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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed Readings for Life Reading 5 years:
General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Fond of music and fine arts.
Much fond of luxuries and pleasures.
Your Health:
Basic health is weak and afflicted by common ailments.
Functional ailments will develop further and will get chronic.
Your Important Years in Life:
The 17, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28, 32, 33, 35, 37, 42, 45 and the 50th years of your life may be significant ones, directly or indirectly.
Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will remain very hard working and persistent in your efforts.
You will appreciate art/have musical talent.
Urge to amass wealth and property will be very strong.
You will be more critical of others, self-centered and possessive.
Jealous and materialistic, you will be worrying, reckless, hard-hearted and unsympathetic.
You may see several deaths in your life and face sorrow time and again.
You are likely to suffer loss from theft.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Also all the nine planets are significantly afflicted and/or rendered weak.
Thus their good effects will be quite reduced and negative effects will be quite promoted.
Long life.
High position.
Influential friends.
Devoted to duty.
Highly sensitive.
Uneventful life.
Failure if in business.
Travel abroad.
Lucky after marriage.
Sudden and unexpected changes in life.
Executive and leadership ability.
Much energy.
Wins over obstacles.
Lucky after marriage.
Handsome spouse promotes your career and honor.
Difficulties inn career.
Needs to act rationally.
Acts in own way.
Liability to disgrace, discredit or persecution from seniors or authorities.
Likely to be punished by the state.
Lucky after marriage.
Much academic achievement.
Artistic leanings.
Progeny, if any, inimical.
Highly sensitive.
Weak vision.
Weak hearing.
Good fortune.
Good material gains.
Lacks discipline.
Devoid of wealth.
Fond of social circle.
Parasitical friends.
Ear trouble.
Strongly affectionate.
Ill health of spouse.
Spendthrift spouse.
Many love attachments possible.
Lack of principles.
May be given to intoxicants.
Strong emotional and sexual bonds.
Weak health.
Weak eyes.
Phlegmatic disorders.
Very active.
Paternal wealth destroyed.
Slow inflow of wealth.
Financial strain.
Lack of domestic harmony.
Unpolished language.
Harbors ill feelings.
Increase in landed property.
Victory over enemies.
Loss of wealth in loose ways.
Financial stringency.
Lack of principles.
Possibly undermined by spouse.
Association with learned people.
Worried over family.
Afraid of evil persons.
Mental unrest.
Windy complaints.
Next five Years [Till 15 Oct 2020]: An Overview:
Overview of the events during the next five years [till 15 Oct 2020]:
Business or self employment is not suitable for you at any time.
Job career will get one growth point and nearly regular hikes in pay but along with many situations of delays, obstructions, restrictions and stagnations.
Attitude will need to be moderated for better progress in career.
Income will follow the timeline of career situations.
Wrong handling of finance and sudden and unavoidable demands for funds will affect savings and investments.
Social life, living style, high expenses, speculative investments and occasional common health issues will cause avoidable expenses and some losses.
Financial stringency may be possible.
Marriage, if applicable, is expected during the early part of these years.
Marital life will not be happy but will continue to remain stable.
Affected health of spouse.
Happiness of or from progeny may not be expected.
Personal health may remain indifferent.
Breakdown of the next five years into five effective sub periods:
Up to 09 Dec 2015: Balance of Jupiter-Mercury.
10 Dec 2015 to 14 Nov 2016: Jupiter-Ketu.
15 Nov 2016 to 16 Jul 2019: Jupiter-Venus.
17 Jul 2019 to 03 May 2020: Jupiter-Sun.
04 May 2020 to 15 Oct 2020: Balance of Jupiter-Moon.
Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 09 Dec 2015: Balance of Jupiter-Mercury.
This is a mixed period for career with both positives and negatives being present.
You can get a chance to change over to a better paying job with a somewhat larger role.
This is possible within this period but this can also easily spill over to the next period.
In case you are not working now, you can get a position along the same time line.
At work in any job or role, current or new, you will have much responsibility but you will not get much cooperation from seniors or from colleagues.
There can be many differences and thus the need to avoid arguments will be important.
Try to remain tolerant, calm and flexible as otherwise you working life will be troubled and you may face restrictions, obstructions and criticisms.
However you will work hard and this will be appreciated, though not openly.
Decent income is expected.
But your expenses will remain quite high and control over them will be inadequate.
Demand on you from your family too will remain quite high.
You will be miserly yet suddenly profligate and this will adversely affect the stability of financial accumulation.
