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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed Life Reading 10 Years:
Detailed Readings for Life Report for 10 years [till 30 Nov 2025]:
General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Fond of music and travel.
Much fond of luxuries and pleasures.
Too passionate.
Easily irritable.
Your Health:
Basic health is afflicted by common ailments.
Functional ailments may get chronic.
Your Important Years in Life:
The 17, 20, 21, 24, 29, 31, 33, 40 and the 50th years of your life may be significant ones, directly or indirectly.
Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will appreciate art and may have musical talent.
Partnership and marriage will play a crucial role in your life.
You will be much obstinate and impulsive and will squander your energies in going to extremes, only to regret later.
You will keep changing your job/vocation.
There will be several ups and downs in your career.
You will be much critical of others, self-centered and possessive.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Long life.
High position.
Powerful parents.
Devoted to elders.
Spiritual success.
Lacks confidence.
Long life.
Good material gain.
Enmity with superiors.
Stimulated by beauty and a good life.
Fond of women.
Sufferings through fraud.
Wavering mind.
Affected health.
Less vitality.
Tenacious memory.
Heavy expenses.
Miseries in matters of progeny.
Children, if any, inimical.
Easily irritable.
Power conscious.
Holds grudges.
Emotionally and sexually overbearing.
Right eye affected.
Digestive and other abdominal disorders.
Gains from spouse.
Lucky after marriage.
Spouse beautiful, good natured and faithful.
Sharp and active mind.
Capable of taking balanced decisions.
High position.
High honor.
High sense of duty.
Detached feelings towards family.
Longevity of spouse affected.
Financial problems.
Many enemies.
Gifted speaker.
Ascetic in late life.
Unexpressed affection.
Inclination for plural marriage.
Gains from women.
Much sex enjoyment.
More importance attached to status than to love.
Craving for recognition.
Disrespectful to father.
Litigation over paternal property possible.
Earns by own efforts.
Self made wealth.
Gain through professional journeys or writings.
Sudden fall from high position in career.
Unsteady career.
Spouse unhappy.
Landed property.
Lives a high life.
Fearless of consequences.
Loss of spouse.
Hard working.
All round troubles.
Wealth and education affected.
Abusive language.
Next Ten Years [Till 30 Nov 2025]: An Overview:
Overview of the events during the next ten years [till 30 Nov 2025]:

Business or self employment is not suitable for you at any time.
Job career will progress quite well but with many situations of delays, obstructions, restrictions and stagnations.
Attitude will need to be moderated for better progress in career.
Income will follow the timeline of career situations.
Wrong handling of finance and sudden and unavoidable demands for funds will affect savings and investments but all these will improve only very slowly and too late.
Social life, living style, expenses on home or other property, speculative investments and ill health of spouse will cause high expenses and many losses.
Occasional financial stringency will be possible.
Marital life will not be happy or stable but will manage to continue.
Affected health of spouse.
Happiness of or from progeny may not be expected.
Personal health may remain afflicted.
Breakdown of the next ten years into six effective sub periods:
Up to 04 Jan 2017: Balance of Jupiter-Jupiter.
05 Jan 2017 to 18 Jul 2019: Jupiter-Saturn.
19 Jul 2019 to 23 Oct 2021: Jupiter-Mercury.
24 Oct 2021 to 29 Sep 2022: Jupiter-Ketu.
30 Sep 2022 to 30 May 2025: Jupiter-Venus.
31 May 2025 to 30 Nov 2025: Part of Jupiter-Sun.
Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 04 Jan 2017: Balance of Jupiter-Jupiter.
Saturn in transit in the 12th house of loss from ascendant and in the 7th house of relationship from Moon will remain much obstructive for career matters till 27 Oct 2017.
During this period you are expected to face many differences with and restrictions from superiors at work place.
Work pressure will be very high and varied in nature.
But good balance will be maintained by favorable positions of transit Jupiter.
You will not get any opportunity for progress in role or position in 2015.
Yet you will not miss a hike in your pay in 2015.
There will be much need for tolerance and tact in day to day work.
Ignore minor humiliations that can occur.
Also take special care of any area of work that can have some legal implication.
Try to keep fit to let you do the hard work that will be called for.
Do not attempt to change your job now since such efforts will not be successful or good for you.
