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•     The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts.
•     The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
•     SUN:
•     Patient
•     Practical
•     Reliable
•     Cautious
•     Solid
•     Warm hearted
•     Loving
•     Determined
•     Placid
•     Security loving
•     Jealous
•     Possessive
•     Resentful
•     Stubborn
•     Self-indulgent
•     MOON:
•     Strong need for emotional
•     Financial security
•     Defensive reactions
•     Possessive
•     Earnest
•     Sympathetic
•     Peaceful
•     Intuitive
•     Vital
•     Obstinate
•     Unforgiving
•     Kind hearted
•     Common sense approach to life
•     Love of the good life
•     MARS:
•     Enormous enthusiasm for life
•     Strong creative urge
•     Sense of drama
•     Quick temper
•     Reformative
•     Commanding
•     Argument
•     Generous
•     Choleric
•     Fearless
•     Enterprising
•     Honest
•     Some irregularity
•     Secret taste for occultism
•     MERCURY:
•     Adhesive
•     Obstinate
•     Plodding
•     Musical and initiative
•     Show off
•     Inflexible
•     Fond of huge money and acquire
•     Few journey
•     Good memory
•     Irritable at times
•     JUPITER:
•     Nutritive
•     Studious
•     Deserving
•     Hospitable
•     Mirthful
•     Philanthropic
•     Kindred
•     Hereditary
•     Associations with companies
•     Preoccupied with honor and profession
•     Marriage to inferior
•     Hazardous investments
•     Quiet
•     Religious end
•     VENUS:
•     Romantic
•     Kind
•     Sympathetic
•     Protective towards self and loved ones
•     Nostalgic
•     Moody
•     Faithful
•     Economical
•     Changeable in affection
•     Easily influenced
•     Profit through parents
•     Obstacle to marriage
•     Humble occupation
•     SATURN:
•     Captious
•     Melancholic
•     Retentive
•     Studious
•     Reserved
•     Discriminative
•     Discreet
•     Serious
•     Analytical
•     Timid
•     Enterprise
•     Philosophy
•     Difficulties in early life
•     Disinclination to marry
•     Marital troubles
•     Subject to headache
•     RAHU:
•     Good relationship with relatives
•     Wealth
•     Compromise
•     Friendly alliance
•     Fortunate
•     Happy
•     Gain advantage from superiors
•     Promotion
•     Popularity
•     Trouble from enemies or health
•     KETU:
•     Sale of the possession
•     Litigation
•     Chances for imprisonment dispute agreement with friends
•     Loss of power and prosperity
•     Punishment by government
•     Loss by theft
•     Failure of business
•     Ill repute
•     Reversion in service
•     Reversals of attempts- disappointment
•     This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
•     A well proportioned and a well developed body tall, large forehead: high and busty eyebrows; long nose; bright eyes; charming appearance; graceful look; fair complexion; and handsome figure.
•     Mixed nature and personality with opposing traits often over lapping each other.
•     Bold, courageous, stoical to miseries of life, strong willed, ambitious, determined, reliable most of the time, careful often, prudent, disciplined, not very patient, persevering, farsighted, highly sensitive, good stamina, talkative, cautious, sympathetic, generous, knack of adjusting to circumstances, virtuous, helpful, religious and charitable.
•     Allergic to cold, very jealous and vindictive, cunning, cruel, indolent, devoid of shame, religious hypocrite, impudent, too rigid, harshly critical, ruthless, rash, hasty reactions, over exacting for others, licentious, wants a lot of show, addiction to much luxury, comfort, wasteful living and gambling, basically lazy nature, windy ailments.
•     Excellent constitution but poor health due to own mistakes.
•     Many functional ailments due to wrong or lax lifestyle yet cannot care less.
•     Honest, honorable, disciplined and diligent in work and very active despite inherent laziness.
•     Career and life will swing through many fluctuations.
•     Many sharp growths and major falls in career.
•     Miserly but wastage of money for enjoyments.
•     You will have several friends of thoughtless variety and cannot gain or learn through them.
•     Not much influence from them either
•     You will thoroughly dislike all relatives and they will hate you too.
•     Relation with siblings to will be quite poor.
•     Attracted to your spouse but still may be quite detached or aloof often.
•     There would be special attraction to learned or religious people.
•     Good looking and soft spoken spouse, poor health of spouse, premature demise of spouse, quite unsatisfactory marital life.
