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Success is desired by all but to achieve success certain precautions are very important.
Good timing, right application of mind and a certain degree of controlled haste are essential for success.
Mercury gives the sharpness of mind while Rahu gives the urge for ambition. Mercury, the planet of thinking, communication and intellect has started its retrogression from 30th August 2016.

With this backward movement, Mercury which was transiting in Virgo, will push back into Leo, the sign where it will have Rahu, the dragon’s head for its company for the period ahead. Success can be assured with due understanding of this conjunction [of Retrograde Mercury and Rahu - naturally retrograde] followed by appropriate action.

*1.**Effects of Retrograde Mercury:***

The decision-making power of individuals gets affected, in this phase, making them prone to confusion and irritability or even some loss.
Due to temporary lack of discerning ability, people tend to select the wrong things, speech, timing and ineffective ways, and thus they end up repenting later.
All technological items represented by Mercury, like communications equipment, gadgets, internet connections or speed can get affected.
Also correspondence, speech, thoughts, information relay can contain unwanted or harmful elements that can boomerang on you.
A better driver, an eloquent orator and an intelligent moderator – Mercury can make you all this and more but this is not the right time to expect all these since Mercury is in retrogression.
Overall most things can appear to be very confusing.
You may face problems in understanding a new subject or topic at school or a new project in your office.
You may feel or see people around you are misunderstanding you or misquoting you too often.
You may face delays in travel plans.
You may face some unexpected losses of money.
You may lose all or some data in your phone or computer due to an unexpected crash or your phone and computer may suddenly hang without any apparent reason.

*2.**Effects of Rahu- Mercury Conjunction**:*

Rahu in this conjunction gives imagination, willingness to experiment and revolutionary ideas and also much undue haste.

But for all these to work for your benefit, Mercury should first come out of retrogression.

If Mercury is retrograde, he gives lack of originality or lack of proper judgment in crisis, useless loose talk, blabbering out of frustration, monotony, and repetitive and copied thoughts.

This conjunction can make one somewhat eccentric with an unusual form of intelligence that is not always conducive to fairness or inclusive logic.

But this conjunction with Mercury in retro offers temporary good talent for communication, with good spirit and cheerful attitude.

Assistance from siblings will be much significant and it is often on mutual exchange basis and for the time being only.

Rahu has a desire for material things and worldly accomplishments.

It wants to achieve the highest success possible in whatever house and sign he is located.

Rahu also brings fear and stressful situations into our lives.

He wants to be unique and to break the tradition and thinks and acts in out of the box manner.

He is also responsible for spiritual breakthroughs.

When Mercury and Rahu come into conjunction, areas like communication, speech, intelligence, and the skills of one’s hands are amplified and expanded quickly and drastically.

Rahu likes Mercury due to his neutral and nonjudgmental nature.

Thus one will have an explosive, exotic, and unique form of speech, and will talk about things that might be very unconventional for the common world.

The conjunction will make one extremely clever.

One will have excellent communication skills which makes him highly proficient in all areas, but especially in the fields of sales, marketing, public relations, and public speaking etc.

One will have the gift of uniqueness in one’s approach to life and its blueprint is unconventional and taboo breaking.

Rahu expands either rajasic or tamasic qualities of planets.

Rahu makes Mercury's intelligence not just quick, but witty and very clever.

This cleverness is in a sense that Mercury is able to get done what he wants and when he wants from people, even if the other party is not ready to give it.

They are natural salesmen who will sell a product or an idea or a scheme without you ever knowing you really agreed to it.

This conjunction of Rahu and Mercury will be able to justify and sell the idea of breaking taboos to their audience.



Do not sign any documents or contracts or agree for a proposal or enter into a partnership or any area requiring commitment or assurance till Mercury does not get direct on the 12th of June.

Do not get easily offended by anything anyone says, as they too may be under the spell of the wayward Mercury.

Their thoughts may be clouded and their communication mechanism would have been infected by the virus of the retrogression.

Relax and give others another chance.

If you also start reacting in haste, only meaningless quarrels and unproductive arguments will be the result.

Be very careful and precise about what you write, what you speak or utter or what you express.

Moreover, do not be harsh in your words to people.

Anything done without due thought or wisdom will make you repent afterwards and will land you into trouble, leading to frustration, loss of time, energy and money.

Be extremely prudent and pragmatic while spending money, since whenever Mercury is retrograde, there will be loss of money and finances.

Back-up all your data on your phones or computer, as there may be chances the data getting deleted or corrupted all of a sudden.

If any important issue has been kept on hold for long or if some mails have to be replied to or if some relative is awaiting your call or if some matter requires your immediate attention then attend to it at the earliest, before they worsen.

Do not purchase any expensive gadget or electronic appliance in this period.

But if buying any such thing is a must, then make sure that you check the products completely and clear your doubts by asking a lot questions.

It does not matter if the sales person is getting irritated with you.
Also, make sure that all the paper-work is properly done and that you get warranty for it.

Be very alert and careful about where you keep your important keys-- for house, locker, cupboard, vehicle, drawer etc, as there are chances of them getting misplaced or lost.

Do not draw any conclusions in haste or impulse and do not present your views and opinions until or unless it is solicited.

Don’t tell any lies or present false statements to anyone.

It may be possible that when Mercury turns direct, the truth and real picture will come out, harming your image.


Though the Retrogression of Mercury has some serious influences, you need not worry much about it.

Just be a little more careful as suggested in this report.

Retrograde Mercury can be a blessing in disguise too.

This is a good time to reconnect with your long-forgotten friend of yours.

It may open up new avenues of progress for you.

Utilize this time to plan well for your future activities.

In this period there will be chances of you getting some key ideas, which may have not struck you till now.

This time gives you an opportunity to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished tasks.

Retro Mercury favors editing, re-writing and formatting information of any sort.

If you have been wanting to edit or update some documents or profiles of importance like the Resume/CV/Bio Data or your social networking websites, then do it.

It may be possible that due that one missing point or a little mistake in your Resume, you have not been getting proper job offers.

Use this time for contemplation and modification.

Review the work done till now, may be there’s a clue hidden in that and it may prove to be of great help and benefit to you.

Keep your gadgets and communication instruments in good condition.

If they need to be repaired or given for service, then get these done.



Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” every day as frequently as possible, the more the better.

Even silent chanting will do.

Avoid non-veg food on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Donate sugar on Wednesdays and black sesame on Saturdays to temples.