable good effect or support to your life events during this 20 year period till 31 Mar 2034 and even beyond.
The status of and contribution by all other planets are already given in paragraph A:1 above.
Thus none of the nine planets offer you adequate support.
Thus any good event will largely depend on the auspiciousness and strength of the applicable transits of planets at any point of time during these twenty years.
All readings given below are to be understood and used in the light of the above points.
Overview of the events during the next twenty years:
Business or consultancy is not suitable for you at any time.
Job career will grow well but with many situations of obstructions, restrictions, stagnations and delays.
Attitude will need to be improved significantly for better progress in career.
Income will follow the timeline of career situations.
Wrong handling of finance will affect savings and investments but this will improve later.
Social life, living style, dissolute expenses, speculative investments and gradually declining ill health of self and spouse will cause frequent losses.
Occasional financial stringency may be possible.
Marriage, if not married yet, can occur during 2014 or 2018.
Marital life will be unsatisfactory.
Affected health of spouse.
Progeny, if any, may not enjoy good health or good luck.
Happiness of or from progeny will remain affected.
Personal health will remain afflicted and can decline further over time.
Breakdown of the next twenty years into twelve effective sub periods:

All Vish shool period are marked with **.
Up to 10 Apr 2014: Balance of Rahu-Jupiter.
11 Apr 2014 to 13 Feb 2017: Rahu-Saturn.
14 Feb 2017 to 03 Sep 2019: Rahu-Mercury.
04 Sep 2019 to 20 Sep 2020: Rahu-Ketu.**
21 Sep 2020 to 21 Sep 2023: Rahu-Venus.**
22 Sep 2023 to 15 Aug 2024: Rahu-Sun.**
16 Aug 2024 to 14 Feb 2026: Rahu-Moon.**
15 Feb 2026 to 04 Mar 2027: Rahu-Mars.
05 Mar 2027 to 21 Apr 2029: Jupiter-Jupiter.
22 Apr 2029 to 03 Nov 2031: Jupiter-Saturn.
04 Nov 2031 to 07 Feb 2034: Jupiter-Mercury.
08 Feb 2034 to 31 Mar 2034: Part of Jupiter-Ketu.
Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 10 Apr 2014: Balance of Rahu-Jupiter.
If you are not working and are looking for an opening, this period may or may not offer you a job.
If you are working now, some progress in career may or may not be possible.
Relation with superiors will be quite difficult.
Communication failure will remain a major issue.
Careful handling is required for various issues at work.                         
Moderate income is possible and this may improve or resume now.
Expenses will be needlessly high.
Wrong investments can cause loss.
Good accumulation of money is not expected.
Love Life:
New associations with some men are likely.
These may see some progress but these may not be very dependable.
Marital Life:
Marriage is possible, if applicable, but this can easily spill over to next period.
Proper judgment will be required to choose the right partner.
If already married, your marital life will not be very satisfactory or peaceful.
This is a quite afflicted area.
Your fertility is weak.
Childbirth can be difficult and delayed.
Children, if any, may not enjoy much good health or good luck.
Relation with children, if any, will not be cordial.
Happiness of or from progeny will be absent or quite restricted.
Indifferent health.
Common functional ailments.
11 Apr 2014 to 13 Feb 2017: Rahu-Saturn.
Till 02 Nov 2014, career trend will be as during the last period.  
Thereafter career can slow down.
Communication failure will be more specific at work now.   
Many restrictions on your freedom to take independent decisions.
More observation, analysis and proper judgment of people, tasks and comparative importance of various things will be urgently needed.
The status will somewhat look up during 2016 onwards and you should use this opportunity.  
Stay grounded, avoid arguments and controversies and carry others with you.
No real progress in role, position or status is seen.
Try to maintain stability and any possible enmity with seniors.                 
Income will increase through moderate hikes in pay from 2016 onwards.
But expenses will not come down.
Significant loss of money through high living style, risky investment decisions and medical issues will obstruct growth of finance.
Determined thrift and conservative investments should be priority.
Avoid loss through social life.
Love Life:
This is a quite negative period for love and romance within or outside marriage.
Most relationships will be strained and many will break down.
Take care to avoid social life.
Do not make any commitment.
Marital Life:
If you are not married at this stage, you may not get a chance to marry till 2018 [beyond this period].
If already married, very careful attention and adjustments will be called for to keep your marital life stable.
Health of spouse can suffer much.
Sex life will be infrequent and unsatisfactory.
No domestic happiness or bliss is expected without specific efforts to get them.
Health will have chance to decline.
Lack of vitality will be prominent.
Take care of phlegmatic and digestive ailments.
Hormonal imbalance too can trouble you now.
14 Feb 2017 to 03 Sep 2019: Rahu-Mercury.
Both main and sub period will remain unhelpful.
Transits will offer only mixed results during 2017 on the lines of last period.
2018 and 2019 will bring in many conflicts with and major obstructions from colleagues.
Avoid taking professional matters personally.
Do not try to combat all issues and accept all challenges as these will bring more loss than gain.