•     However lucky through marriage, gains after marriage, very attentive and caring spouse.
•     The basic strengths of your charts are related to your initiative, diligence, efforts, tenacity, intelligence, high level of knowledge & learning, philanthropic mind set & generous, humane, charitable & helping nature, active ambition & executive abilities.
•     The basic weaknesses of your charts are indifferent health, stubbornness, much anger, jealousy, selfishness, vindictiveness, weakness for speculation, gambling, luxury, sexual and other enjoyments and comforts and demanding and dominating attitude, greed for wealth and power, indifference to family duties and spouse, hasty communication, not self control, much instability in emotion and much mishandling of your wealth and relationships [personal or professional or social or familial].
•     This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
•     Despite your very witty and intelligent eloquence, your speech will often be too sharp, harshly critical and full of intellectual affluence.
•     You will appear to look down upon other and your wit will bite much.
•     This will make you unattractive as a person and bring down your general popularity.
•     Despite much foresight and much generosity of mind, the absence of tact, patience and humility and too much of self centeredness will devalue your speech and image.
•     These will obstruct your way of progress in life and generate too many enemies.
•     You will unwittingly invite many controversies in life and career.
•     Major fluctuations will result from these.
•     You will be a popular member of the family.
•     But relatives will nearly hate you.
•     Money will accumulate in big chunks but through many fluctuations and wastages.
•     Much attracted to wealth, you will remain very rash and hasty in all money matters.
•     You will be indifferent in spending and careless in investments.
•     Family life will suffer despite your much family mindedness.
•     You will expect all the attention for you but you will not return this gesture to others.
•     Such selfish and self centered acts will spoil your family life.
•     Your morals would be generally astute yet you may make compromises on certain morals issues.
•     Many other forms of mixing up of character traits will exist.
•     Overall attitude will be mixed –jealous, over confident, easily angered, intellectually arrogant, conceited, adamant, unruly, selfish and dominating while at the same time you will be very open minded, warm hearted, cheerful, kind, helping and generous in nature.
•     Much gain from/through parents and spouse will occur.
•     Financial success will often remain fluctuating between wide limits entirely due to own mistakes and due to not going by the dictates of time.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
•     You will be generally very firm, brave and independent with high levels of initiative, efforts and determination.
•     But you will express your courage and confidence in proud and arrogant manner and the time for initiative will be chosen hastily and without proper judgment.
•     Lack of control over emotion, ego, and impatience will be prominent in your initiatives.
•     You will be too open to be appearing quite blunt and rude.
•     But you will not be equipped to face strong opposition.
•     Communication will be weak, ineffective, confusing and controversial without being intentional.
•     You will not be in good terms with any of your siblings or other relatives.
•     They will not like you either.
•     You will not be popular within family and your popularity in outer society will not be personalized but mass based.
•     Most of your friends will be thoughtless and not discriminating.
•     Thus you will not gain from associations of any type.
•     You will neither seek nor get any real guidance from any one.
•     You will be too conceited to accept any suggestions given by anyone voluntarily.
•     Thus corrective factors in life will not be used.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life.
•     Your mother will maintain poor health through out
•     She may not live sufficiently long.
•     Health of father too will be weak and variously afflicted.
•     Your relation with him will be much better.
•     You will be quite attracted to your spouse along with having closeness with her.
•     You will have much love for family life but you may aloof due to working conditions.
•     The last part of life will bring face to face with many of your contradictions and double standards.
•     Your restless and impatient mind will always miss the difference between urgent and important.
•     All these put together may not grant a social status that you like to have.
•     Your fluctuating career, finance and wavering mind, unsettled marital life and double standards in several areas of life too will obstruct a higher social status.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your children, social status and creative powers.
•     Your generative system in general and the power of fertility in particular will be afflicted and will have chance to decline further in the later years.
•     Weak health of your spouse will add to the problem and chances of conception will come down further.
•     Your wife may loose a few pregnancies through miscarriage and /or abortions.
•     You will be very creative, intelligent and artistically inclined.
•     Yet you will be creative in your career and work.
•     But sometime your intelligence will be often wasted due to your emotional imbalance and rash reactions.
•     You will aspire for a comfortable and luxurious life, much social power and a lot of money.
•     You will prefer a materialistic life style while you will be generous and helpful too.
•     While your excessive desire for indulgences will go against your image, your charitable attitude will make you popular among the public.
