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General Readings:
Your Attitude.

Your Health:
Basic health is quite weak.
Functional ailments get chronic.

Your Important Years in Life:
The 20, 24, 29, 32, 36, 37, 38, 42, 46, 49 and 55th years of your life will be significant ones.

Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will have artistic or musical inclination.
You will be very practical, persevering and fit for working in major ventures.
You will be more emotional and an exaggerated sense of personal honor will be highlighted.
You will not be successful in partnership.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will Not necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.

High position.
Good memory.
Success after much hard effort.
Low soul power.
Effeminate body.
Nerve related weakness.

Natural artistic ability.
Hasty reactions.
Intolerant of interference.
Fond of pleasures.
Fond of speculation.
No luck in business or lottery or speculation.
Discord with children.
Sorrow and mental disturbance due to matters of children.

Scientific mind.
Strong will power.
Fond of music.
Fond of family.
Ascetic in late life.
Less education possible.
Too assertive.
Bitingly witty.
No or low conjugal bliss.
Loss through men.
Weak health.
Phlegmatic problem.

Study abroad possible.
Good natured and religious minded spouse.
Well disposed to spouse.
Rise after marriage.
Prosperity in foreign land.
Interest in religion and philosophy.
Strong minded but poor to grasp.
Slow to form and change opinion.
Loss of spirit.
Mean spouse.
Inferiority complex.

Good health.
Good spouse.
General prosperity.
Oratorical ability.
Pure hearted.
Too sociable.
Intellectual conceit.
No paternal property.
Detached feelings towards family.
Many enemies.
Harm to longevity of spouse.
Financial issues.

Huge inheritance.
All material comforts and luxuries.
Authorship ability.
Handsome spouse.
Travel to other countries.
Fluctuating profession.
Ups and downs in livelihood.
Marital life full of trials and tribulations.
Insatiate sex life.
Many discord in conjugal life.
Marital happiness retarded.
No or few children.
Love of luxury.

Gains from father.
Good inheritance.
Lucky after marriage.
Ascetic in late life.
Sudden and unexpected changes in life.
Given to easy anger.
Hesitation to face strong opposition.
Lacks conjugal happiness.
Domestic unhappiness.
Much passionate.
Scandals may be possible.
Poor vision.

Landed property.
Responsible position.
Good occupation and socials status.
Sudden changes in career.
Sudden downfall in career and social status.
No or few children.
Aggressive nature.
Lack of amiable manners.

Advancement in studies.
Goes abroad.
Loss of land.
Disappointments and failures.
Dwelling far away.
Deprived of property.

All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.

Next two Years: An Overview [till 31 May 2016]:

Career will progress well but ony during 2015.
Later, it will just carry on with some increase in income.
Disturbed career scene will occur with problems with superiors and also colleagues at work.
Poor handling of money and sudden situations disallow adequate accumulation.
Financial stringency may not develop but some anxiety about finance can remain.
Social life will be gradually restricted.
Take care to avoid social life.
Marital life will remain unsatisfactory and unhappy.
Poor health of spouse.
No happiness of or from progeny is expected.
Personal health will remain variously afflicted with common functional ailments.

Breakdown of the next years into three effective sub periods:
Up to 26 Jun 2014: Balance of Mars-Sun.
27 Jun 2014 to 25 Jan 2015: Mars-Moon.
26 Jan 2015 to 31 May 2016: Part of Rahu-Rahu.

Sub Period wise detailed readings:

Up to 26 Jun 2014: Balance of Mars-Sun.

Your career will remain stable and new opportunities for progress may develop.
However significant obstructions too are possible till 14 Jul 14.
Yet you should at least try and explore ways to find or create a growth point.
Genuine efforts will find positive support.
In case you are not working now and are looking for a position, finding a job to resume your career is possible too.
The effects of your efforts may spill over to the next period.
At work in any job or role, you will enjoy good support and cooperation from peer but the same will be somewhat lesser with seniors.

Decent and fair income is seen.
This may not increase immediately.
Expenses will remain high, often without any real need.
Overall finance will be somewhat tight.
Avoid all risky investments.

Love Life:
Some new associations are possible in social life.
These may attract you.
But you should not encourage them as these can become a burden.
No real love or romance.