2016 will maintain the basic trends of 2015 but overall this year 2016 will be comparatively much better.
Despite the fact that you will face many criticisms and restrictions at work from both seniors and also from colleagues, your luck will improve significantly and you will have chance to get better projects or roles during 2016.
While you can handle both old and new areas well and together, it will be better for you to do well in the new areas quickly while you ensure that the current areas continue to be well attended by you as before.
This will cut down on any further chance of criticism and will gradually improve your existing image.
Overall your performance will be very good and this will be silently appreciated though open acknowledgement will not be expected.
2016 will not bring any chance of promotion but you will earn a very good hike in pay.
All the above events will improve your mood and this will reflect in your performance.
Take care to not spoil this good trend through sudden conflict with anyone, superiors or equals.
Also remain alert about the areas of your work that may have any legal implication, if any.                        
Income during this period will be fairly good with more than one occasion of hike in pay.
Overall inflow from career will be very decent.
However your expenses will be very high while many of these will be quite avoidable or at least these can be reduced significantly.
While demand on you from family will be high, loss through high living style, various enjoyments and social life will be significant.
Loss through speculative and other risky ventures is expected to be present often.
There is a strong need to cut down various expenses and wrong investments very seriously.
Otherwise financial stringency can develop quite easily.
Love Life:
Many new associations with women friends will be expected.
These will not bring any real satisfaction or pure happiness.
These can at the most provide avenues for pleasures.
No real love or romance is expected while loss of money through such associations will be high and frequent.
You will need to take much care to stay reasonable controlled.
Marital Life:
This is an afflicted area and marriage can be quite delayed, in case you are not already married at this point of time.
The earliest possibility of marriage can occur during the second half of 2019.
Marital life will not be satisfactory or peaceful.
Many disagreements and differences on perceptions, preferences and priorities will remain.
Mutual attraction may not be enough,
Sex life will suffer.
Health of spouse may not be good at this stage and she may be weak and thus suffer from various ailments.  
This is a very weak and affected area of your horoscope.
Childbirth can be very difficult or much delayed.
In case you have or get children, they are not expected to enjoy much good health or good luck.
They may not be close to you and may even get inimical to you as they grow up.
Loss or other troubles through children may also be possible.
Sun, Moon and ascendant lord Jupiter are variously afflicted and therefore you will not enjoy steady good health.
But no serious disorders are expected.
You will see common functional ailments.
05 Jan 2017 to 18 Jul 2019: Jupiter-Saturn.
2017 is also a quite positive year though no direct growth point is promised.
All the good and the bad trends will remain as before.
But your luck for career will improve further and good financial growth will be possible in this year.
This luck has to be maintained throughout this year 2017 so that you enter the year 2018 with a solid foundation of professional image.
This is especially necessary to guard against negative events that will start from the year 2018.
Complete all pending tasks quickly and well.
Build up good relations with all and ensure that you become as much indispensible to your employer as is practically possible.
Also it may be useful to look around for other jobs just in case you need to change your job in the next year 2018.
2017 is a year for consolidation and firming up plans for 2018 to 2020.
The stronger you make your image during 2017 the better you will do during 2018-2020.
2018 onwards [2018 to 2021] will be very challenging in various ways and due to variously different astrological reasons.
From Nov 2017 transit Saturn will now be in the 8th house from natal Moon [Astama Sani – very negative] and moving square to natal Saturn and Jupiter [much negative and troublesome].
You will have to face many sudden situations when you will see totally new and challenging obstructions in your work.
The overall outlook at work place will be very negative.
Your responsibilities and tasks will increase much while the infrastructural support will be reduced.
Thus it will be very difficult for you to deliver results and meet the targets.
You will not get any support or cooperation from anyone, seniors, colleagues or subordinates.
At the same time you will be in much need for support.
Restriction and obstruction on your working will increase further and will be very difficult to handle.
Indifferent health status too will add to your problems at work.
But transit Jupiter will maintain stability in career and your position will remain safe.
You will get a hike too but much moderate than before.
All the issues and challenges in career will remain strongly present till the end of this period and beyond.
Income from career will increase only once.
Overall income will be quite decent but accumulation will continue to suffer, to a much higher degree from after 27 Oct 2017.
Many entirely unexpected yet quite unavoidable demands for money will develop and you will have to meet these.