You may not be able to meet your targets easily or well if you act in combative or selfish ways.
This a time for testing your professional attitude and you will need to pass this test.
You must stay grounded and act intuitively, and if you do these you can perform better.  
No growth in career is seen in this period.
Change of job may tempt you but you may not gain anything much from changes made in this period.                  
Income will increase fairly during 2017 and 2018 but may not increase during 2019.
You will continue to be careless about money.
Expenses will remain quite dissolute.
Loss through speculative and other risky investments will occur.
You will close wrong people as friends and this will cause more loss.
Despite quite decent income financial stability or dependability will be absent.
Love Life:
No love or romance is expected in his period.
Stay away from social life for your own good.
Marital Life:
Marriage is likely to occur during 2018, if it did not happen earlier.
You should match your chart well with that of your spouse before marriage.
This is essential since this is a weak area.
You may not get much happiness from your marital life.
There will be many differences and disagreements with your spouse.
Sex life will remain insatiate.
Take care to NOT allow exacerbation in marital problems.
Various worries and anxieties and also anger and ego will affect your health.
No serious ailments are expected but many functional ailments can develop.
04 Sep 2019 to 20 Sep 2020: Rahu-Ketu. **
Change of job is expected now but without any gain in position or power.
However you will get much better pay.
Events of job will not make you satisfied and you will look for appreciation that will not come.
The last part of this period will see one Vish shool phase from 21 May 2020 to the end of this period and beyond, till 26 Jan 2021.
This period of VS can bring in loss of reputation based on your attitude and can make any progress quite hard to achieve.                         
Income will increase appreciably.
You may occasionally save more and invest cautiously.
But such positive trends will not be maintained for long.
Thus real growth of financial position is expected.
Love Life:
Earlier associations my try to revive.
These may attract you and you may want to indulge in them.
But you must avoid these very strictly as these will not be good for you in any way.
Marital Life:
Marital life will clearly deteriorate.
Health of spouse may be more affected now.
Mutual relationship will remain quite strained.
You will not be happy with our marriage.
Better judgment and discipline in life will b essential for homely happiness and peace.
Health may decline generally.
Strict watch on life style will help.
But no serious illness is expected
21 Sep 2020 to 21 Sep 2023: Rahu-Venus. **
Sub period lord, Venus is very ill placed at the start of this period and cannot provide any support to you or to your career.
Further sizable parts of this period are under Vish Shool during various phases, till 26 Jan 2021, 06 Oct 2021 till the end of this period and beyond, till 30 Oct 2023.
These periods will block progress in career through major obstructions and will also adversely affect your reputation in career and also in other areas of life.    
Only the phase from Feb 2021 to Sep 2021 will be out of reach for Vish Shool but at this stage transit Saturn will be right opposite to Sun and Mercury.   
Thus you may see many severe opposition and obstructions and even much persecution from seniors and there will be acute and repeated differences and disagreements with them.
Stability of your employment will be the most important target to achieve.
NO RELIEF OR GROWTH can be expected within the current job or in any new job that you may look for.  
Stay clearly away from all controversies as otherwise you will suffer much.
Lie low, talk less and work hard without any emotion.            
There will be no loss in income, no pay cuts but no hikes in pay either.
Income from career will stagnate.
You may be able to take better care of finance by way of more discipline in handling your money.
But such efforts will not be continuous or consistent.
Additionally, financial requirements of your family will increase.
Thus overall financial status can be quite stressful.
However no debts are expected.
Love Life:
Up to Apr 2022 earlier associations will attract you much.
But you should avoid them, as these will not be reliable.
Fro after Apr 2022, all associations will break down anyway.
Marital Life:
Marital life will be better during 2020 but only to a limited extent.
At other times you will need to handle marital life with much judgment and tact.
Avoid arguments.
Take care of the health of your spouse.
Sex life will remain ineffective and unsatisfying.
General weakness and debility.
Other urinary issues.
Vision related ailments are possible.
But no serious disorders.
22 Sep 2023 to 15 Aug 2024: Rahu-Sun. **
Vish Shool will operate till the end of Oct 2023 only in this period [just about a month].
The balance part of this will be a very positive and growth oriented period for career.
Excellent change of job will occur and you will almost make up for the loss of the least several years, in one stroke.
You will get a much higher position with lot of power, responsibility and matching compensation.
You will perform very well and will get good appreciation from all, especially from seniors.
You will need to promote this status further with intelligence and tact.                         
Top income.
Good handling of money, most of the time.
But loss through high living and health issues.
No loss through wrong investments.
Overall accumulation very encouraging.
Take maximum advantage of this period.
Love Life:
No love or romance is seen.
Do not try too hard.
Marital Life:
Very poor marital life at this stage.
No mutual respect, love or affection.
Much troubled home life.
No sexual enjoyments possible.
Health of spouse can suffer.
Many trials and tribulations.
Better health.
More energy.