Therefore save regularly and avoid investment is risky or speculative areas.
Love Life:
Active social life.
But love or romance may not progress much.
Marital Life:
If not married, you will have a modest chance of getting married during this period, or up to mid 2016 in the next period.
Try to handle your social life with cautious approach to see through getting married.
Marital life, irrespective of time of marriage, in the past or now or later, will remain variously disturbed.
Mutual equation and harmony will be lesser than adequate.
Many differences and disagreements will need to be handled carefully.
This is a weak and afflicted area.
Children, if any, may be quite delayed and they may not enjoy much good health or good luck.
They may not grow up being much attached or cordial to you.
Happiness of or from progeny will remain restricted.
Common functional ailments.
Migraine or other nerve related stress is possible.
Avoid any sense of depression.
10 Dec 2015 to 14 Nov 2016: Jupiter-Ketu.
Period till 27 Oct 2017 will continue to be favorable for progress of career.
If you did not get the growth point in the last period, the same is expected to occur in this period.
If you avoid ego clash and focus on intelligently flexible actions, you will be successful in taking on higher responsibility quite well.
Avoid arguments and abrupt actions or speech.
Good increase of income with growth in position.
No further hike within this period.
Expenses will remain high as before.
There is urgent need to spend less and save more to meet many new expenses during period after 27 Oct 2017 and you will need to plan and act for this from now.
Love Life:
Active social life.
No new relationships.
Marital Life:
Marriage, if applicable, is possible till the middle of Jul 2016.
Marital life will need more attention as otherwise it may not improve except for occasional short periods.
Mind not restful or calm.
Digestion affected.
15 Nov 2016 to 16 Jul 2019: Jupiter-Venus.
Differences with seniors will have a temporary option [till 27 Oct 2017] to reduce and this opportunity should not be missed.
Act with a sense of compromise and tact.
Yet this period till 27 Oct 2017 will not be easy to handle but you can do it if you try.
The period after this date will be suddenly much more difficult.
There will be some mistakes committed by you at work at this stage and this will aggravate any existing tension at work.
Equation with seniors will be more easily strained and you may face persecution if you are not sufficiently cooperative or alert.
Growth possibilities are not expected now.
Despite many issues with seniors and also colleagues, a hike may be quite possible.
But this will not be equal to what you aspire for or deserve.
Expenses will not be controlled till 27 Oct 2017 and thus accumulation of money will not be much till this date.
After 27 Oct 2017, many new and unexpected expenses will be necessary and unavoidable.
This can cause financial stringency.
You will not get any financial or any other support from anyone and all financial needs have to be met from your own resources.
Even your own funds, kept under the custody of others, may not be available to you when you need them most.
Thus good planning and execution of financial resources will be important till this stage and even beyond till Mar 2020.
Love Life:
Many earlier associations will try to revive for renewal or repair from after 27 Oct 2017.
Since your time is not very favorable [transit Saturn in the 8th house from ascendant] you will do well to remain cautious about handling your social life as otherw9se you may be emotionally exploited or you may lose money.
Marital Life:
Quite disturbed conjugal equation is seen.
Health of both of you will remain disturbed in a irritating way though nothing serious will happen.
Sex life will suffer while mutual disagreements will not be sorted out.
Active efforts to talk things out will help a lot.
Indifferent and unstable health.
Only common functional ailments.
17 Jul 2019 to 03 May 2020: Jupiter-Sun.
No support from sub period lord Sun in Cancer at the start of this period.
Differences with seniors will increase.
You will have attitude issues with them.
This is a time to lie low and avoid disagreements.
Moderate hike in income.
Financial stringency will continue.
Demands on you will be much.
Take every financial decision and action with utmost care.
Love Life:
Active social life but not good for you.
Better to stay aloof and safe.
Marital Life:
Decline in health of spouse.
Eye problem aggravate.
04 May 2020 to 15 Oct 2020: Balance of Jupiter-Moon.
Very difficult career situation continues.
Handling seniors will be very difficult.
Luck does not offer support.
Stay very calm and patient to maintain stability.
No hike in pay.
Financial status will not be smooth or improving.
But no further decline or debts are expected.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Conjugal life and health of spouse may not see any meaningful improvement.
Sex life will remain quite affected,
Domestic happiness will be elusive.
Personal health declines slightly due to worries and over work.
But major or serious ailments will occur.
Try to stay as confident as possible.

(Note: Charts are attached in the PDF file, please view the same for Details)