Most of these needs will relate to your immediate environment and social life and matters related to these and also possibly to some undisclosed matters or issues.
You will not get any financial support from any outside source and all demands will have to be met by your own resources only.
Loss through several indiscretions and wrong investment decisions will continue as before.
Thus clear cut financial stringency will develop and possibilities of incurring debts cannot be ruled out entirely.
Extreme calmness, logical and rational actions, and rigid self control over wrong expenses and investments will be essential.
Love Life:
Most of your existing relationships will break down now and through this period.
Yet you will lose money through each of them.
There may not be any way to avoid such loss if you do not take care well in advance.
Marital Life:
This period will directly affect your marital life.
In addition to Astama Sani effects, transit Saturn will be in the ascendant aspecting the house of marriage and relationship and will also adversely aspect Venus, the planet of love.
All these will adversely affect marital peace and success.
Differences will increase, home life amity will come down and health of both will suffer.
Sex life too will be further affected.
Great understanding and care will be needed to keep your marital life on the rails.
Avoid escalation of any difference and resort to mutual discussion.
Decline in overall health.
Low energy level can invite many ailments and cause small disorders to become chronic.
19 Jul 2019 to 23 Oct 2021: Jupiter-Mercury.
In this period you will need to maintain your personal confidence and work as calmly as possible.
You will also need to depend more and more on yourself and not expect any help or support from anyone.
Such actions will let you see your environment in true color and this understanding will sort out many of your problems.
From Jul 2019 your time will improve due to transit Jupiter entering ascendant, Jupiter’s own sign.
You will have better luck in all matters at work while your judgment of all issues and events will be quite precise.
However the overall picture will not come out of the malefic effects of Astama Sani and thus you cannot relax your alertness or cautions yet.
This is a time to stay alert, work hard, have patience and see through the negative phase ending on 25 Jan 2020.
During 2020 you will be free [wef 25 Jan 2020] from the negative effects of Astama Sani as transit Saturn will enter Capricorn, the 2nd house from ascendant and the 9th house from Moon sign.
However transit Jupiter will not be able to give you steady support as he will keep moving between your ascendant and the 2nd house and thus will be debilitated for most of the time till Apr 2021.
Only career safety will be maintained while you may not get any peace at work or any increment in your pay.
Any effort to change your job will not be successful.
This will not be a specifically challenging year but it will prove to be quite frustrating due to long stagnation covering this period and the one before it.
There is no way to get away from this ordeal and you will need to maintain patience for some more time.
Status quo will be maintained till Apr 2021.
From May 2021 transit Jupiter will come out of debilitation and will enter Aquarius [the career house from your Moon sign] and will very favorably aspect your fortune house and gain house from ascendant.
Transit Saturn will not be so well placed in Capricorn in the 2nd house from ascendant and in the 9th house from Moon in your birth chart.
Yet transit Saturn will be in the gain house from ascendant in D_10 career chart and in the career house from Moon in the same chart.
Thus it will be possible for you to change your job to a quite better position and better income level.
But problems with superiors will still remain very active and challenging [transit Saturn square to Sun and Mercury in birth chart] and over Sun and opposite Jupiter in career chart D_10.
You will need to be more cautious and careful now since the growth point have come after a long period and must be retained without any major issue.
Income will remain static till May 2021.
Thereafter your income will increase well.
However your ways of handling your money will not improve and thus various losses will continue.
Also this period may inherit some debts from the last period.
Thus it will take a lot of hard work to turn around your finance.
Growth of accumulation will be quite inadequate.
Love Life:
Desire level will remain quite high.
No love or romance till Jan 2020.
Thereafter some of your earlier associations will try to revive for renewal or repair.
You should avoid these or repent later.
Marital Life:
No significant chance of improvement of marital life is expected.
Home life will remain much disturbed as before.
Mutual alignment and cooperation will be the most important and urgent need of the hour.
Yet on ground, mutual cooperation will be very inadequate.
Both of you will need to wake up to this problem without any loss of time.
Health affected by common ailments
24 Oct 2021 to 29 Sep 2022: Jupiter-Ketu.
Career situation will remain challenging but financially more favorable in this year.
You will be able to use your past experience and handle all career problems with a better sense of judgment and timing but till Apr 2022.
