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The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts. The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.

· SUN:
· Emotional
· Nostalgic  
· Sensitive
· Intuitive
· Caring
· Protective  
· Imaginative  
· Changeable
· Moody
· Clinging

· Agreeable
· Warm hearted
· Sympathetic
· Liberal minded
· A restlessness
· Lover of books
· Studies of scientific
· Restlessness
· Active mind
· Change residence frequently
· Short journeys
· Lack of perseverance
· Lack of straightforwardness and honesty
· Quick witted
· Rationality may conflict with emotions,
· Excess nervous energy

· Extremely emotional,
· Impractical
· Good potential for creative expression
· Lack of confidence or uneven energy levels
· Unfortunate
· Danger for secret enemies
· Lingering illness
· Detention or restraint through enmity
· Crime or poverty
· Disappointed love
· Delayed marriage
· Two attachments
· Occult inclinations
· Help from friends

· Adaptable
· Changeable
· Restless
· Discreet
· Versatile
· Mentality strong
· Money through home-circle
· Join societies for studying occultism
· Short journey
· Friends among inferiors
· Psychic gift
· Work better with partners and associates

· Conceited
· Determined
· Haughty
· Overbearing
· Careful
· Family
· Friends
· Marriage
· Speculation
· Investments
· Shipping
· Warm hearted
· Affectionate
· Firm
· Devout religious faith
· Inclined to overestimate wealth
· Few travels expect for a purpose
· Sorrow through relatives
· Chaste domestic partner and home-life. 

· Friendship
· Thoughtful
· Considerate
· Inventive
· Sympathetic
· Genuine
· Mental rapport important in relationships
· Flirtatious
· Fickle  
· Flair for money making schemes
· Popularity
· Refinement
· Neat penmanship
· Money from varied sources
· Harmony wit relatives
· Partner from a distance
· Inconstant

· Teachable
· Sensitive
· Hasty
· Honest
· Trustworthy
· Intuitive
· Philosophic
· Occult
· Humanitarian
· Popular
· Money through judicious investments
· Unassuming conditions
· Prophetic insight
· Freedom from mercenary
· Dual life of popularity and seclusion
· Politics

· Win in litigation
· Acquire health
· Increased pleasure
· Power of position
· Relationship with politician
· Benefits from superiors
· Success in all efforts

· Enjoyment in life
· Increase in income
· Improvement in status
· Indifferent health of spouse
· Comfortable conveyance
· More success
· Redeem jewels and other pledged articles
· Overdraft facilities