•     Your desire for various enjoyments will very high but you will like to be recognized as a religious person.
•     This will not occur and this fact will keep you disturbed and unsatisfied.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts, obstructions and service to others.
•     Many enemies and obstructions may occur throughout your life.
•     Most of your enemies will be known to you and many would be created by you.
•     Enemies will be more prevalent within your own family and social circle than in career life.
•     With less overconfidence you can recognize them in time and win over some of them.
•     Better to take care in not creating so many enemies by your rash and proud speech and actions.
•     Life in general and career in particular will be beset with too many fluctuations.
•     Career will rise; fall repeatedly and in major degrees.
•     All obstructions, enemy actions and unexpected changes will increase due to your rash and haughty attitude.
•     These will disturb your health, career, income, home life, social life, popularity and happiness and general wellbeing.
•     Your constitution will be fundamentally strong yet quite afflicted in other ways but no serious ailment is expected.
•     Your will suffer from several functional disorders.
•     These will not heal easily with time and most of them will become chronic ailments.
•     Poor digestion, stomach ailments, throat ailments, duodenal ulcer, low immunity, ailments of the generative system, pulmonary ailments, windy diseases and rheumatism will be present.
•     Disciplined life style, regular Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam and prayers and above all control over activities of pleasures and enjoyments, emotional imbalance and egoistic attitude will help you to keep better.
•     Haste, anger, association with unworthy people, faulty investment decisions, gambling and speculation, much luxury and indulgence in mundane pleasures and medical expenses will cause major losses to you.
•     Despite decent earning and major legacies, financial stringency will occur and accumulation of wealth will be frequently disturbed.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships.
•     At the time of your marriage you will not be prepared for the responsibilities that a normal marital life will demand.
•     Your luck will develop after your marriage and you may have various gains.
•     Your spouse will be good looking, educated and very desirable.
•     She will come from a very respectable family.
•     However she will be sickly and poor in health and stamina.
•     You will expect much attention from her but you will not attend to her well enough or adjust with her weaknesses.
•     Such attitude on your part will harm your family life.
•     Marital life may remain largely uneventful and will lack in charm.
•     Your wife may susceptible to miscarriages and will have other gynecological problems too.
•     Issues of personal desires, needs and weaknesses, lack of compatibility and poor health of your spouse will seriously obstruct marital peace and charm.
•     Without concerted effort from both sides your marital life can become quite unhappy and unsatisfactory.
•     Your spouse is not expected to live very long.
•     Your unstable, critical, proud, selfish, angry and irritable attitude will harm most relationships, within or outside marriage.
•     You will fall into many avoidable controversies due to your restlessness and lack of adjustment with others.
•     You will be quite dissatisfied about your children, if any.
•     This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
•     You may earn through unfair means under certain specific situations.
•     In general your virtuous mind will not favor any unfair means for making financial or any other gains.
•     But your morals will not be very astute and extreme fluctuation in honest income may push your weak mind to make unearned gains.
•     You will try to resist such temptations but may fail finally.
•     However you will suffer at the hands of the authorities in case you submit to such temptations and earn illegal wealth.
•     You will get legacies from ancestors [more likely from father as well as from maternal uncle] and from spouse.
•     Circumstances and your natural need may force you but you will have the power to handle it successfully
•     This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life, interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
•     You will be luckier than many people around you
•     Luck will help you to cross some major obstructions to education, many fluctuations in career, being successful in a foreign country and getting a devoted spouse.
•     You will get many opportunities for success, continuity and resumption in many areas of life, support from elders, defeat of enemies, inflow of good money and freedom from killer diseases.
•     Luck for unearned wealth will give you major gains from legacy from father, maternal uncle and spouse.
•     Unearned wealth may also come from illegal earnings but this will not be supported by luck.
•     Thus you will suffer in the hands of the authorities in case you indulge in this.
•     Luck for good and thinking friends, good health, peaceful life, success in business, independent profession, speculation, gambling or games of chance or a stable career or a high social status will be absent.
•     You will be much virtuous, charitable, warm and helpful to others.
•     Your morals will be generally very astute but you may relent in matters of financial gains.
•     You will have strong seed of spirituality inside you.
•     You will do yourself much good if you try and develop this area.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.
•     Service and business will be the meaningful area for your career.
•     Career will stable and growing with your positive efforts.
•     But proud, adamant and hasty attitude may obstruct your progressive path.
