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Onlinehelp: Hello, how may I help you today?
Client 342: hello yes i have a 7.30 apt today.
Onlinehelp: Can you please give the request number.
Client 342: 641694.
Onlinehelp: Pl wait, Pt Onkarnath will join you shortly.
Onkarnath: Good Morning then !I will just go through how we will proceed....
Client 342: good evening to u do u want me to go about this?.
Onkarnath: We can cover each topic one at a time, do the clarifications and then move onto the.
Onkarnath: next topic. It will save cross conversation.
Onkarnath: Pl go ahead with your questions.
Client 342: sure. sounds good.
Client 342: actually my first question is about my studies..
Onkarnath: Yes ....
Onkarnath: Pl go ahead.
Client 342: i have been trying for 2 years now to get into good business school w/o luck and have been little dissapointed. any thing that u can say on that.
Onkarnath: The difficult phase has been on since June 2000 with the results aggravating you after July 2001. major progress is still some time away...
Onkarnath: Some progress in these matters would come about after July 2002...
Onkarnath: While the swings in thinking pattern and an undercurrent of disappointment is possible till Aug 2003..
Client 342: oh.
Onkarnath: Taking the whole situation into consideration, there could be a compromise possibility available in the second half of 2002 but..
Client 342: so i might have to apply next year too. i have applied and most of the schools will get back to me by july.
Onkarnath: The school of your choice might not become possible this year..
Onkarnath: This means that after July this year there might be a position in getting addmission.
Onkarnath: which is better than now but not as per your expectation.
Client 342: so waiting for another year would get me to the right school?.
Onkarnath: If you are in a position to wait then the best option could come by Nov 2002.
Onkarnath: Waiting a year would get you a better school.. Yes.
Client 342: after or by Nov 2002.. because schools normally get back from jan - july.
Onkarnath: Then in that case the period after Nov 2002 ie Jan - July of 2003 would give you the better option.
Client 342: is it possible for you to tell me anyhting about the school that i will get in?.
Client 342: these are very high ranked schools like harvard and all...
Client 342: that i had applied to.
Onkarnath: The indication surely goes that business studies can be expected.. However the standards that you are...
Onkarnath: Looking for will elude you. You have to get a mind set to go for a slightly lower option and then you will surely get through..
Onkarnath: If you have a specific school in mind we can check based on.
Client 342: that is what confuses me how low should i go? i had applied to top 5 .. so next year should i go top10.
Onkarnath: the current time of question if addmission is possible there or not.
Client 342: thats great.
Client 342: how much time do we have?.
Client 342: because i really want to sort out the marriage thing also.
Onkarnath: If you want to check, please give the exact time in your watch / the city.
Onkarnath: Don't worry about time..!!!.
Client 342: 6.26.
Onkarnath: Pl ask your questions.
Client 342: ok thx.
Onkarnath: City where you are right now.
Client 342: seattle.
Client 342: but i am based out of chicago.
Client 342: and i would really like to join wharton or uchicago.
Onkarnath: Where are you chatting from right now.
Client 342: seattle.
Onkarnath: Pl frame your question clearly now once more.
Client 342: sure.
Client 342: I would like to join Wharton ,Columbia or Uchicago . is it possible?.
Onkarnath: Pl wait I will make the chart, It may take 2-3 minutes.
Client 342: ok thx.
Onkarnath: What is the name of the state.
Client 342: of the universities?.
Client 342: or where i am right now?.
Onkarnath: No where seattle is situated.
Client 342: Washington.
Onkarnath: Okay just wait.
Client 342: but i have been here only a week. and i might be here for just a month more. r u sure all the calculation is based out of seattle and chicago which is my residence for last 4 years.
Client 342: i have been staying in chicago for 4 years.
Onkarnath: Pl don't get concerned, This has no connection with your permanent address.
Onkarnath: The answer will be based on the fact whether you are looking a good amount of loan of support to complete this education.
Client 342: No.
Onkarnath: Then the possibility is low in any of these universities.
Onkarnath: The place you study should make moving from your permanenent place or regular travel up & down from the place..
Client 342: ok. then I can give u another five names but i think we should move on. is it possible for me to just emai u the names later.
Onkarnath: Yes you can do that.. Also this system recognizes only one question at a time. Pl ask your next question...
Client 342: is this the right career move?
Onkarnath: You should plan it based on the following ...
Client 342: cause i have been a very bright student but have in past made few wrong career moves. right now i feel stagnated.
Client 342: sorry.. go ahead.
Onkarnath: 1. Career would not pickup till at least 2004 end .. in the way you imagine it should grow..
Onkarnath: 2. Period between Mar 2004 and May 2005 would be a period of changes and certain amount of disappointments and displacements..
Onkarnath: 3. Education would be okay now but cause stress after Mar 2004.