Marital Life:
Marital life will not improve.
Many fundamental differences will continue.
Sex life will not be encouraging.
Health and finance of spouse may pose some issues.

This is a weak area.
You may or may not have children.
In case, you have or get children, they may not enjoy much good health or good luck.
You may not enjoy good relation with or happiness from such children.

Indifferent health.
Some common ailments.
No serious disorders.

27 Jun 2014 to 25 Jan 2015: Mars-Moon.

Growth point in career is possible in this period though this is not a fully favorable period.
Your transit chart will specifically helpful.
Change to a better job or to a better role in current job is possible.
This change will bring increase in income too.
This period is a period of consolidation and thus you must pay particular attention to develop your professional image, since from 16 Nov 2014 to 24 Jul 2015 in the next period, your strength in this area will be tested.
Thus do the ground work from now.
Attach special attention to professional communication from Nov 2014 onwards.
Build up good rapport with all and communicate intelligently.

Increase in income is expected.
Handling of your money will be beset with emotional expenses at home and also in society.
You must avoid all areas of avoidable expenses.
Also strictly avoid any speculative or other risky investments.
Overall finance can improve with strict discipline in maintaining thrift and regular savings.

Love Life:
Social life will remain active till 02 Nov 2014.
But there after you will see clear breakdowns in your c relationships.
It is better to avoid socialization before such things happen.

Marital Life:
Marital life can deteriorate quite a bit from Nov 2014.
Many trials and tribulations are expected.
This area too needs to be protected and advance preparation will be necessary.
Just remain focused on the important areas of home life and accommodative and flexible with reasonable limits.
Communication will play a very important role at this stage.

Children, if any, may face obstructions in their lives.
They will not be cordial with you.
You may even face some sorrow through or due to them.

Stable health despite certain common ailments.
Worry and anxiety will affect digestion and blood circulation.

26 Jan 2015 to 31 May 2016: Part of Rahu-Rahu.

This will be a mixed but challenging period for career.
On the whole career scene will be basically turbulent.
Communication failure will develop with all at work.
Too many misunderstandings will make working very difficult.
This will be especially acute with your seniors.
They will be displeased with your attitude as all discussions will end in arguments and conflict.
Thus they will restrict your working too much and this will adversely affect your performance.
Period till 24 Jul 2015 and then again from 10 Dec 2016 to 17 Aug 2017 you will pass through Vish Shool period of Rahu under Rahu main period.
This will produce more obstructions and disagreements with all and you may fail to handle these with due self control.
Thus your professional image will suffer.
Your work will suffer too.
You will need to improve your communication, tolerance and patience and strictly avoid arguments.
No progress is possible in this period but your job will remain safe.

No hike in pay is seen now.
Even if you get any hike in pay, it will be quite modest.
Expenses will increase in many unexpected ways.
Your control on expenses too will not be adequate.
Accumulation will not rise much.
Avoid all investments in this period.
Focus on strict and regular saving and financial liquidity.

Love Life:
No social life now.
It is a blessing in disguise.

Marital Life:
Marital life will be more disturbed now.
Many major differences can erupt.
Take care of day to day issues and avoid them with much care.
Health of spouse may remain affected.

Happiness in the matters of children will remain more or less denied.
In case you have children, they may act in inimical manner.

Affected health.
Lack of proper sleep.
Digestive ailments.

Remedies for success and to avoid setbacks:
Chant Om Durgaoi Namah everyday, as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Worship Sun God every morning by offering water.
Donate to poor people.

Suggestions on what to accept as karmic and what to do to improve luck
and success:
Karmic results:
You will tend to go to one extreme or the other in any matter and will not be in the middle of the road.
This will obviously produce many negative situations.
Also your nature and attitude will tend to be rather cruel and stern.
You will be impatient and your physical vitality will be disturbed leading to physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left with you when you have a lot to do and also the vice versa.
Sexual energy will rise too much, leading to possible situations of promiscuity.
It is important to moderate such feelings and reactions in some way or the other.
Ways to improve your luck and success rate:
Maintain equilibrium of mind.
Avoid ego clash.
Avoid tendency for power struggle.
Cooperate to get cooperation.
Prefer team work.
Have free and fair discussion with spouse.