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About You
Currently, you are quite restless - in mood for a change. You have a sharp an active mind capable of weighing all pros and cons.  You are concerned and wondering if you can have a happy and long life which is dignified and full of comforts.  In other words, you may find yourself more anxious about getting luxuries of life than interested in enjoying them.

Also you are given to the habit of fun, anxiety, beauty and circle of friends but this needs to be added with meaningful social interaction, some kind of physical activities such as exercise and promptness. You may meet people with politeness, praise their qualities but be critical of them behind their back.
By nature you are very sensitive, loving, sensitive and you care for the attention from the opposite sex.  Being secretive and somewhat shy you will not share that you are feeling attracted towards males. Because you do not like to express your feelings, It will be very difficult to know your state of mind. You will always like to give importance to secrecy.

You may be scoring very high when it comes to being practical, strong-willed, ambitious, determined, or having good organizing skills
From outside you may look tough / hard but you will be very gentle at heart. You will be sincere towards your duties. You will be respectful to your elders and seniors and loyal to your dear ones.
General Nature
Your thoughts may be going in a many different directions this period – but all relating to your prospects of marriage and life after marriage. You may have devoted much time already to think about it. With regards to marriage and finding a suitable life partner, things will come up decently and slowly and yet unexpectedly. However, you will need to be able to react quickly. The faster you move, the less time you will have to react. Therefore, you may want to consider a side route or slower but steady lane where things are flowing a bit more relaxed way.
On the domestic front, there are indications that the circumstances and atmosphere may tend to get somewhat more close to finding a suitable match and also deciding on someone suitable for you..
This means that you may have to exercise your choice by making right decision and expressing it in a balanced way. How you express affection will be in the spotlight now, and your level of energy will be higher. But this, in itself, is not positive or negative. It is how you choose to use it that makes the difference.
Agreeable relations, enjoyment, attraction to men and friendship are the effect of this period. You will be over indulgent, little lazy, not much of self-discipline and perhaps unwillingness to work which should be controlled, especially in intimate relations or even in over eating too. Amorous mood in existing relations will be good, if committed. Alternatively establishing new relations seems to be the right thing at this time. With regards to your abundant desires now, be moderate and don't rush things. Impatience and a wish to control and organize things to suit you ruin something nice.
Presence of yoga related to marriage
Lord of seventh house is SUN and it is posited in the 2nd house with SATURN and JUPITER. Further, there are the aspects of SATURN, VENUS, MARS and MERCURY. This is a mixed feature – as aspects of VENUS and MERCURY are welcome but your 7th house being aspected by two malefic planets also – SATURN and MARS. It is very bad. Thus it makes the chart of the native Manglik.. The aspect of MERCURY as the 8th lord is also not very auspicious. These factors provide a reason for a possible delayed marriage, because with such a combination the possibility of finding a match in the known circle or through friends is not easy (for and through arranged marriage).
Under such cases, blockages are experienced, and love relationships may be a source of frustration as a result, until you learn to love yourself, and to feel worthy of love from others.  
Promise of marriage in chart:
The seventh house of the chart governs marriage and the seventh house of the chart falls in Leo. The lord of the seventh house is SUN - placed in 2nd house (Pisces sign). Also there is saving grace as that the significator of marriage – JUPITER is associated with SUN. Also VENUS the lord of 4th and 9th houses is aspecting the 7th houses – indicating the marriage in the traditional way with the approval of the society. Thus the promise of marriage at this time is average to good and suggests that you may have to work hard to get suitable spouse.
Timing of Marriage:
Currently you are going through the dasha of MOON and sub period of MERCURY
In transit, JUPITER shall be entering your 7th house from 15th July 2015 to 16th August 2016.
 Therefore, these periods (after 15 July 2015) are more favorable for you to get married if proper efforts are made to search for a suitable life partner.
Compatibility after marriage:
The Lagna lord represents “Self” and the seventh lord that represents “spouse” are in 5 / 9 position which is favorable.  At the same time, the aspects of two malefic planets indicate that little ups and downs in marriage that can be handled with wisdom and patience efficiently. Thus you will have to work consciously to maintain peace and love to enjoy harmonious relations with your spouse.
Manglik Dosha Consideration:

It does exist. Therefore, you may consult a learned Priest to perform the necessary remedial measures.
Harmony or Discord
The Lagna lord and the seventh lord are in 5 / 9 positioning, indicating average to good level of harmony.  As mentioned in previous para, a few ups and downs are expected in the marriage. This requires some adjustments on both the sides. A proper relationship analysis will certainly reduce and guide you both to maintain relationship in a harmonious way. Harmony can be achieved by putting some effort in this direction. Otherwise time may push you towards unpleasant events of relationship.
Progeny and its related problems:
The fifth house governs progeny and the fifth house is in Gemini which is a MERCURY sign – this delays / denies the promise of progeny. Further there is no aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house and Jupiter is considered the significator of progeny (puttrakarka).  
The connection with MERCURY is an indicator of low promise. It indicates that progeny can be blessed by medical and astrological remedies. You need to go for medical care along with prayers to get blessed by progeny.  Also a complete prediction is not possible without studying the horoscope of your spouse.
Overall conclusion:
The promise of marriage is there in chart. Hopefully the marriage will not be delayed much. The aspect of harmony also needs to be looked into and may require some adjustments on both the sides.
Astrological Remedy
Invoke Goddess Durga or Maa Parvati and seek blessings from her for getting the husband of your choice