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General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Your Health:
Basic health is somewhat weak.
Functional ailments get chronic.
Your Important Years in Life:
The 18, 28, 31, 34, 36, 41, 42, 45, 46, 49 and 55th years of your life will be significant ones.
Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will be better educated and a better member of the society but will not do so well in life.
You may gain through marriage or property.
You may not be sure of yourself and may not be self-reliant.
You will have to face disappointments in life.
You will be lucky in financial matters but will lose through friends [?].
Health is likely to suffer due to worry.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will Not necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Inheritance of property.
Fond of travel.
Lives far way to earn livelihood.
Domestic bickering.
Reversals and disappointments in occupation.
No mental peace.
Self centered.
Patient of BP.
Stomach problems.
Financial gain possible through government.
Fond of travel.
Too independent.
Intolerant of interference.
Hasty reactions.
Poor health.
Dental diseases.
Self made person.
Much courage.
Success over enemies.
Trouble in education.
Harm to education, property, mother and peace in home life.
Careless about money.
Spends and invests without discretion or self control.
Hidden aims.
Too aggressive.
Artistic leanings.
Fond of travel.
Good spouse.
Good relatives.
Given to easy anger.
Bereft of real courage.
Highly sensitive.
Hated by relatives.
Unsteady disposition.
Inimical to siblings and servant.
Good fortune.
Financial success.
Delusions of invincibility.
Rigid beliefs.
Accentuated sexuality.
Too fond of social circles.
Many parasitic friends.
Too many enemies.
Financial losses.
Difficulty in getting children.
Less happiness from or of children.
Weak constitution.
Impressive in speech.
Elusive magnetism.
Miserly yet profligate.
Problems and changes in occupation.
Many love affairs.
Dissatisfaction in marriage.
All good yoga-s nullified.
Gets faithful spouse.
Gains after marriage.
Financial strain.
Wastage of money on gratification of senses.
Gets sickly spouse.
Domestic disharmony.
Lack of family comfort.
Detached feelings towards family.
Harm to longevity of spouse.
Many enemies.
Laxity of moral possible.
Calculating mind.
Restless mind.
Sickly and feeble constitution.
Acquisition of property and wealth.
Sound education.
Financial stringency.
No or limited progeny.
Short tempered.
Many good qualities.
Many facilities and enjoyments.
Several defeats and distress.
Short tempered.
All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.
Next Five Years: An Overview [till 31 May 2019]:
Career will slow down after making progress during 2015.
Disturbed career scene will occur with problems with superiors and colleagues.
You will need to take care of your attitude and communication.
Unsteady handling of money and many sudden situations disallow adequate accumulation.
Financial stringency may develop quite easily during Nov 2014 to Oct 2017.
Take care to avoid social life.
Marital life will remain quite unsatisfactory and unhappy.
Poor health of spouse.
Only modest or restricted happiness from progeny, if any, is possible.
Personal health will remain variously afflicted with common functional ailments.
Breakdown of the next five years into three effective sub periods:
Up to 17 Sep 2015: Balance of Saturn-Mercury.
18 Sep 2015 to 26 Oct 2016: Jupiter-Ketu.
27 Oct 2016 to 31 May 2019: Part of Jupiter-Venus.
Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 17 Sep 2015: Balance of Saturn-Mercury.
Your current main period and all applicable sub periods are not favorable for you.
Thus you will need to depend on transits alone.
At work you will get option to change over to a new job or a new role in current job or to resume a career, as applicable.
Change over to a better position or role will be possible from after 05 Sep 2014 onward.
It may not necessarily happen within 2014 and can easily spill over into 2015.
Preparatory actions for this change have to be started right now.
At work in this period, in any job or role, you will face much obstruction, criticism and challenge from superiors while peers will remain basically neutral.
Your reaction to these will be adverse and inappropriate.
Ego clash, arguments, disagreements and conflicts with seniors will be the order of the day.
All these will be further aggravated due to near total communication failure from your side, especially till 02 Nov 2014 but also later.  
From after 02 Nov 2014, due to Astama Sani [Astama Sani is transit Saturn in the 8th house from Moon valid during period from 03 Nov 14 to 27 Oct 2017], you will NOT get any cooperation, assistance, guidance or suggestion from any one, high or low, but obstructions and criticisms and restrictions on your power will be plenty.
