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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Health Profile Readings:

General Constitution and Basic Health:

The fundamental strength of your constitution is basically quite weak but you will enjoy a long life span.

Many planetary afflictions are present and these will cause some disorders, most of them common.

Individually, most of your ailments will not cause serious harm to your health or life.

But together these can easily complicate the issues and may make disease management somewhat difficult at times.

This can turn even minor ailments into chronic or more serious disorders.

Impatience, anger, materialistic outlook, impractical desires and ambitions, worry and anxiety can join together to exacerbate all ailments.

These attitudes can even create ailments that are not expected to develop on their own.


Combinations that cause ailments and hold back good health:

All reference points [like ascendant, ascendant lord, Moon, lord of Moon sign, Sun and lord of Sun sign and some others] for judging health are much afflicted.

Ascendant is placed at the center of the nodal axis and is also bracketed by two malefic planets Mars and Ketu, without any relieving aspect from benefic planets.

Lord of ascendant, Venus, is placed in the 3rd house from ascendant with malefic Saturn and Mars, and also with Mercury, the lord of house of confinement from ascendant [all these are very negative for pulmonary ailments, hearing problems, vision related problems, gynecological health, urinary issues and for childbirth].

The cluster of 4 planets [Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Mars] together opposes Jupiter, the dispositor planet for Venus.

Venus is associated with Saturn and Mercury who are involved in planetary war.

There is no "unafflicted" benefic aspect of any planet, on ascendant or on Venus [the lord of ascendant] or even on Jupiter, the dispositor planet of Venus.

Mercury, the dispositor of Jupiter, is involved in planetary war.

Moon [Moon is the Atmakaraka planet too] is placed at the center of the nodal axis [major and peculiar problems with emotional imbalance can develop] and aspects the ascendant.

Mars, the dispositor of Moon, is afflicted by Saturn and Mercury who are involved in planetary war.

Moon does not enjoy any benefic aspect from any planet.

Sun is fully eclipsed by Rahu the North node [low soul power, poor vitality, poor cardiac strength and low immunity].

Saturn, dispositor of Sun, is defeated in planetary war with Mercury [nerve related weaknesses and ailments].

Mercury, the lord of 9th house from ascendant and from Sun sign, is much afflicted due to involvement in planetary war as given above [much weak and afflicted ovary].

Jupiter, the lord of 9th house from Moon sign, is much afflicted by a cluster of four afflicted planets as given above [much weak and afflicted ovary].

Saturn, the lord of 5th house from ascendant, is defeated in PW [major problems in childbirth] and is a neuter planet and placed with another neuter planet Mercury.

Sun, the lord of 5th house from Moon, is eclipsed by Rahu while this 5th house suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Ketu [south node] and Mars [major problems in childbirth].

Venus, the lord of 5th house from Sun sign and from Jupiter, is with Mercury and Saturn [major problems in childbirth including possible denial of childbirth].

Saturn, the lord of 5th house from ascendant is defeated in PW and placed with 12th house [trik house] lord Mercury [diabetes].

Rahu is with Sun low vitality and immunity].

Sun is in a star of Moon while Moon is in a start of Sun [emotional imbalance].

Mars is in star of South node [Ketu] -- High BP.

Mercury is in star of Venus [Leucoderma].

Jupiter is in a star of Rahu, the north node [colic, dysen5tary and anorexia].

Venus is in a star of Sun [eye diseases].

Saturn is in a star of Venus [eye diseases and gynecological issues].


Ways to keep your ailments away or under control:

Controlled thought process and life style, regular Yoga, Pranayam and meditation, control over restlessness, all temptations, impatience, anger, worry and anxiety will help you to keep better.


Accidents and Injury in your entire balance of life time:

Only minor injuries possible through ordinary accidents.

Watery accidents are not seen.


Potential Diseases in your Entire life time:

All diseases listed below cannot and will not occur together.

But some of them can join together or overlap and make the health weaker over the years.


Physical Ailments:

Low vitality.

Low immunity.


High BP.

Giddiness/Vertigo [arising out of Menier's diseases].

Hearing problems.

Affected vision.

Various stomach ailments.

Intestinal deficiency.

Hyperglycemia, type-2.

Pulmonary ailments.




Disorders of urinary system.


Gynecological disorders.

Hormonal imbalance.


Proneness to miscarriage at all times.

Occasional insomnia.


Psychological Ailments:

Worried over health and childbirth.


Year 2014: Health Picture:

Low sense of well being and various common functional ailments can be present.

General debility.

Poor immunity.

Hyperglycemia can start or can exacerbate.

Pulmonary disorders including whizzing.

Various issues related to menstruation.

Chest congestion.




Hearing problems.

Affected vision.


Time periods for occurrence of and relief from diseases during the next one year.

The happenings on your health front will occur as given below:


Detailed readings of health during the next one-year period 2014:



Generally disturbed health will be maintained due to many common ailments occurring together or in succession.

Lack of vitality and energy level, low enthusiasm, digestive and intestinal ailments, possible type-2 diabetes, menorrhagia and chest congestion may be present.

Worry about the above disorders will further weaken your overall health and self confidence.

Thus anxiety and worry must be avoided.

The following ailments will make you suffer.



Physical and nervous weakness.

Low recovery power.

Occasional lack of appetite, indigestion, acidity and loose motion.


Chest congestion.

Affected hearing.

Poor vision.

Nervous exhaustion.

Heavy flow during menstruation.









Bad effects of emotional disturbance and anxiety.


Outlook for Health for 10 years:



As given above.



Little or no improvement in most areas.

Lesser vitality.

Diabetes may start or exacerbate.






Occasional exacerbation of existing ailments.

Unstable BS.

Rise in BP.

Affected liver.

Abdominal pain [of gynecological origin].


Repeated UTI.




Much indigestion.

Occasional loose motion.

Nervous exhaustion.


Fluctuation in BS.



General debility.




Frequent neuralgia or pain in muscles of legs, back and shoulders.

Repeated urinary infection.


Hearing issues may aggravate.



All current ailments continue.

Some older ailments repeat.

But no exacerbation or relief is expected.

Worry about health.

Self confidence affected.



Much exacerbation of all ailments, especially those related to liver or to digestion in general.


Stubborn UTI.

Emotional disturbances.



Digestive issues.

Irritable bowel syndrome [IBS].

Eye problems.

Hearing problems.





Muscle pain in limbs due to Vitamin B-12 deficiency.


Much weakness.


Anxiety related indigestion.

2023-2024 [till 30 Apr 2024]:

Weakness and lack of vitality.

IBS exacerbates.

Rise in BS.

Reduced immunity.

No new ailments.