•     People will be primarily responsible for the setbacks while your own abilities and luck will pull you up time and again.
•     Your achievements will be many and very prominent but certainly unstable and lesser than your ambitions.
•     Your approach to work and people will create many enemies and misunderstandings and your true value will not be seen properly.
•     You will be adamant and inflexible.
•     Your stubbornness, pride, selfishness, deceit along with much ego will misguide you and you will often overextend yourself.
•     You will have excellent executive abilities yet you will not be a team person but only an individual.
•     Due to the above reasons much impediment, obstruction, controversies and much enmity from colleagues and displeasures from superiors will occur.
•     Yet you will reach very good positions in career through your very good work and good luck till you spoil them or loose them again.
•     Your devotion to work will be wavering often.
•     At times you will be very diligent and sincere in your work while at other times you will be quite indifferent, lazy and will take on a ‘could not care less’ attitude.
•     Fickle and wavering, your views and your priorities will change often.
•     Leadership roles in areas dealing with the following in the given order of preference or a combination of them will be suitable for you.
A.    Technical advisor
B.    Banking & Planning.
C.    Administration.
D.    Human resource development.
E.    Training.
F.    Finance.
G.    Publication and writing
•     You will do very well in arts and music too but not as a career.
•     Like all of us you too will take many wrong actions in the course of your overall life and career.
•     Your wrong actions will be nearly equal in number/importance to the right ones.
•     Both credit and discredit for your right or wrong actions will have to be faced.
•     This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
•     You can gain meaningfully from multiple sources.
•     These gains can accrue to you from your career, from legacy from father, from maternal uncle and from spouse.
•     Despite excellent intellectual acumen and artistic leanings you will not much develop these to within productive planes and make gains on their own.
•     Investments in safe deposits like government bonds and securities and mutual funds with capital appreciation/capital security guarantee will be suitable for you.
•     Land related investments will be beneficial only for personal consumption and not for making profits through resale.
•     No gain from speculation is seen.
•     Gains through your career will be very good but will fluctuate exceptionally and thus its overall utility will come down.
•     No steady or continued gain is seen.
•     Opportunities for unfair gains through official position will develop and at times you will have chance of making use of them.
•     However the gains through these will be neutralized by the fines and penalties that will accrue to you later.
•     Landed property and cash assets from ancestors and also from your spouse will bring huge gains.
•     Happiness or gain from children will not occur.
•     You will have access to huge material gains spread over your life but very little of them would be retained.
•     Most of the major gains will have their origin in luck, with some support from your personal efforts to make gains at work.
•     This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires & their fulfillment, losses, expenses, travel to other countries and events beyond your control.
•     Expenses on mundane pleasures and enjoyments, luxury, various indulgences, travels, speculation etc will remain very high
•     You will loose huge amounts of funds through them repeatedly.
•     Thus the primary pleasure of bed will not be satisfactory in your life.
•     In the area of human evolution, you will have strong tendency towards spirituality and humanity.
•     However you will strongly incline towards religiosity with having fundamental principals.
•     If you can develop spirituality within you or give your religiosity a real depth, you can avoid many frustrations and live a better life.
•     Loss of health, wealth, fertility, marital bliss and basic happiness, happiness from progeny and many frustrations will be quite high.
•     You will urgently need to stabilize your mind and make fundamental changes in your priorities and perceptions.
•     This part talks of events in the broad time frame of the main periods [dasas].
•     All of these periods may not be applicable in your case.
•     The indicated events will be valid till the period of your actual life span.
•     14 DEC 2022 TO 14 DEC 2029: MAIN PERIOD OF MARS.
•     14 DEC 2029 TO 14 DEC 2047: MAIN PERIOD OF RAHU.
•     14 DEC 2047 TO 14 DEC 2063: MAIN PERIOD OF JUPITER.
•     14 DEC 2063 TO 13 DEC 2082: MAIN PERIOD OF SATURN.
•     13 DEC 2082 TO 14 DEC 2099: MAIN PERIOD OF MERCURY.
•     14 DEC 2099 TO 14 DEC 2106: MAIN PERIOD OF KETU.
•     Fortunate would be much supportive to parents.
•     You will get the all pleasures by them.
•     You will get the lot of love by family members.
•     You have excessive energies in this aspect of life.
•     Early education is looking very good.
•     You have potential and basically you are very intelligent and luck is looking quite favorable in this regard.