Onkarnath: The best way in our opinion would be to go for further education maybe on a part time basis and then decide whether you can afford to go on by around early 2005.
Onkarnath: You problem in career till now has been too many options instead of few options...
Onkarnath: Certain amount of volatility in behaviour too has not been easy on the progress..
Client 342: ok thx.
Onkarnath: Power of mind and focus would get good amount of progress.
Client 342: yes thats true.
Onkarnath: You can wear a pearl in silver or order an astrological remedy by going back on the site,.
Onkarnath: that would help to some extent.
Onkarnath: Would you want to go further with the next question.
Client 342: ok. I was thinking of changing career but by this u seems to be saying that i shouldnt change career by 2005.
Onkarnath: Yes if the situation is not drastic then at least till July 2002 and further maybe till August 2003 major changes can be avoided.
Client 342: Yes: My next question is about my marriage. I had submitted deatils about my friend
Onkarnath: Yes we have done the compatibility before and the matching was 20 points.
Onkarnath: out of 36.
Client 342: thanks.. do u suggest me going for that relationship as i want to but my parents dont.
Client 342: also they went to some astrologer ans he said that she is going to have many extra marital affairs which i dont belive but is making me very skeptical.
Onkarnath: There are a few personality points that might be of interest to you.
Onkarnath: The person is aggresive and at the same time is low on confidence.
Onkarnath: There must have been some past relationship / s.
Onkarnath: Would have a problem handling living with your family if the need arises..
Onkarnath: Have a wavering mind.
Onkarnath: Nothing suggests that there might be other relationships in the future too..
Onkarnath: Her mangal dosha is cancelled by a compensating combination in your chart ... Mars & Rahu in the 10th House along with Jupiter in the 1st house ( In your chart ).
Onkarnath: In all the bigger problem would be the ones pointed out but her temprament..
Onkarnath: even on a thinking level she would be the gogetter while you would look for true love and understanding.
Onkarnath: If you feel these issues can be handled then there is no harm in going ahead..
Onkarnath: If any of these issues are totally unacceptable then at some stage or the other a reason for separation might come up..
Client 342: Pl clarify the temperament thing.
Onkarnath: Pl go ahead with any clarifications if any.
Onkarnath: Temprament : Erractic thinking, easily worried, insecure at times, prone to worry & tension.
Onkarnath: Most of these effects would manifest after mid 2005.
Onkarnath: Any other clarifications.
Client 342: yep those bothers me and i can see those in her and was ready for marriage until the extra marital relationship thing camne up but if thats a non issue i might go ahead.
Client 342: any suggested period when we can get married?.
Onkarnath: A small piece of advice would be to be vocal in your expectations that you have from her.. this will keep the relationship balanced.
Client 342: I am surprised that u know so much about my behavious too.
Onkarnath: Possible period would be Oct 2003 to Nov 2004.
Client 342: we were thinking of dec 2002. anything that you want to say about that?.
Onkarnath: Just a moment.
Onkarnath: Yes chances could build up provided you don't give into family pressures.
Client 342: how about her? she is getting lot of pressure from her family too.
Onkarnath: Any clarifications.
Onkarnath: She has bouts of indecision at times, her family pressures ( mother ) might have been fine after Mid Feb 2002.
Onkarnath: Mostly the pressure would ease out from her side after Oct 2002.
Client 342: cool. thx.
Client 342: Any advice to both of us?.
Onkarnath: Any other questions...
Onkarnath: Keep your communication channels open.
Onkarnath: Try to avoid long distances.
Client 342: Nope. In general I am a little worried about Nitikas carrer and life .. any thing u wanna say about her.
Onkarnath: She also needs a remedy for that. Career would be mostly moderate.. Better after July 2002 though. Her weak mars needs help to give her a push in life..
Onkarnath: She should always be in a thinking / creative job or a profession.
Client 342: Would she be happy?.
Onkarnath: Mostly she should work on being a supporter in your career.
Onkarnath: Happiness is a relative term !! We can never answer that.
Client 342: pl clarify the supporter part if its not toolate.
Onkarnath: Her career will not take off as much as yours and so it is better if she is the homemaker..
Onkarnath: If that works out then you can take the family forward..
Client 342: but that is not possible in america. is it a problem if she is not a homemaker.
Onkarnath: I know but you could always take the more stressful job and let her work on the easier and comfortable career options. In any case this step you don;t have to take, the planets.
Onkarnath: will work out themselves over the next few years.
Onkarnath: Any other clarifications...
Client 342: Thank you pt. JI .. U basically vaildated all that i was thinking and dinn try to scare me or pressurise me as others did. U have told me the facts nad have left decision to me.
Client 342: Thank you once again.
Onkarnath: Hope you are statisfied then.
Onkarnath: You are welcome / signing off.
Client 342: Yep. Very much.
Client 342: bye.