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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Detailed Dasa Reading 10 years:
Dasa in operation in the next ten years:
You will be under the dasa-s of balance of Venus-Venus [till 20 Sep 2016], Venus-Sun [21 Sep 2016 to 20 Sep 2017], Venus-Moon [21 Sep 2017 to 22 May 2019], Venus-Mars [23 May 2019 to 21 Jul 2020], Venus-Rahu [22 Jul 2020 to 21 Jul 2023], and a part of Venus-Jupiter [22 Jul 2023 to 15 Oct 2025 and beyond].
All these planets are afflicted in varying degrees in your horoscope.
Overall effects and prediction of the coming ten years:
You will get fair support of luck in varying degrees over these ten years and you can sort out many problems in many areas of life despite the fact that the coming ten years will not be easy to handle and will be fluctuating in nature.
You can move towards success in your endeavors but only with due self control and appropriate determination.
Any job career will offer two growth points in your position during these ten years through change of job and these are likely during 2015-2017 and during 2021 to 2022.
Increase of income will be quite encouraging during 2015-2019 and also possibly during 2021 to 2025 but not in 2020.
Expenses will remain very high [and may even exceed your income] due to wasteful and needless expenses and also through hasty and risky investments throughout.
Expenses through unplanned and possibly unexpected demands on your funds will occur in areas related to your family from 2018 to 2020.
Accumulation of money can be quite good but in up and down manner.
You can increase and also stabilize your accumulation substantially but only through increased calmness and discretion.
Support [especially in finance] from friends and relatives will not be significant.
Marriage, if you are not married yet, can occur during mid 2016 to mid 2017 or during the first half of 2018.
Marital life [as and when applicable] will have chance of betterment throughout [but not during 2020-2021] and this opportunity should not be missed.
The area of social life and love or romance will offer mixed results and thus happiness through success in matters of romance will come haltingly and may not reach the desired or definable level.
Children, if any, will do moderately but they may not enjoy much good health or good luck.
They may not be very cordial with you and may not help you to any significant degree when they grow up.
Health will be basically normal but some issues of general debility, nerve related weakness and urinary issues can occur.
These ailments will try to get chronic.
No serious disorder is expected.
Major changes that can be expected in life:
Significant rise in good luck followed by fall in good luck in career and also in life in general, and then better luck once again, new and better opportunities for career, higher inflow of earnings through career followed by stagnation and other issues, fairly good state of marital life turning sour with major difficulties within family life, unstable power of confidence and analysis, judgment and communication, fluctuation in immediate environments are expected.
Restrictions from superiors at work, lack of consistent vibe with peers, significant expenses on family and some avoidable losses of money can occur.
You may be inclined to buy, sell or mortgage some property but this should be avoided.
Social life will not be very stable or positive.
Opportunities that could come about in this period:
Change to a better jobs or a better roles in current job will be much possible on more than one occasion, if you try harder.
You will have options to tactfully handle your seniors and colleagues to give you more space, peace and opportunities at work and also get material gains.
You will get opportunities to cut down your expenses through calmness and discretion and to build up your funds.
Precautions necessary for this period:
The areas that will need specific and sustained attention, relate to attitude at work, control over expenses and readiness to strike a compromising posture with others, especially with spouse and superiors and colleagues at work.
Dependence on own ability, discretion and intelligence and care to avoid or at least minimize failure in judgment and communication will be very important.
You must be cooperative with all to get cooperation.
Stay clear of any controversy at work place with both superiors and colleagues.
Strict care must be taken to shun expenses that can be avoided or can be at least delayed.
Save every possible amount of money, especially during 2015 to 2017 to avoid financial stringency during period from 2018 to 2020 and even later.
Business or self employment is not supported in your horoscope.
Thus you will need to go for employment career only.
Year mid 2015 to mid 2016:
Growth in working career is quite possible now though this may not be easy.
If you try harder from now, you can get a quite better job with higher position and better pay.
This is quite possible to occur through a change of job or change of role in your current job during 2015-2016 but is quite likely to spill over to the second half of 2016.
Just in case you are not working at the moment, you can get a suitable job along the same time line.
