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Effects of planets: {Till Jul 2016}:
A:Three important planets [Saturn, Rahu and Mars] will move through Libra sign and will bring in events that may not be easy to handle without advance preparation of your mind.

Effects of Saturn's transit in the ascendant:
It is a time of shearing away from various aspects of life.
Your responsibilities will increase and your accomplishments will be quite good.

Effects of Saturn's transit in the 5th house from Moon:
This is a difficult transit. You will face false allegations, loss of money, increased expenses, mental agony, and separation from family and disputes with children, if applicable. You may feel the burden of matters related to children.
Love affairs will become very difficult.
You may be associated with men older than you and though it may quite be unpleasant, it may turn out into a growth experience.
You will have many confrontations.

Effects of Saturn's transit in the 9th house from Moon:
This transit can indicate legal difficulties.
There can be long journeys.
Due to adverse planetary affects of Mars and Rahu on transit Saturn, chance of accident is quite possible.
You will concentrate in religion, metaphysics and philosophy.
Enemies will trouble you and diseases will make you weak.
Possible criminal prosecutions and punishments may occur.
Decrease in income, fruitless attempts, sorrows and unhappiness will be met with.
Ill health of father or even some harm to him is possible.

Rahuin the ascendant will demand self confidence.
You will be much self-willed.
Marital or love relationship will not be favored.
You will be able to defeat your enemies.
You will have too much sexual desire and this may appear unacceptable to your spouse
At times you may become inclined to opt for adultery.
Rahuin the 5th house from Moon will tempt you into speculation through some initial gains and will bring in major loss later. But you can earn well through creative ability and also through your education. Love affairs, if any, will bring material gains but this will not be to your final advantage or benefit. You will experience much worry and anguish in all matters related to children or their absence in your life. Rahuin the 9th house from Sun can give you prophetic dreams.
You will take to scholarly activities, may go on pilgrimage and may give you philosophical ideas.
You may travel abroad to gain education and foe expansion of career.
Spiritualistic practices may attract you.
You may gain through publishing and religious institutions.
Faith in religious practices will increase and you may gain from them.
You will become helpful to your relatives and get good reputation.
You will remain quite afraid of your enemies.
You may also be tempted to sexual relationships with low or unworthy men.

Mars will move through your Virgo and Libra, in your ascendant and the 12th house from it, in the 4th and 5th house from Moon and in the 8th and 9th houses from Sun.

Through the ascendant:
Relationships will be difficult.
Many obstacles are expected.
Health may be disturbed.

Through 12th house from ascendant:
Loss of wealth, unwanted expenses, quarrels with spouse or partner, mental worries, eye troubles, troubles with the opposite gender and loss of honor are expected.

Through the 4th house from Moon:
Home life will remain frequently disturbed.
You will be able to bring them to agree to your views.
Often you may behave compulsively and inappropriately and this will bring negative result.
Dispute over property, opposition in occupation will block your efforts.
You may experience family disputes, occupational problems, sorrow through relatives and opponents and domestic unhappiness.

Through the 5th house from Moon:
You will feel much egoistic.
Sexual passion with rule and there will be pleasures but no new association is expected.
Children, if applicable, may have serious conflict with you and you may not be able to handle this.

Through the 8th house from Sun:
Fever, fear, accidents, injuries, loss of money, blood poisoning, fatigue and mental worry can occur.
These effects will be either very subtle or very blatant.
Your ego can drive you to confrontation with others.
Disagreements with spouse can occur.

Through 9th house from Sun:
You can do more creative and intellectual work now.
Expansion in your sphere is quite possible.}
Legal difficulties may be possible.
Loss of wealth, humiliation and anxiety are expected.

B.Suggestions on what to do and what not to do:

What you should do:
It is a time to make impression on others through much activity and hard work.
Analyze all past events and be guided by them.
Take up things or projects that require short time for completion.
Control your sexual desires to within practical and sober limits.
You should develop your personality according to the needs of the time.
Deal all confrontations with wisdom to bring them to your advantage.
Learning will be much pragmatic at this stage.
For homely bliss, you must handle others with tact.
Stay cautious of improper desires, of quarrels with children, injury through accidents, irritable temperament, loss through possible thefts and ill health.
Focus only on necessary work and nothing else.
Obey superiors.
Honor team work.
Safeguard of health is necessary as infections and diseases are possible.
You will have to work very hard and stay careful and disciplined all through.

What you should NOT do:
Do not start new or long range projects as these will be delayed.
Do not gamble or speculate or take any other risks in any matter as you will certainly lose in all of them.
\ Do not seek or raise a loan from anybody.
Avoid forcing your views on others.
Watch out and avoid any inclination to adultery.
Travel should be restricted as accidents are possible.
You should not rely on others but must rely on yourself only.
Yet avoid asserting yourself.
Do not get into needless or avoidable conflicts.
Take all with you, even your enemies.
Do not assert yourself overmuch.
Do not take risks with driving faster than safer.
Compulsive and inappropriate confrontations will bring negative result and must be avoided.

C.Specific astrological remedies to either reduce the bad effects or to improve the good effects.
•    Chant "Om Durgaoi Namah:" as frequently as possible, the more the better. Even silent chanting will do.
•    Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
•    Sleep with your head towards the South direction.
•    Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
D Other points you would do well to take note of:
All events of your life will move in a destined manner and none of your own plans will work out.
You will need to abide by the natural flow of events and must not try to obstruct or alter them.
Otherwise you will face doubly negative results.
Major disagreements and differences will occur with your superiors and with colleagues and you will face persecution from seniors and obstructions from peers.
You will make significant mistakes at work and this will make everyone around and above you very displeased with you.
There will be several restrictions imposed by your superiors on your power of taking your own independent decisions.
These will occur on a daily basis.
Stay grounded and free from all ego or selfishness as these will go against your own interests