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Marriage or a long term partnership with a member of the opposite gender is extremely important in life.
Physical, intellectual and emotional etc. needs of a person are fulfilled through marriage.
One can learn to appreciate others, to become more flexible and rational.
Through the institution of marriage one becomes better ready to face life in a balanced manner and to remain anchored to time tested values of human society.
Prior knowledge of various attributes of the future partner or spouse allows one to be ready for what his / her marital life will unfold later.
The attributes of your life partner are given in succeeding paragraphs under various heads.
Since the readings are through interpolation of your birth chart and not based on the chart of your spouse or partner, certain general variations are possible. Also in the absence of the information from you, it is presumed that this is your first life partner.
1.    Family Background of Partner / Spouse:
The family is of medium to large size; some members of the family are expected to be connected with careers in Public Dealing / Services / Metals / Information Technology / Aviation while some would be in Engineering / Communication / Management / Consultancy / Trading Business. As a whole the family may have many relatives and friends.
Her mother will be quite active, action oriented and carrying the personality of a leader. She would be having the qualities of sharp mind / tongue and worldly wise woman.
Her father will be quite sincere and man of words. He would be quite sensitive but a smart and worldly wise person – though at times he may be seen as too dry or obstinate in nature.
She is likely to be a person having interests in Trading / Manufacturing / Writer / Business Person or dealing with such persons.
She would be a lover of communication / writing and devoted to happiness of family.
2.    Looks of Partner / Spouse
She is expected to be of good appearance, beautiful, an average to tall height, proportionate figure with dark complexion and raised shoulders.
There is a possibility / tendency towards her having good hair (long or short), well developed bones and broad feet. She is likely to be using specs or contacts lenses.
Her body language will reflect confident nature.
She will be energetic, committed, emotional and a person of powerful feelings, dynamic and magnetic.
3.    Nature of Partner / Spouse:
She is expected to be of very high intelligence, intense and dynamic in romance, passionate with conservative thinking. She would tend to take action rather than speak about it.
On the negative side, she would be quite aggressive or rigid, it would be difficult to rest her mind easily
At the same time, she will have her own opinions and not easily be prone to get impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surrounding conditions, emotional and psychic nature, helpful, hospitable and somewhat reserved in manners. At times, due to circumstances, she could be very obstinate.
Generally, she would have pleasant manners and a sweet tongue – good enough to win over others’ feelings.
4.     Health of Partner / Spouse:
She will have average to good health with some minor health issues.
The probable areas needing attention could be eyes / abdomen / gyne / feet.
5.    Educational prospects of Partner / Spouse:
She will be intelligent and hard working and her higher educational may go through smoothly.
She will graduate from university with good scores and may also be able to pursue PG education but with some break / difficulty.
Her education is likely to be in technical subjects with higher studies in management / administration / technical / semi – technical subjects.
6.    Career prospects of Partner / Spouse:
She will have very good career prospects but in service / consultancy career only. There is also a possibility of her being consultant / advisor to other organisation due to the richness / uniqueness of her experience and skills.
Area of work will be related to dealing with masses or technical, engineering, service oriented industries, consultancy or managerial duties.
She will have good growth points in her career, from time to time.
She will be intelligent and hard working but she will have to divide time between domestic needs and career responsibilities.

7.    Love or arranged marriage of Partner / Spouse::
Unconventional Marriage - whether Arranged or not. Though the contact through friends/ known contacts / relatives can be possible
8.    Marriage delayed or not:
Your marriage is expected to be taking place soon and the year 2015 is the potential period, if proper search and suitable efforts are made.
9.    Time of marriage for your partner/spouse:
You will get married any time from now onwards in the year 2015, if proper search and suitable efforts are made. Subsequently also there would be suitable periods for you to get married.
10.  Quality of marital life:
Her horoscope is expected to be good in the area of marriage.
Detailed matching of horoscopes will be necessary.
Over dependence on matching of birth stars alone should be avoided.
With proper matching of the two horoscopes in their entirety, many of the malefic effects can be reduced.
Appropriate remedial actions should be taken before marriage.
However your marital life may still have some disturbances even after proper matching and remedies.
Mutual attraction or respect will be normal.
Sex life may be very fulfilling.
Some differences in taste, perception and preferences will exist.
Clash of ego should be avoided till you understand each other well.
Mature attitude and mutual adjustment will play a big role towards a better marital life.
11.  Prospects of Progeny:
This is an area of limited promise.
However for more accuracy, the horoscope of your life partner also needs to be checked simultaneously.
12.  Nature of your love relationships:
You will have desire to be in one relationship only, overall not moving easily from one to another and remaining stable.

Over the period of time, your tastes and preferences will be changing and thus you will expect your partner or spouse to change according to your needs or fancies, which may not occur in marital life.
13.  Probable ascendant of Partner / spouse:
Capricorn or Pisces will be ascending sign.
14.  Direction from which Partner / spouse hails:
She is expected to hail from East direction with respect to your place (or West in case of Pisces ascendant).
15.  Location of Partner / spouse, far or near:
She will come from a medium but a vibrant town.
This place may not necessarily be her birth place.