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Financial Status and Wealth Combination Report for Five years 2015-2020
Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next five years.]
For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them.
Leadership roles.
Scientific and technical services.
Medicine and all allied areas.
Freight forwarding.
International trade.
Health care services industry.
Facility services industry.
Liquids industry, especially intoxicants of any variety.
Chemical industry.
Hospitality industry.
For Business:
For Self-employment:
Suitable Method of Work:
[For next five years.]
Service or business or self-employment:
[For next five years]
[Given in order of preference]:
Investment suitable in:
[For next five years]
Most suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.  
Should invest throughout to the maximum extent possible.
Real Estate.            
NOT suitable for making gains through resale.
Suitable for own use.
Debt Instruments.       
Equity [direct investment].                 
Not suitable.
Mutual Funds:
Suitable in a limited way but only in MF-s offering low risk schemes.
Own business.           
Not suitable.
Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
There are many planetary combinations present in your horoscope that can obstruct generation of wealth or cause unplanned or wrong expenses.
Some of these are as below:
The three basic and most important reference points, ascendant, Moon and Sun are variously much afflicted as given below.
Ascendant gets the malefic aspects of Rahu and Saturn.
Jupiter, the lord of ascendant and of career house from ascendant and the lord of fortune house from Moon, and also the main planet for financial welfare and growth is placed in the loss house from ascendant.
Further Jupiter is extremely weak and inauspicious.
Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis and gets the malefic aspect of Mars.
Moon, the planet of financial stability and the lord of 4th house of property from Moon and the 5th house of investment from ascendant, is numerically strong but Moon is much afflicted as Mars, dispositor of Moon, is debilitated.
In career chart D_10, Moon and Jupiter are in 6:8 locations.
Saturn, the career house lord from Moon sign, is 100% combust and is placed in the 3rd house from Moon.
Saturn is exceptionally inauspicious with auspiciousness quotient at 8.4/60 units only.
Fortune house from ascendant is occupied by Rahu and fortune house from Moon gets the aspect of Saturn-Sun-Mercury.
Mercury has very poor digbala [directional strength] and is hence very inactive for giving favorable results.
The main and sub period lords covering the next five years are also variously much affected and they none of them can give encouraging results for your finance.
Thus any good event in career and finance will basically depend on your own attitude and efforts and also on the auspiciousness and strength of the applicable transits of planets at any point of time during these five years.
All readings given below are to be understood and used in the light of the above points.
Financial Overview of next five years 2015-2020 [till 10 Sep 2020]:
Income from career and all other existing assets may improve very gradually and in fluctuating manner but in moderate degree only.
Savings and accumulations will be indifferent initially but later these will pick up to some better level but quite slowly and with many obstructions.
Yet adequate accumulation will not be possible despite sustained improvement of self control and discretion over all these years.
Loss through social life, enjoyments and needless purchases, speculative or other similar investments, sudden unavoidable needs of the family along with rising medical expenses etc will affect your finance.
You will need to think and work towards building up your finance for long term.
Year wise Forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earnings and investments given above are followed.
Otherwise they results can vary WIDELY in degree, type and timing.
Year 2015:
Period from 2015 to 2017 will be a quite difficult period for career and finance in general and for causing many demands on your funds in particular.
Your own aspirations and plans may not work out due to the above status.
This is due to the currency of Astama Sani [transit Saturn in the 8th house from natal Moon - very negative and challenging].
On the positive side transit Jupiter in favorable house from ascendant and Moon during 2015-2016-2017 will be supportive of some increase in income.
Progress is not possible through any change of job or promotion.
Expenses will increase much without notice.
You will have to spend major sums of money on various matters.
Many unplanned yet unavoidable expenses will be present and loss through enemy action and wrong investment decisions too will occur.
Overall income may be fair but accumulation of money will be nearly on the negative side.
Avoid expenses that can be postponed and strictly avoid investments in risky areas or ventures.
Year 2016:
Minor progress in income may occur at the end stage of this year through a change of role in current job.
Just in case you are not working now, you can get a modest position along the same time line.
Income may increase only just fairly and this must be handled with greater determination and discretion.
Returns from conservative investments will develop somewhat better and quickly but there may not be much to invest in the first place since your expenses will remain very high and unexpected.
Loss through over expenditure and various situational expenses and also loss through inimical advice will remain and will need firm handling and even reversal wherever possible.
Take particular care to avoid hasty expenses or investments, especially based on other’s advice.
Overall accumulation may not get better but you can make it stable with regular thrift and total caution about expenses and investments.
Remember that you will not get any financial support from any outside source and you must meet all financial needs based on your ability only.
Even at times, your own money kept under the custody of others, will not be available to you when you need them most.
You will need to try harder to save and accumulate as much as possible by cutting your normal style of spending without care or caution.
Year 2017:
The trends of the last year will flow into this year too.
You may earn a moderate hike in your pay this year.
Income from career and also from any assets may have slightly more chance to improve in this year.
Your attitude towards handling your finance will be more focused and orthodox.
Personally you will spend lesser but certainly the situational demands on you will continue as it is through there will be more need for higher accumulation.
Medical expenses and loss through wrong or hasty investments will occur.
Accumulation will not improve to any degree.
This situation will have some chance to trigger you to suddenly invest in wrong areas for a quick gain, but such action will be a costly mistake for your financial health.
Avoid any risk or misplaced confidence about finance during this year as otherwise you will spend and lose more, particularly in investments.
Strictly avoid friends of all hues.
Put all your net savings [whatever it is] into safe areas as suggested above and do not touch them except for welfare of family or for health issues.
What you gather now will help you to build on in later years.
Year 2018:
The period from 2018 to 2020 will be somewhat better till Mar 2020 as Astama Sani will end.
Change to a better paying job or new role in current job will be your immediate desire but this may or may not be possible and thus you should base any plan on such possibility.
It is more likely that you will do better in your current job and will have chance to bring in better pay through a good hike.
But sudden and unexpected demands for money will arrive for medical need for spouse and some elders and you must save enough to meet them.
Just live a very simple and well organized life during these years [2018 to 2020] for this purpose.
Most investment made during 2018- Mar 2020 will be more successful if you are alert and avoid haste.
Even returns from investments made earlier will increase now.
This is a somewhat mixed period for finance but expenses on spouse, her health issues and other expenses on family will increase since transit Saturn will enter the 7th house from 7th lord Mercury.
Due to presence of transit Saturn in fortune house from Moon, your investments will not speed up returns as much as you may desire.
Some wrong decisions may be taken about money matters or you may be forced by situations to take such decisions.
You may need the support of others at this stage and some moderate support may be available.
But do not borrow to invest under any situation but you can accept small amounts for immediate needs.
Financially this will be a year of mixed fortunes.
Year 2019 [till 10 Sep 2020]:
The mixed trends of the last year will flow into this year too.
Transit Jupiter in very favorable locations will try to give you better hike in pay but due to restriction by transit Saturn, the hike will be not very great.
Income from career will increase rather decently during 2019 but no hike in pay is seen during 2020.
But once again there will be no reprieve from various demands for funds.
Despite care and caution exercised from your side, unplanned yet unavoidable expenses will keep rising.
There will be more expenses on medical front and some losses through wrong investments will occur too.
On the whole, your financial status cannot improve much now, despite quite good income at this stage.
You will need to be very alert and focused about saving as much money as possible as otherwise your finance can become very weak.
Even more care will be necessary during 2020 since transit Jupiter will remain debilitated most of the time.
Thus the obstructions from transit Saturn will not have any balancing factor.
Savings will be quite less during 2020 as your luck will not favor you and will create many demanding situations.