Thereafter transit Saturn will be in Aquarius in the 3rd house from ascendant and in career house from Moon sign.
This will bring you a still better growth point in career through another change job that will pay you quite heavily.
At work you will not have to face any problems through seniors.
But your colleagues will create many obstructions for you and will try to stop or restrict your good work.
You will need to understand their mind and work around them without engaging yourself in direct combat.
There will be a lot of gain in many ways if you can do this.                 
Very major advancement of your income from career will occur now, albeit a bit late in the period.
You will not control your approach to finance and inclination to high living style.
Loss through wrong investments too will continue.
Overall financial status will get better though nowhere near what is possible.
You will urgently need to revise your ways with money and social life.
Love Life:
Association with earlier women friends will occur frequently.
But no happiness or love or romance is expected.
Avoid these relationships.
Marital Life:
Decline in marital life can pick up momentum.
Urgent actions are required to halt these.
Only rational thoughts and actions can retrieve the marriage from falling apart.
Anxiety and worry will affect digestion.
Overall debility.
Prone to infections.
Oral ulcer.
30 Sep 2022 to 30 May 2025: Jupiter-Venus.
Communication with colleagues and other below you will be the main bottleneck in this year and also in the next.
There will be several occasions of communication failure and also some occasions of false allegation from inimical colleagues.
You will make repeated mistakes of airing your views too strongly and often at the wrong moment.
Your attitude [that you handled rather well till this time] will be quite negative and too conceited now.
This will cause several disagreements and conflicts.
The matter of such frequent differences will reach the top guys and will carry a wrong hint about your capacity to work as a team man.
This is a very negative status for anyone to be in at your present stage of career.
Only self control and more focus to right priorities can help you or you will suffer much.
During 2024, the status of career dynamics will remain the same.
You may not be sufficiently convinced that your approach to work needs any change.
You will work hard and produce very good output but your professional image will suffer.
This will strongly stand in your way to further progress though your income will keep rising.
This is an important year to change your working style and improve your personal image since the coming years will be quite difficult per see and it is not safe to enter that stage without sufficient goodwill.
Take care to observe your surroundings, assess it well and then act.
You cannot afford to let communication failure obstruct your progress.
This is a time to wake up to reality.
Even during the first half of 2025 the status of your career will remain the same till Mar 2025 but will then have chance to run into more difficulties.
Very high income will continue while you will get decent hikes during these years.
However your finance will not get as much better as possible since your ways of handling your money will not improve.
Overall accumulation will be much lesser than what is possible at this stage.
Loss through speculation, social life and some health issues will cause serious dent to your wealth.
Love Life:
Active social life without any real happiness or enjoyments.
No love or romance.
No mental peace.
Marital Life:
Much unsatisfactory conjugal equation.
Frequent clash of ego.
All talks will end in blame games.
There will be no warmth in your home.
Mutual relationship will be hard and cold.
Yet marital life will go on.
Eye related issues.
Urinary tract infection.
General debility.
31 May 2025 to 30 Nov 2025: Part of Jupiter-Sun.
Transit Saturn will be in Pisces now and will be opposite to natal Jupiter and natal Saturn in birth chart and will be in your ascendant in career chart being square to Mercury and Mars there.
Thus initially you will do very well to meet your targets but sooner than later you will make mistakes at work due to your hurry to cross targets and impress your superiors.
Such mistakes will bring major obstructions from both colleagues and seniors and working will be a challenge in itself.
Only with calm handling and rational ways of working you can avoid or sort out such issues at work.
However your performance will be good enough to make your employer happy and you will be rewarded with a very handsome hike in your pay.
Yet it is important to take more care during this year and also the coming two years.                      
High income.
Major expenses on your residence or home or any other property or on your mother [if applicable].
Some improvement in handling money, though quite late and not enough.
Slight betterment in choice of investments but no change at all in the extent of expenditure incurred.
Strong financial base but basically not oriented to growth.
Love Life:
No social life.
Marital Life:
Heightened disagreements within marriage.
No sign of mutual attraction.
No sex life within marriage.
This period can be a wakeup call for both of you.
Tomorrow will be too late.
Slow but steady decline in vitality.
Digestive issues more prominent.

(Note: Charts are attached in the PDF file, please view the same for Details)