16 Aug 2024 to 14 Feb 2026: Rahu-Moon. **
Sub period lord Moon [8th house lord] will be in ascendant at the start of this period [quite negative for health and finance]
But till 30 Mar 2025, transit Saturn will remind very well placed.
Transit Jupiter will be more or less supportive but will remain opposite to natal Saturn.
Promotion is much expected during early 2025.
Working will be smooth till this stage.
Thereafter you will face much obstruction from inimical colleagues while your seniors will support you much.
Handled tactfully this period will bring many new and good opportunities for your growth.
Career will be much better but will demand mature handling.                       
Much better income.
Better savings and good investments and encouraging returns from them till Mar 2025.
No financial issues till this date.
Major expenses will be unavoidable from Apr 2025.
These expenses will on family and on your home or residence or on some property.
These will bring down your accumulation significantly from Apr 2025 onwards.
Prepare in advance for these.
Love Life:
No love or romance.
Social life should be avoided.
Marital Life:
Much disturbed home life.
Poor health of spouse.
Many differences will continue.
Mature and tactful handling is required.
Generally stable health.
But much fatigue and occasional depression.
Digestive problems.
Lack of adequate sleep.
15 Feb 2026 to 04 Mar 2027: Rahu-Mars.
Good time will continue in career.  
Problems with colleagues may reduce a little.
Superiors quite happy.
Good performance.
Very good hike in pay.                       
Much better income.
Much better savings and intelligent investments.
No loss.
Expenses on family and continues.
Yet very good accumulation of funds.
Love Life:
No social life.
No love outside marriage.
Marital Life:
Conjugal life improves in many ways.
Better understanding.
Improved health of spouse.
Happiness at home improves.
Better health.
But lack of energy.
Digestive issues possible.
05 Mar 2027 to 21 Apr 2029: Jupiter-Jupiter.
Good trends in all areas of life including your career will continue till 23 Feb 2028.
From 24 Feb 2028 your time declines in quality once again.
Major communication issues with all, everywhere.
Poor relation with seniors at work.
But relation with colleagues will be much improved.   
You will be very arrogant and will class with seniors on all matters.
As a result you will face many restrictions and possible persecution from the top.
Take care to maintain stability of job and better working relationship with superiors.                     
Very good hike in pay during 2028 but much lesser hike in 2029.
Indiscretion about handling money resumes again.
yet good savings but loss through wrong investments.
Take care to improve accumulation and to avoid losses.
Avoid over confidence in money matters.
Love Life:
One again, earlier relationships will revive and will attract you.
You must avoid these to avoid loss of money and reputation.
Marital Life:
Marital life will start declining gradually.
This is a time for more care and attention.
Remain alert to hold on to maintain peace and bliss in home life.
Take care of health of spouse.
Indifferent health.
Much anger in temper will create issues with BP and digestion.
22 Apr 2029 to 03 Nov 2031: Jupiter-Saturn.
Safe but disturbed career.
Possibility of legal problems at work.
Keen for changing job.
Change of job may occur during Apr-May 2030.
No rise in designation but better pay.
Same role but more responsibility.
Relation with seniors gets better after change of job.
Above status continues till the end of this period and beyond this period till Apr 2032.                    
Higher income.
Good savings through high life style remains.
Speculative investments will resume out of your over confidence.
Loss through speculation will be high.
Overall finance remains very good but much lesser than what is possible through some self control.
Love Life:
No love or romance till Apr 3032 but active social life and loss through it.
New associations develop from after Apr 2032.
These will be very bad for you and you should avoid these.
Marital Life:
Marital life does not retain the improvements of the recent past.
Health of spouse deteriorates.
No sex life within marriage is seen now.
Take care of this area as advancing years will need a better marital equation.
Average health.
Common functional ailments in line with age and lifestyle.
04 Nov 2031 to 07 Feb 2034: Jupiter-Mercury.
Career status improves rather suddenly.
Superiors will depend more on you.
More power at work.
Many important projects.
Good success continues till May 2032.
Thereafter relation with seniors decline again.
Poor professional equation with all at this stage.
Good hike in pay during 2032 but no hike in 2033.
More attention to professional decorum will be necessary.                          
High income.
Good savings but some dissolute expenses come up again.
Loss through speculative investments.
Overall finance will be quite good but much better is possible if you exercise self control.
Love Life:
Most new associations will break down one after another.
You will not get any satisfaction.
You will lose money through social life.
Marital Life:
Marital life will remain stable till May 2032 and will then deteriorate sharply.
Many differences and disagreements will occur.
Several trials and tribulation will be faced.
Wise and mature handling will be a must.
Affected health.
No new disorders.
But all existing ailments will get chronic.
08 Feb 2034 to 31 Mar 2034: Part of Jupiter-Ketu.
Good income and inadequate professional relationships will continue.  
More logical handling of career will be necessary.                       
Stop dissolute expenses.
Stop all risky investments.
Finance can be improved through more determination.
Love Life:
No social life.
Marital Life:
Marital life unhappy and much strained.
Need for more focused efforts for betterment.
Indifferent health.
Common functional ailments.

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