  • This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
  • You will have personality that is sensitive and a little on the timid side. You like to feel out a situation before projecting yourself into it. 
  • You are very protective of those who are close to you, as you are protective of yourself. If you don't have a family around you to mother, you'll probably exhibit these characteristics with your friends. 
  • Being extremely receptive, you may be somewhat psychic or at least extremely sensitive to your environment. Your moods are very strong and changeable, much like the tides.
  • You are ruled by your strong emotions and intuition. You can change moods in a significant way, two or three times in any day. You respond to life through feelings and emotions, instead of from thinking. You can become easily upset, but never stay that way for any length of time. When you are in control of your emotions, you can be the most understanding person one could hope to find.
  • You are compassionate and receptive, in touch with those around you. When you are not in control, you can be miserable; the victim of your moods and sensitivities. 
  • You often choose an indirect approach to meeting objectives. There is a tendency to retreat when directly confronted, but with a tenacity of purpose that is unsurpassed.
  • You can protect yourself with a shell-like personality that can make you nearly unapproachable when you feel threatened. 
  • You identify strongly with your family, and a solid "home base" is essential to your well-being. There is a very strong connection with background and tradition, leaning toward a sense of heritage and warm, homey trappings. 
  • You can become very attached and sentimental about people, places, and belongings. You are particularly affected by memorabilia that reminds you of good times and special people. 
  • You pick up the feelings of those around you. This makes you especially sensitive to slights, or just about any other type of negative energy. It's important for you to avoid people with problems because you are so receptive that you pick up their problems as your own. 
  • You  will be philanthropic, talented, pious, friendly, skilled in collecting things, interested in astrology, an efficient worker, minister or secretary of the king, engrossed in love, very sensuous, fond of ponds or gardens, fond of sea journeys, very thirsty, fond of sea travel, fluctuating finances, endowed with good friends.
  • Endowed with more than one house, enjoying a loving relationship with brothers, having many sons one of whom will be outstanding, an unhappy childhood, happy in youth, religiously inclined in old age, keen to go on pilgrimages, migrating, staying far away from home, unattached to the house, wicked, capable of bringing fame to your family through your own efforts. 
  • You may suffer from pain or illness in the hand, fear of fire in the left limbs, fear of water, and fear of falling from height, fear of heart disease and ailments of the blood.  
  • Your mind may be unstable but you will be endowed with intuitive powers. You will be fearful of being insulted.
  • Sometimes you will be very strict and at times you will be very vulnerable.
  • You will appear to be open-hearted and outspoken but in reality you will hide a lot of things.
  • Some of your main drawbacks will be impatience, flexibility, hypersensitiveness and indolence and short-tempered.  
  • You will have mediocre height. Your face will be round, with plump cheeks resembling a bucket. The shape of the face will be neither long nor broad; rather it will be oval and streamlined.
  • Hands, legs and lower part of the body will be stronger and healthier than the upper part.
  • As you ages, your stomach will widen and you will have a tendency of being overweight. You will have a brisk walk and a sweet voice.
  • This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
  • Your financial condition may have a close association with your self-esteem.
  • Your earning capacity may have a lot to do with your sense of self-worth.
  • Your drive for self-expression strives to accumulate material security.
  • You tend to make finances your major objective to insure your security.
  • You are smart in financial affairs because of knowing what the public wants, and you know how to profit from this knowledge.
  • Doing well financially is especially important to you for the benefits it provides your offspring, and because you have this natural concern for your long term security.
  • You express power through financial matters, but you want your money to be used for their children, family, and home.
  • You generally earn money by being placed in positions of authority.
  • This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
  • You could have a strong emphasis on writing and communication.
  • It highlights the need to talk, discuss, read and learn.
  • This sign suggests an inferiority complex centered on communication skills, especially in the early years.
  • A nervous mind and a tendency to brood over the past. Also, there can be apprehension about the future.
  • So you worry a lot. You can be sentimentally attached to people, and still you'll be critical of their ideas and try to improve their way of thinking.
  • You can be overly critical of brothers, sisters or neighbors.
  • You can be fussy about inessentials that matter little.
  • As you grow, you are precise in speech, writing, and forming ideas that usually go into minute detail. Your plans are practical and workable.
  • You are precise in speech, letter writing, and the formation of ideas, these ideas always being practical and workable.
  • Journeys and short trips are meticulously planned and organized.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life.
  • You are very much in need of roots.
  • You want to own your home and possessions, free and clear, and you need this for your emotional security.
  • You appear very peaceful and quiet, but until you are well anchored in life, you will experience much inner restlessness and vacillation.
  • Your home is the balancing point in your life.
  • You need to have your abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people.
  • You cultivate art, beauty, and refinement in the home and are emotionally attached to your household objects.
  • You consider the family a partnership and insist on strict justice and fairness for all members; otherwise emotional problems arise that will put everything out of balance and affect the peace of the household.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your children, status and creative powers.
  • A natural need for emotional attachments and romantic encounter.
  • This need may bring you into contact with a variety of dynamic and charismatic people.
  • Some major upsets because of attachments.
  • You are not very good at picking people who are good for you, often getting hung up on a need to transform the other person. In romantic affairs you become intensely emotional, jealous, and possessive.
  • Clandestine or somehow unusual love affairs are not uncommon because of the secretive influence.
  • You are concerned for your children, almost to an extreme degree.
  • As they mature, it's hard for you to release them.
  • Your children are subjected to intense emotions.
  • Although you are very generous and provide the wherewithal for their children, your excessive concern may lead to domination if it is not controlled.
  • You tend to be jealous of their loved ones.
  • You are extremely sensual in your romantic lives.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts, obstructions and service to others.
  • A tone of optimism and help to the workplace.
  • You have natural buoyancy regarding your job and your work environment.
  • Your work is inspirational to you, and you need to believe in what you are doing.
  • If you get bored you may eat or drink too much.
  • You will have a tendency to overwork and to over-extend yourself in your work.
  • Yet you do need to be challenged, kept on your toes, to be fulfilled in your work.
  • You may not have enough energy, and because of this you need to obtain a healthy measure of sleep to maintain your vitality.
  • You are well adjusted in your work, and your health may be good, simply because you are such a positive thinker in this aspect of your life.
  •  A tendency to eat or drink too much, or to have an extravagant taste in food and drink.
  • This can lead to health problems in the area of digestion.
  • Finally, a need to get close to nature and you probably should find some time to walk in the woods and keep in touch with the great outdoors.
  • Your spiritual self is able to mature through service.
  • However, you must be free to follow your own inspiration in work.
  • You have a great belief in faith healing and the power of positive thinking.
  • You will work hard and selflessly for others, believing that if they help one they help all.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships.
  • Certain shyness and reserve, and a definite caution and restraint in forming partnerships.
  • Marriage may be for status and security as much as for love.
  • You are not one to be quick or impulsive in such matters.
  • There is a tendency for you to feel restricted by the duties of wedlock or of any partnership.
  • You are likely to be required to carry more than your share of the responsibilities.
  • You attract partners that want or need your nurturing support. A mate is the parent figure, who is there to give a solid base, be supportive and responsible.
  • Yours is likely to be a relationship that is very nurturing to both you and your partner.
  • You are mutually supportive to each other and to others with whom you come in contact.
  • There is a tendency to be cautious and reserved in forming partnerships and to be shy in public relations.
  • Since large crowds frighten them, you do not like to remain in a crowd for very long.
  • You are cautious in marriage.

