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It is a significant time to evaluate and consider what you have been doing and have you achieved what you want or where you have gone wrong.
Relationships may end and jobs may change it all depends on whether you are happy with where you have arrived now.
You need to do through examination of your ambitions and goals in life as well as your current situation and whether it has future or if it needs to be changed.
Consciously or unconsciously you can prune your life of everything that is not relevant to who you are. Some changes may be quite painful to make but do not focus on this as it is only short term and the longer you hold on it that more problems you will have in the future.
If you have built your life around activities that are not appropriate this will be a time of crisis otherwise things will be much more solid for you in the years ahead.
Avoid disagreements and use of harsh words with others to maintain harmony in relations.
January 2015

Routine work will catch your attention and makes you busy most of the time.
Interactions with friends /neighbors will increase.
Meeting/communication with your friend.
If you are committed then this period may cause  disappointments.
High desires may leave you dissatisfied.
February 2015

You will feel emotional and sensitive.
Your sociability may increase and may meet or communicate with someone, if single.
However, this is not the right time to expect long term relationship.
This is time to move on from the fruitless chase.
What comes to mind is chasing after romantic partners who have no interest in you, or who are just bad for you.
This time Venus is approaching your natal Venus and it rules money, values and self-esteem, so this could just as easily refer to any habits (in those areas) that are no longer valid.
There’s a theme of active pursuit. It may be time for a course correction.
March 2015

This month your major focus will be at work.
Relationships with relatives and siblings and neighbors should be good now.
A subtle shift in the nature of some of these relationships may be perceptible.
During this period, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport.
 You are especially good at mediating conflicts.
Smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills figures now.
Possibility to go out for a short trip with friends/relatives.
April 2015

Discussions about financial issues.
Relationship with your existing partner may cool a bit, but usually this is nothing serious.
A business trip may separate you temporarily causing you to feel a bit lonely.
The focus is on what is practical.
You are attracted to people with maturity, worldly wisdom, and a solid sense of values (perhaps an advisor, elder, or teacher), and are disinclined to frivolous activities or wasting your time.
In fact you may be pleased and happy to be alone or perhaps with just one other person that you know well.
On the other hand, you may feel quite cool or withdrawn in a crowd.
You are also restrained and careful about spending money at this point, and that's as it should be.
It is a good time to reflect, set priorities, enjoy simple pleasures, and appreciate quality time with yourself or with your chosen companion.
A commitment could be made now.
May 2015

This month the transit  soothes the savage beast within you making you more accommodating and willing to compromise in relationships.
You are less inclined to be ambitious, except in the pursuit of romantic partners.
On the other hand, you may be the one being pursued.
This transit often has the effect of increasing your desires or attraction to others.
A new romantic relationship might start now and it is likely to be physical and passionate.
Your artistic creativity is increased.
This is a good time for visiting amusement parks and fairs.
June 2015

This period creates success in your social affairs, so it is an excellent time for a party, special events like weddings and graduations.
You feel like celebrating and this is an especially fun time.
You are likely to be more popular as others actively seek you out.
You are more likely to meet new people who can advance your interests or move into influential social circles.
This is a great transit for upward social mobility.
You may also be especially self indulgent now.
Sometimes it indicates receiving a substantial sum of money, but often your discipline in saving at this time is also lacking.
Watch a tendency towards extravagance.

July 2015
If with your partner, then this is a time to work out a problem or to face difficult tasks together.
You will have an opportunity to experience how the other handles trouble, inconvenience, or frustration.
Beware of the tendency to blame or see the other as intentionally annoying you.
If single, then this period will make you feel blocked to open up for new opportunities.
Any earlier experience, will make you cautious to go ahead. Remember, it is necessary process to go ahead to break the barrier.
Get rid of what holds you back, not what holds you together, and know the difference.
August 2015

Getting people around you -- or yourself -- to behave in the usual organized manner may be a bit difficult during this period.
Stops and starts abound, half-baked ideas remain unresolved, and follow-through on commitments is dicey.
Negotiations are favored in that you find out what can't be done and can hammer into shape that which can.
But patience can be short, so it's being even-tempered that will best see you through.
 It's better to accomplish things in small, repetitive efforts than to try for the big push and see it careen off-course.

September 2015

You are pulling out of a period that may have involved a lot of pointless thrashing about, mixed efforts involving multiple channels that required more effort than they were worth.
That was unavoidable, but as you finally select who you want to deal with and what ideas to run with you'll find that you can pick up speed and really put the pedal to the metal.
The key concept here is focus, as the greater pressure you apply in the area of your choice, the greater your acceleration will be.
This will lead to forward developments in your bottom line and a clearer idea of what you stand for when day is done.
October 2015

This period the transit of planets will bring intense feelings but they will be focused on superficial things. You may find your attention being absorbed by how things look, how you look, fancy gestures and gifts. It is necessary to ground this energy to use it to connect with other people.
With regards to your abundant sensuality, be moderate and don't rush things.
Impatience and a wish to control and organize things to suit you ruin something nice.
A particularly euphoric or ecstatic time could be extended and savored by being toned down a bit.
This may even bring with it a sense of serenity that will enable you to enjoy things and people more. Over-excitement leads to fast burn-through of experiences and produces moods that are volatile and unsatisfied.
November 2015

You get an opportunity to show loyalty, dependability, and that you want to be there for one another in foul weather as well as fair.
It may seem like not much is happening, a humdrum kind of time.
Your affections stabilize and mature. Relationships are reinforced and steady, although feelings are expressed reservedly, formally, or sparingly.
A new sense of realism in existing partnerships comes now.
December 2015

Knowing the abundant energies that are around at this will give you the opportunity to increase them.
This is a time of heightened sensuality and "feel-good" energy, excellent ingredients for a wonderful time.
If however, you are looking for a long-term lover, then you need to clear up any doubts, deceit or lack of respect that may have been an issue in a past relationship. Also, be aware of out-of-balance energies.
Personal growth gives pleasure and happiness, and sensuality helps to heal and promote growth.
Once we find the pleasure we have sought it is natural for us to move onwards towards higher levels of experience and consciousness, and this inner growth provides the keys to satisfaction and joy.
This is a time when all of your relationships will increase in intensity, especially your love relationships. There is a trend towards greater commitment, seriousness and increased intimacy.
In romantic relationships, you should watch a tendency from either you or your partner to become jealous or possessive.
If you're not romantically involved, you may be strongly attracted to someone else, or someone else may be strongly attracted to you.
[Just be sure of the feelings of other person about you - how genuine they are!]