Relocation is expected with a change of employer till mid 2016.
Disagreements with and obstructions and restrictions from seniors will occur in any job or role, current or new.
Year mid 2016 to mid 2017:
If the change to a better job and change of employer does not occur in the last period, it will occur beyond mid 2016 into this period and in such case relocation is possible but not over long distance.
If you got the growth point in the last period, then the period from mid 2016 to mid 2017 will bring a good rise in your income from job career through a decent hike in pay.
At work this year [and even till 27 Oct 2017] you will not get meaningful support, encouragement or guidance from seniors.
You will also see many restrictions from them on your working style and you may not be always free to exercise your powers or views.
You will need to rise to the expectation of your superiors and must not argue with them.
Avoid all situations of controversy with colleagues though they can be highly obstructive to your good efforts and progress.
Your image in the eyes of your seniors will certainly go down in case you cannot get along well working with them or with your colleagues since you may not appear to be an obedient subordinate or a good team person.
In all working situations maintain good communication with all as failure in this area can be easily possible and harmful.
A calm, patient, tolerant and accommodative approach to work will pave the way to further career growth in future.
Year mid 2017 to mid 2018:
This period will have a different tone in career and in life in general but from Nov 2017 only.
Till such time status quo will be maintained.
From Nov 2017, you will face more and stronger differences with seniors and with colleagues and also more situations of communication failure.
Such differences will increase by the day and will obstruct peace at work, systematic performance and will obstruct your possibilities of growth very significantly.
However your luck for stability will hold very well and thus your position will remain very safe and sound and will allow a fair hike in pay even under the prevailing circumstances.
But chance of growth or positional progress will not be available.
Year 2018 to 2019:
You are likely to be shifted to a different area of work.
Alternately you may be able to change your job but only with a somewhat better pay but the problems of working dynamics will not improve in any way in either situation.
Your attitude will be quite negative and you will not even be conscious that you are moving in the wrong direction.
Thus you will take the problems at work to be due to others’ fault.
Obviously the need for a course correction from your side will not happen.
You must take care of this and communicate well and in time, and also focus more on actual hard work and not on proving who is right and who is not.
It will also be important to take special care to avoid mistakes in your work as such mistakes can be quite possible and prove harmful for you during the entire phase of 2018 to 2020.
It will also be necessary to not take incidental stability of your occupation as an achievement or a guarantee by itself.
No progress in position will occur but hike in pay will continue.
Year 2019 to 2020:
Till the end of Jan 2020, your career status will not improve.
Your job will be stable and safe but your career will go through the same turbulence as before.
Your professional image will not be high and this will need immediate attention though there will not be any complaint about your performance and targets set for you.
But you will not be seen as a good team person and thus you will need to act proactively to reverse this image so that you can work in safer, more peaceful and a progressive atmosphere and get scope for progress.
This is very important in this year since your luck will start declining and being irregular and uncertain.
No progress in career position will occur.
Hike in pay may or may not be possible.
Year 2020 to 2021:
This year will continue the flip flop in your career fortune but this time around, you will stand to gain.
This year will give you a sudden opportunity to land a much better job on your own merit and initiative.
You must start looking for this chance right from the end of the last period to let you utilize the maximum length of the better phase of time that will last till 01 May 2022.
With due and timely diligence, you will have the luck for another good growth point through one more change of job.
This is expected to come through near the end of mid 2021 and can practically spill into the next period.
This will be a challenging assignment but you will be able to grab it and will do well in the job.
This job will bring in many learning experiences and will build you better as a professional.
However you may need to wait till the next period to arrive.
Year 2021 to 2022:
You will work very hard and in a focused manner.
But impatient and over enthusiastic actions may cause you to repeat taking wrong actions at work and there will be an urgent need to avoid such situations of unrest and challenge.
You will remain under much critical watch from your seniors now in this job and will need to avoid situations that can make you vulnerable and put you in a weak spot if you make any mistake in your work.
Despite your good efforts and care, you may still commit mistakes in your hurry to impress your superiors.
