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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed D10 Career report with 2 years Scan:

1. Factors influencing career in the birth chart:
  • Any horoscope is judged mainly from the ascendant and the Moon sign.
  • Strength of ascendant and Moon sign and of their lords are very important.
  • Career is evaluated with respect to these reference points.
  • Since career is represented by the 10th house [more precisely the point 300 degrees away from any reference point], we need to assess the 10th house from the reference points.
  • The strength of the lord of career house from ascendant and from Moon will be equally important and must be checked for their contribution.
  • The overall strength or weakness of the career houses will be influenced by the strength of their lords and also by other planets through their relative positions and also by their aspects on important areas.
  • All these effects will be seen with respect to the applicable planetary periods [main and sub periods] and also the transits that are applicable at any given time.
  • Mutual relation between various transits and yoga-s present in a horoscope are also taken into consideration.

2. A basic assessment of the D10 chart & strength of the birth chart career factors in D10 chart:

A. The planets’ strength in 10th house with secondary clues from planets in 6th and 7th house:
  • Your ascendant in birth chart D1 is Aquarius.
  • Saturn, the lord of ascendant, is quite strong.
  • Mars, the lord of 10th house of career from ascendant in birth chart D1, has exceptionally poor digbala [directional strength] and hence Mars is quite inactive for giving good results.
  • Further, Mars is fully combust and is very ill placed with Mercury.
  • Moon sign is Cancer.
  • Mars, lord of 10th house from Moon, is much afflicted as given above.
  • Location of Jupiter in the 10th house from ascendant is very positive but Jupiter suffers from strong Papa Kartari between Saturn and Ketu.
  • Current main period lord is Venus and sub period lord Jupiter have average strength and better than average digbala [directional strength] but both of them suffer from major afflictions.
  • Jupiter suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Saturn and Ketu.
  • Venus [along with Moon] suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Rahu and Saturn.

B. The planets aspecting the 10th house:
  • The 10th house from ascendant of birth chart D1 does not get any positive aspect from other planets but gets negative aspects from a combination of Mars, Sun and Mercury.
  • The 10th house from Moon does not get any positive aspect from other planets but gets negative aspects from Saturn.

C. The D10 Chart:
  • Leo is your Moon sign in D10 chart while Sun [lord of Moon sign] is placed in debilitation [negative].
  • Venus, the lord of 10th house of career from Moon, is ill placed in the loss house from Moon [negative].
  • Ascendant is Pisces and career house from ascendant is Sagittarius.
  • Jupiter, lord of ascendant and lord of career house from ascendant, is placed in the 8th house from ascendant [negative] and is also conjunct with debilitated Sun.
  • Main period lord Venus is the 3rd/8th house lord from ascendant and is ill placed in Cancer.
  • Sub period lord Jupiter is afflicted as given above.
  • Thus the dasa periods and the quality of D10 chart cannot promote or protect the career in adequate manner.

3. Best career path to follow as per D10 chart:
  • Employment career will be the most suitable, stable and growth oriented for you.
  • You can get many opportunities in this type of career.
  • Business or self employment will not be beneficial though you may have the ability to work well in these areas but you will miss out on suitable opportunities or overall luck for success.

4. Industries & types of profession suitable as per D10 chart:
  • Areas related to leadership roles, medicine and all allied areas, health care services industry, pharmaceutical industry, liquids and chemicals industry, hospitality industry, facility services industry, water transport, marine products industry, armed forces or police department and also performing arts.

5. Predictions for next two years:
  • The years 2016-2018 [till 15 Jul 2018] will offer mixed results that will get somewhat better over the period.
  • To give this positive trend a higher tone, you should take full advantage of Budh Aditya yoga present in your birth chart.
  • The current main period lord Venus [rules till 24 Oct 2025] is not well placed in D1 or D10 charts, as given above.
  • Current sub period lord Jupiter too is not well placed in these charts as given above.
  • Thus the main or sub period lords are not favorable in D1 and in D10 chart and cannot adequately protect or promote your career by their contribution.
  • However you will need to utilize all available opportunities with full fervor.
  • Transit Saturn may not much help till 27 Oct 2017 but thereafter his support will be very positive and effective.
  • Transit Jupiter will help your career throughout till the end of these two years and also beyond.
  • Put together you are much expected to get good hikes in pay or change of role with more pay till Oct 2017 and change over to better job after this date.
  • This improvement will be perceived by you during period starting from after 11 Aug 2016 when you can get better pay with or without a change of role or job.
  • However it is possible that such progress will actually spill over to 2017.
  • During 2018, you will get very good option for a change to a new job with better position.
  • Yet at work you will need to be very careful about your observation and judgment about all matters and people.
  • Problems with seniors and communication failure may be possible till 27 Oct 2017 and you may have rather combative relationship with seniors [transit Saturn opposite natal Sun in D1 birth chart and in the house next to Sun and also over natal Saturn in D10 career chart] but all these will pass gradually.
  • You will need to pay more attention to communication to avoid needless misunderstandings due to inappropriate or incomplete or untimely communication.

6. Remedies - if any, considering the D10 chart:
  • Pray to Sun God in the morning and offer water.
  • Avoid non vegetarian food on Saturdays.
  • Donate to orphanages, whenever possible.

7. Suggestions for improvement in your career based on your D10 chart:
  • Your natural intelligence and proficiency in work in any area are good.
  • But you may not get the full benefit of these if you do not develop more self control, improve your judgment and communication and avoid disagreements with superiors and sudden bouts of anger.
  • Any possible aggressiveness towards your seniors at work must be curtailed.
  • Otherwise your ego and anger will continue to affect your patience too easily and will also disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained hard work and good performance.
  • Your attitude will cause many controversies, displeasures of superiors and others, and will also cause many obstructions in your progress.
  • You will need to strike a balance between what you prefer to do and what needs to be done for your benefit in career and other areas of life.
  • This is very important and even crucial since you may also have an inclination to stick to one extreme or the other of any matter or issue and may not be ready to be on the middle of the road.
  • This tendency will create many very difficult situations for you and too much enmity and unpopularity will be generated.
  • You will do well to accept others’ views and opinions too, based on merit or not based on ego.
  • Also most events in your career will occur and move in a predestined manner and you will not have any control over them.
  • Your efforts to stop them or to change them will bring doubly negative results.
  • You will need to go by these events as they come.
  • Cooperate willingly to get cooperation.
  • Take regular small breaks in your work or your health can be affected and will thus slow down your overall progress.

8. Things to avoid for success in career:
  • Avoid hasty judgment, speech and action.
  • Do not go for any arguments with seniors.
  • Do not expect your own views, opinions, way of working or your own priorities will be accepted by your seniors or your team members or subordinates as this will not happen normally.
  • Expecting less through career will give you energy and positivity as your efforts will have more chances to be successful.
  • But while trying to achieve the above, you must avoid all varieties of controversies at all times.
  • Maintain high work ethics, stay organized, grounded and disciplined in your work and maintain high standards of obedience to seniors and professional integrity.
  • Focus only on real hard work and nothing else.
  • Maintain decent thinking and precise and honest communication.
  • Sincere hard work should be your target and should also be your bench mark.