•     HEALTH:

•     Parents should be more conscious about her health till Nov 2015
•     Proper attention will be required to give proper nutrition and hygienic food during these years.
•     In spite of his health might be concern at the age of 8th and 9th due to Balarista Yoga.
•     Awareness and careful approach would be positive to overcome hid health issues by precautions and medicines.
•     You should cautious about any infectious disease.
•     With mid of 2022 his physical and intellectual growth will rise.
•     He has very good quality to observe everything early.
•     14 DEC 2022 TO 14 DEC 2029: MAIN PERIOD OF MARS.
•     You have positive approach towards study and you will be having depths in this aspect of life.
•     You have potential and basically you are very intelligent and luck is looking quite favorable in this regard.
•     Your action and efforts will make major impact in your future growth as you will learn things very fast.
•     As a whole this complete period is looking good for learning and creative growth.
•     Early education is looking very good.
•     Regular changes may possible in your immediate mind and thinking processes.
•     Up to 2024 would be average for the study and getting results.
•     2025 onwards period would be more progressively period for education.
•     Very supportive period for education and its environment.   
•     Education will be running in a smooth way without any obstacle.
•     During Jun 2027 to Dec 2029 you will able to get many achievement and prize.
•     Decent observing capacity and intellectual capability.
•     Overall good period for education.
•     FINANCE:
•     Financial needs will be taking care by parents and you will be getting quite good support.
•     You will have complacency and enjoyments by help to parents.
•     This period is not showing own earnings though period will be full of gains for father.
•     Year 2024 to 2029 would be looking full of more gains by parents.
•     LOVE LIFE:
•     Very good relationship with family member and friends.
•     Support from elders and teachers.
•     In 2029 you will meet a decent friend who will support long life.
•     Happiness would be there through getting success in your career.
•     HEALTH:
•     Better health this time.
•     Strong will power will make you physically fit.
•     Year 2026, keep watch on your food intake, make sure its balance and healthy because it’s going to effect your future health.
•     This entire period would be decent for your physical and mental growth.
•     With this yoga and exercise will also be favorable to maintain your good health.  
•     14 DEC 2029 TO 14 DEC 2047: MAIN PERIOD OF RAHU.
•     This period indicates such obstacles in your studies.
•     You will continue your studies without much interest but will be generally diligent.
•     During 2030-2031 lack of focus and sudden illnesses will frequently obstruct your progress in studies.
.     But post Aug 2032 period would be excellent for study and continuous better educational environment.
•     Fortunate will provide a decent path of life.
•     You have excessive energies in this aspect of life.
•     You could get scholarship or achievements in 2025.  
•     In this period, your maturity and intellect would be enhanced day by day.
•    The period of 2033 to 2037 would be most precious period for attainment and achievement.
•     Before end of this period place change may possible due to educational tour or shifting college.
•     So this period would be very deciding for further study and professional education.
•    Ultimately in the mid of 2038 you will have finished professional & technical study along with good support of seniors and friends.
•    So life would be smooth during higher studies.
.     During mid of 2038 you will get an opportunity to start your professional life.
.     During 2039-2040 things will be positive for professional environment.
.     Career will start taking shape with Jul 2041 by change of organization; you will be very much sure you field you would like to choose as profession.
.     All things will be smooth in remaining period of 2041.
.     But post Jan 2043 you will get promotion in your existing position.
.     This enhancement will promote your position but your opponents may also arise.
.     In 2043 they will very active and able to create frequent obstacles in your work; so you will have to do more efforts to continue your existing professional responsibility.
.     Due to this working schedule would be tight along with frequent journeys.
      But period would not be good for any new development in professional pursuits.  
.     Up to Jul 2044 you should take guidance of elder in this aspect of life and remove your problems.
.     So during this period you should very careful and conscious about professional decisions, otherwise a wrong decision may disturb your professional growth and success.  
.     Post Jul 2044 onwards professional growth will be decent by change of important position in career.
.     The period of 2045, 2046 and 2047 would be remarkable period for your professional attainments and growth.
.     You will get good support of spouse and relatives in your career.
•     FINANCE:
•     Some earning through part time work after Aug 2032.
•     No savings.
•     Up to Nov 2037 you will get further financial support by parents and scholarship.
•     You will have complacency and enjoyments.
.     Post Dec 2037 your regular income will start now and continued as progressive way.
.     Income will grow in many steps through out.