You will have to handle the difficult time all by yourself. 
No further progress, after getting the new position, will be possible in this period.
However Jupiter in transit will remain favorable and will help maintain stability of job.                  
Income will be quite decent.
Expenses will remain very high.
Many needless and even dissolute expenses will cause loss.
Loss through social life and wrong investments.
Inadequate accumulation of money.
Love Life:
Not very active social life till 02 Nov 2014.
Earlier associations with women will try to revive for renewal or repair.
You will need to avoid these or face losses through them.
Marital Life [if applicable]:
This area will not improve.
Unhappiness in marital life with many differences will continue.
Poor health of spouse.
Insatiate sex life will operate.
This is a very weak area.
You may or may not have any children.
In case you have any children, they may not enjoy good health or good luck.
Relation with them may not be encouraging.
Basic happiness of or from progeny is not seen.
Indifferent health.
Many common functional ailments.
Take care of eyes, prostate gland and urinary system.
18 Sep 2015 to 26 Oct 2016: Jupiter-Ketu.
The poor relation with seniors will continue as before.
Colleagues will cooperate generally.
Much rise in responsibilities will occur without any increase in infrastructural support.
But you will be able to manage through the support of transit Jupiter.
Yet many new challenges and unexpected obstructions to work may make you get stuck frequently [Astama Sani].
Stay grounded, cool, patient and cooperating.
This is not a time to be too aggressive in any matter as that will bring more difficulties.                       
Income may increase but only moderately.
Expenses will not come down anywhere.
New and unplanned expenses will occur.
Medical expenses will rise.
Overall finance cannot improve and some stringency id definitely expected.
Love Life:
Active social life.
This is clearly negative for our welfare.
Shun social life, especially association with women.
Marital Life [if applicable]:
No improvement is expected.
Unhappy conjugal life.
No homely bliss or satisfaction.
Spouse will suffer ill health.
All common ailments can exacerbate.
No serious or new ailments are seen.
27 Oct 2016 to 31 May 2019: Part of Jupiter-Venus.
Current sub period lord, Venus is very ill placed at the start of this period.
Period till 27 Oct 2017 will repeat the effects of last period.
No positive changes will be possible. 
Period after 27 Oct 20147 will be even tougher than the first part of this period.
Colleagues ill strongly join your superiors to act against you. 
Repeated and major failure in observation, perception, analysis and judgment and also communication will keep occurring.
Your performance will not be up to the desired mark.
At this stage you will need to specially focus on avoiding any issue or task that can have any legal implication.
Take specific care if you do not have any way of avoiding such situations. 
However transit Jupiter will keep your job stable and will help increase your income.       
Income may not increase till 2017.
2018 will give you a good hike.
You will fail to exercise control over your finance.
Expenses will be too high and unplanned and often very ad hoc.
Better control is possible after Oct 2017 but your own nature of handling funds will not change.
Financial problems will remain but you will never be stuck for money.
Love Life:
You will take care to avoid social life till 27 Oct 2017 but not very successfully.
Losses will occur.
However most of your social associations will start breaking up from Nov 2017 and this is good riddance.
Marital Life:
No improvement in health of spouse.
No positive element or energy will be introduced by you in your home life.
Thus happy home will remain out of your reach even now.
Try to reverse this trend, it is possible.
Affected health.
Urinary issues.
Quite indifferent health but no major issues.
Remedies for success and to avoid setbacks:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” everyday, as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Worship Sun God every morning by offering water.
Donate to sugar or milk or both to any people or to orphanage.
Suggestions on what to accept as karmic and what to do to improve luck
and success:
Karmic results:
You will always tend to go to one extreme or the other of any task, event, issues or relationship or situations.
You will refuse to remain on the middle of the road.
This attitude will continuously obstruct your progress and peace of mind and none can help you in these.
Precise judgment in most matters [especially those that demand more intellectual application of mind] will remain affected frequently and at unsuitable times.
Ways to improve your luck and success rate:
Maintain equilibrium of mind.
Avoid ego clash.
Avoid tendency for power struggle.
Cooperate to get cooperation.
Prefer team work.
Have free and fair discussion with spouse.
Take hold of your attraction for the opposite gender.