  • This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
  • You are independent and original in ideas regarding life's mysteries and universal laws.
  • You have a surprisingly strong interest in the spiritual side of life
  • You are likely to have very unorthodox views on sex, birth control and abortion, normally being surprisingly liberal in this regard.
  • You understand human needs well, and have a modern and enlightened ability to express yourself in this regard.
  • You are interested in the spiritual side of life.
  • You are uniquely connected with the goods of the dead.
  • When friends pass away, the loss stirs you deeply, more than they demonstrate outwardly.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life, interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
  • Association with religion and this will play a major role in your life.
  • A philosophical attitude that's idealistic and visionary.
  • Inspired insights help you solve many of life's major problems.
  • You are unusually curious about the reasons for your existence on earth.
  • You may never travel vast distances physically, but you do experience those adventures of the mind and the imagination.
  • Religion plays a dominant role in the lives of these people, and their beliefs have a mystical connotation.
  • Insights that seem to come from heaven help you to solve your problems.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.
  • You will have an innate tendency toward shyness to disappear when you get on the public stage, or even in public view.
  • You are determined to make a name for yourself in whatever career you select.
  • At a young age, you may jump into the wrong profession.
  • This would be a reaction to some impulsive urge.
  • Once you are finally established in the right place, you work hard at your profession because you feel you should be the best at what you do.
  • Assertive, action, determination, drive and ambition will be associated with this cusp.
  • Your natural energy is directed to the career, and in this area of your life you are not afraid to compete and charge out ahead of the pack.
  • You must work hard in your professions, and you channel an immense amount of energy to your job.
  • You are impulsive in matters concerning work and public reputation.
  • If you are employed, they can easily be hurt by harsh or unfair treatment of those in authority.

  • This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
  • Your objectives or goals in life are associated with the basic material issues of everyday living.
  • Making money, accumulating a comfortable standard of living, and establishing a secure situation.
  • Your interest is not just money and possessions for the sake of wealth.
  • Instead you want to gain a sense of security, and status to overcome a basic insecurity.
  • You are attracted to artistic, stable and well-to-do friends, who may be called on to help you attain your goals.
  • Your basic sentimental nature is very apparent in selecting friends.
  • Friendships are very close and warm.
  • Time spent with them is rewarding as you enjoy visits to art galleries, museums, theaters, or a variety of other pleasurable pursuits.
  • You have an attraction for artistic, stable, and wealthy people.
  • This is one of the secrets of your own ability to amass wealth and financial resources.
  • Very often you invoke the aid of your wealthy friends to finance your meticulously worked-out plans.
  • This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires & their fulfillment, losses, expenses, travel to other countries and events beyond your control.
  • You do your best thinking when you are alone.
  • You can think of many clever ideas when alone with your thoughts.
  • Yet it is so difficult to get them to come out when you are around people.
  • Some difficulties stem from relations with your family.
  • Although you need roots and security, you will find it very difficult to live with or near your brothers, sisters or other close relatives.
  • You may like to discuss your emotional problems while keeping your ideas and plans secret.
  • You operate on instinctive urges and the subconscious mind, rather than from reason.
  • You are impressionable, with the practical mind buried beneath subjective impulses.
  • Hidden support comes to you from your ability to keep your ideas secret.
  • Thus, you provide your own impetus for growth; yet you have a self-destructive habit of discussing your emotional problems, verbalizing what should remain concealed


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