.     Jan 2038 onwards very positive results related with finance.
.     Year 2041 to 2047 will be very good year for your finance, but you should take careful in unwanted matters during 2041 to 2043.
.     Save your money by regular investments.
.     There will be expand new expenses and, so you should plan your finance.
.     Your regular investments will be beneficial and profitable in future.
.     Although such medical and pleasurable expenses may there this might be disturbing your regular savings and investments.
.     Overall you will be enjoyed highly pleasurable life along with good financial strength.
•     LOVE LIFE:
•     Very good relationship with family member and friends.
•     Support from elders and teachers.
•     You will get the good support by elders and dear ones.
•     During 2034 you will be attracted with opposite sex.
•     But this relation may break during 2038.
•     And again you will involve new relation in starting of 2040 which may materialize in permanent bond.
•     But you should not possessive and over dominative about this relation.   
•     Happiness would be there through getting success in your career.
•     There would be good chances to conversion of love life into marital life.
•     The year of 2041 will be the most auspicious year for your marriage.
•     Good horoscope matching will give you freedom to have complacency in your marital life.
•     Things are looking very favorable for you this period will give you happiness in your marital life.
•     You will have love and harmony in your life.
•     Get the encouragement through positive support by spouse.
•     As a whole you will have good results.
•     Good understanding between you.
•     Good period for children.
•     Year 2044 and 2047 will be especially favorable for you.
•     HEALTH:
•     Better health this time.
•     Strong will power will make you physically fit.
•     Some infectious problem may also possible during 2035-2036.
•     Some little disease as a fever, high temper, headache and constipation may occur in whole period.
•     But during May 2045 to Nov 2046, some injuries may possible. .    So you should careful about drive your vehicle under this period.
•     14 DEC 2047 TO 14 DEC 2063: MAIN PERIOD OF JUPITER.
.     CAREER:
.     This period would be very progressive for your professional growth and enhancement.
.     In this period your professional growth would be constant, which indicates progressive stability but growth would be gradual.
.     In 2048 and 2049 professional progress would be slow but you should adjust with it.
.     Earlier hurdles and problems will remove gradually along with such little growth points in professional phase.
.     Period till Jan 2050 will be average and things would be continued as earlier sequence.
•     During mid of 2050 there would be positive sign for professional enhancement and get opportunity to expand your working area.
.     The period of 2051 and 2052 will be more prosperous for your work and professional deeds.
.     During this time you can get the better results by your regular efforts.
.     Post Aug 2052 onwards you will have to do frequent changes of place in working environment or frequent opportunity in professional deeds.
.     In remaining period of 2052, 2053 and up to 2054 you will get very decent returns of your efforts, so you should utilize your all available resources in this period.
.     But post Nov 2054 you should be careful about professional association or important decision 3; otherwise such losses would be there by your over-emotional attitude.
.     Subordinates can also generate regular hindrances and obstacle during getting targets of work.
.     In this period you may also loose the support of superiors.
.     Need to balance in professional and personal relations up to Oct 2055.
.     Post Nov 2055 you will have much strength in your position and work.
.     A good change may possible there and with this change, you will get position in big organization at better profile.
.     Your performance will be better in your work in 2056 and 2057.
.     In this period you will also get reward of your running work and success in completed work.
.     With Jun 2058 you will be getting expected results along with beneficial changes in career.
.     Professional profile would also be as per your wish and your working position may enhance.
.     The period of Apr 2059 onwards would be peak of your professional life.
•     In these periods you will have at least two growth points during this time.
.     You will get much betterment as professional enhancement during 2060, and you may reach at authoritative position.
.     Everything would be according of you till Jul 2061, with this you will be able to do work as per your ideas.
.     This will give good mental strength in your professional life and indicate such new communication with professional person.
.     Authoritative powers will be increasing.  
.     Recognition and reputation would be continued.
.     But post Aug 2061 you should not misuse your leading powers.
.     During 2062 and 2063 you should not be rigid and adamants to issue of self recognition and position and do work at organizations norm.
.     Some regular obstacles will be continued.
.     Due to lack of the support of your fate things would be average for your career so you can achieve your professional targets by your determination and dedication.
•     Low periods will resume and continued up to end of the period of Jupiter.
.     Work pressure will be increasing gradually.
.     Regular improvement would be possible in your financial status.
.     Till Jan 2050 your income will enhanced by extra labor.