Though no material harm will be brought onto you at this stage [by grace of transit Jupiter], your chances of impressing anyone or even doing some good to your career will remain obscure and you may not be given too many major projects.
This is a negative thing for long term and you must think over it and prepare to avoid such a state of affairs developing at all.
Otherwise this period will remain stable and safe and will bring you a fair hike in pay too but you will know that you are not doing the best possible by you.
Year 2022 to 2023:
This period will start a very difficult and challenging phase of your career that will last till Mar 2025 but the effects will drag on till the end of 2025.
This entire period of nearly three years [2022 to 2025] will pan out in the same way and the overall look of it will be a state of many challenges at work, many wrong comments and actions at work and nearly total lack of support, mostly due to your inability to get on well with others and many occasions of attitude issues.
You will try to contest every small matter at work and will thus increase your enemies and also lose your claim of support from the top.
Your understandings of events, judgment of people and various tasks will go awry and above all your communication will fail very often.
As a result you will face severe restrictions from the top and smooth working will not be possible.
These disturbances will actually harm your overall performance and curtail your image if you do not act sternly against such trends and stop them to the extent possible.
No kind of progress in career is possible now.
You will not even get your hike in pay.
Year 2023 to 2024:
This year will be slightly better than the last year in the sense that transit Jupiter will help you more and directly to keep your position safe.
But your professional image will not improve at all but you will be more careful, though it will be already quite late.
Relation with seniors, in particular, will get worse and you will have very little freedom to execute various tasks and will be forced to seek clearance from seniors even for minor decisions.
This will be quite humiliating while you will also lose your ground fast and may not remain really indispensible in your position.
This is a high time to act on this as even a change of job, if at all possible, will not change the scenario positively.
It will remain obvious to you that you will not enjoy a hike in pay in this year.
Year 2024 to 2025:
This will be a kind of rescue or recovery period for your career, since transit Jupiter will be in your 4th house [opposite to your career house] while the sub period of Jupiter will operate.
This will not only turn your fortune favorably, you will also be capable of avoiding any slip in handling your work and also your seniors.
In fact you will suddenly get back your own sync with the situation and will start taking good actions in time and you will be more convincing too than before.
Things will gradually turn positive and you will start getting back your due freedom but this will not be a complete reversal.
You will still need to remain careful and avoid being over confident.
Done this, you will be at much more peace and will be able to focus much better on real work and produce better results.
Your position will become secure at this stage but you will not get any growth point.
You may or may not get a hike in your pay.
All forms of relationships will need focused handling during these years since planetary support to this area will be of mixed nature.
Some planets will encourage better bonding and romantic relationships, while other planets will not be adequately supportive of love or romance while their negative influences will be partially balanced out by the former planets till 2017 but not later.
Your horoscope has strong planetary combinations for delay in marriage and some issues in marital life.   
Marriage, if you are not married yet, can occur during mid 2016 to mid 2017.
In case you miss this chance, the next option will come during the first half of 2018.
Marital life [as and when applicable] will have chance of betterment [but not during 2020-2021] and this opportunity should not be missed but should be actively pursued to reach an even better level.
In social life too you will see many occasions where people, mostly female, will be much attracted to you.
But many of these may suddenly slow down or get aborted due to reasons not connected with love [viz change of job with relocation or family or health issues].
Though you may have a generally active social life, it is necessary and better to focus on permanent relationships life marital life.
With your intelligence and the support of positive planets you can do this easily till 2017.
After 2017 marital relationship and equation will see a progressive fall but with advance knowledge of this and your own proactive handling, you can easily keep this within reasonable and safe limits.
However during this phase from 2015 to 2017, you will see many new relationships in social life and matters of love and romance will quickly develop.
Yet it will be advisable that you pay more attention to long term relationships than short term happiness or enjoyments.
During 2018 onwards you may have to spend more due to your romantic relationships, if any.
In career too you can maintain positive and gainful relationships with all provided you ignore any obstruction or criticism from them and offer them cooperation with a smile.
However relationship with own children, if applicable, may not get much better.
Meditate or pray regularly.
Keep east side windows and doors of your residence open for as long as possible.
Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.