.     With 2050 onwards there would be much enhancement in profits with regular increments.
.     But expenses will also increase time to time.
.     Most of expenses will be on pleasurable things.
.     Excellent returns by regular work along with profits through long term investments during 2051-2053.
.     Financial returns would be decent up to Nov 2054.
.     But with Dec 2054 unexpected expenses will be increasing with growth of income.
.     Long term investment will be profitable in future.
.     By 2055 onwards period will again beneficial for huge profits by regular enhancement and investments.
.     Savings and investments will be continued towards progressive till 2061.
.     But in 2062-2063 you should not involve in any illegal matters
.     Otherwise you may face critical position or will have to fill the government punishment.
.     Overall you will enjoy all pleasures of life, but expense should be more than savings.
•     LOVE LIFE:
•     Professional contacts will be increased.
.     Happiness will enhance by regularity in success.
.     Enjoy with pleasurable life, friends and relatives.
•     Regular activities will give you no. of break.
.     With the starting of this period you will feel so good.
•     Marital life will remain quite unhappy and unsatisfactory due to lack of adequate effort from either of you to set things right.
•     You will live together without much attraction but by now without much animosity either.
•     Mutual understanding is required.
•     Open conversation will be beneficial for marital life.  

.     Mental and physical growth would be good.
.     Intellectual growth would also be decent.
•     This will give much happiness and make strength for you.
•     HEALTH:     
•     Many functional ailments.
•     Headache and abdominal problems would be there post Jan 2050 by professional and personal stress.
•     Gastric problem may also develop due unsystematic food consumption.
•     Allergic ailments and sugar may also disturb your regular health.
•     So you should conscious about it and take medical advice by doctor.
•     Regular exercise and precaution must be required for better health.
•     14 DEC 2063 TO 13 DEC 2082: MAIN PERIOD OF SATURN.
.     CAREER:
.     Professional things will again get new growth points but it would be effective gradually.
•     Till Dec 2066 there will be stable results for you.
•     Initially this period will give you little insecurity.
•     There will be some dissatisfaction also by Jan 2067.
•     Some where something will not allow you for giving your best may be lack of confidence.
•     It may be hard to concentrate on projects thanks to a constant stream of interruptions.
•     Take things in stride.
•     If you take things as a challenge and concentrate more on your work then you can have good results.
•     Things will gradually move in your favor after Oct 2070.
•     During Nov 2070 to Dec 2073 that there will be mix results.
•     In your working field for consistent positive results deep rooted work is the key for you.
•     After Jan 2074 onwards there will be the most favorable years for you, in this period there will have ease and mental satisfaction too.
•     Period till Jul 2077 will be quite good and favorable in a general way.
•     You will have at least two growth points during this time.
•     Low periods will resume from Aug 2077.
•     You may feel like stopping work altogether, yet not quite.
•     But with 2078 period would not be supportive and gives lot of complications of health issues which will affect the values of your profession.
.     You will unable to concentrate towards your responsibility due to health factor.
•     You will retire from work during mid of 2080.
•     Stars will give you capability to restore your past losses.
•     Group activity or help of others will be the way to accomplish your task.
.     FINANCE:
.     Stable and decent income would be possible in career.
.     With Dec 2066 you should also careful about financial actions otherwise losses may be happen through dependency to others.
.     However, you should careful before May 2062 because losses may be happen due to unexpected expenses.
.     During 2071 to 2078 you will get good returns by previous investments.
.     But by 2079 regular earning will be stopped by leaving your active professional activities.
.     Medical expenses will be increasing along with such unwanted expenditure too.
.     Gain through earlier investments will be quite handsome as long as it lasts.
.     Overall income quite high but handled very casually.
.     LOVE LIFE:
.     Liberal in your family life.
•     Fulfillment of your expectation and desires.
.     Social relationship will enhance with 2073.
.     Your social value will increase with this period.
.     Generate mutual understanding with others.
.     Attention of everyone will be very positive towards your work.
.     You can utilize your earlier and present contacts.
.     MARITAL LIFE:     
.     Martial relationship will get boost.
.     You will give more time to yours spouse
.     You should always be serious with home pleasure.
.     During 2074 you will concern about spouse health
.     You should avoid your confusion in your relationship.
.     2075 and 2076 will not be favorable for spouse health.
.     She will overcome her health problems by your positive support and encouragement.
•     Good period for growth of them.
.  &nb