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Definition of Sade Sati:
Sade Sati is related to the transit position of Saturn with respect to the Moon sign of your birth chart.
Sade Sati is the period of transit of Saturn one sign behind Moon sign, over the Moon sign and one sign ahead of Moon sign.
Saturn takes two and half years to transit through one sign.
Therefore, it takes seven and half years to move through the three signs mentioned above and therefore it is named as Sade Sati [seven and half].
It repeats after 29-30 years again.
In between these repetitions, the two additional periods of 2.5yr each [called dhaiya] occur.
These periods are for transit of Saturn in the fourth house and in the eighth house from the Moon.
When Saturn transits through the 4th house from the natal Moon sign the transit is called Laghu Kalyani Dhaiya.
When Saturn transits through the 8th house of the natal Moon sign the transit is called Kantaka Dhaiya.
Both these periods are for two and half years approximately.
The effects of these two periods are also similar to that of Sade Sati of Saturn.
Moon is the most sensitive planet in our life while Saturn is the most mystifying of all planets.
Thus interrelation of Saturn and Moon is very significant.
On one hand while Saturn represents all that is wicked, base and brutal, on the other it is also an enormous benefic.
At the mundane level it is total 'Tamasik' (Base and Gross), and at the higher level it is the greatest 'Satwik' (Pure and highest Soul). Saturn is the divine magistrate and the great preserver of law and order, who will punish us the moment we deviate from our intended life script.
Saturn can represent death and the destroyer of all the things that we hold dear to us.
Saturn will take away the dearest one from our life without notice; can turn the king into a pauper within a moment.
Saturn wants us to understand that all these material paraphernalia of earthly power are meaningless, the only true thing in life is to be free and liberated from all desires and become a true Yogi.
Saturn can be a very cruel teacher.
It will give us all the trappings just to test us and then snatch it away within a moment, in case we deviate from the path of liberation, and have got trapped in all our material success.
If a person experiences long life then he will experience three Sade Sati periods in his life.
Time Period of Sade Sati:
There are three phases of Sade Sati.
Phase 1 - Saturn moving through one sign behind the Moon:
Since your Moon is in Scorpio, phase-1 covers transit of Saturn over Libra.
Phase 2 - on the Moon sign i.e. in Scorpio.
Since your Moon is in Scorpio, phase-2 covers transit of Saturn over Scorpio.
Phase 3 - one sign after the Moon sign i.e. in Sagittarius.
Since your Moon is in Scorpio, phase-3 covers transit of Saturn over Sagittarius.
Your Moon is in 01 degrees and 15 minutes in Scorpio.
So when Saturn comes to this point, the peak of Sade sati effects will be observed [in your chart this point will come on 13 Nov 2014].
Since your Moon sign is Scorpio, you will get generally auspicious effects during phase-1, quite inauspicious effects during phase-2 and mixed effects during phase-3.
Moon of your birth chart is in Scorpio in Vishakha Nakshatra in the 3rd house from ascendant in your birth chart.
Effects of Sade Sati:
The following effects of Sade sati will be much modified and improved due to the transits of other planets, especially the benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus.
Further for a Scorpio Moon, Sade sati always gives auspicious results during transit of Saturn over Libra, inauspicious results during transit over Scorpio and middling results during transit over Sagittarius.
You MUST NOT be overwhelmed by the transit effects of Saturn given below and MUST understand and use the readings in the light of much possible improvements.
Effect during the Phase I:
You may face financial losses, aimless and long travels without serving any purpose, and uncontrolled expenses that can cross your capacity.
All these will disturb and spoil the trend of your life.
Your mind will be clouded with worries and anxieties.
You may lose employment and income, and thus face major financial problems.
You will not be fully able to seek new employment due to your inability to come out of the prevailing situations and compulsions and may take on other routes to stabilize and take forward your life.
Most of your savings and investments will be affected by unwanted and unexpected expenses that you cannot avoid.
Due to lack of clarity in your mind you may find yourself unable to decide any vexing or otherwise important issue.
Thus the plans you make now may be inherently weak and may even fail.
Your power of discrimination will be affected and you may take incorrect or unfavorable decisions.
You may be separated from your family and may be away from your spouse and children.
Your personal assets and savings will be eroded gradually.
You may be transferred to unwanted places where you may face only troubles and difficulties.
Therefore all malefic results will be intensified in your new location.
You should not opt for new ventures, fresh investments and must not stand security for others as all these efforts will fail and you will stand to lose.
Even existing work will produce several issues and possible loss.
You will be tempted to plan for and indulge in such efforts but will ultimately make you suffer.
Hence you should not fall prey to such temptations and thus should save yourself.
It is better to stick to the lowest level of expectations and gains and maintain this approach till the end of all the three phases of Sade sati.
This will apply to all areas of life.
Effects during the Phase-2:
The effects will be more negative in this phase.
Your health will suffer and you may face many common ailments like headache and dysentery.
You will be antagonistic to many people.
There will be unwanted and uncontrollable expenditure.
You will keep facing situations of humiliation and even possible insult.
There can be risk of accidents related to water bodies.
Accidents related to fire is also possible.
You will suffer from liver trouble, windy ailments and may even fall prey to food poisoning.
These can develop into long standing or chronic ailments.
You may have to see the death of a relative where you may have some responsibility, however indirect it may be.
Your appearance will lose luster and your complexion becomes darker than what it normally is.
Your friends and relatives may become detached from you and may not much care for you.
Your children will maintain poor health and will suffer from various disorders.
You will be trying various things in aimless manner.
You may lose your confidence and self esteem and keep requesting for others' help you to run your show.
You may get trapped in some offence or obstruction or problem and will suffer in trying to get out of these.
You will have to overwork yourself and thus get too tired and even lose your normal strength.
Otherwise you may not have sufficient willingness to try and work hard for your needs.
Effect during the Phase-3:
There will be excessive expenditure or you will lose much money in various ways.
Your financial status will come down steadily despite efforts to check it.
You will have to handle financial stringency and scarcity.
Health of your spouse and that of your children will remain affected and will decline.
Your servants and others employed by you or working under you will not cooperate or obey you and may even leave you when possible.
There will be loss of respect and you will face humiliation.
You may have to go out of your home under compulsive situations.
You may be subjected to unfair acts of others and will thus suffer.
You will be in the bad book of elders and superiors and the authorities and will suffer due to that.
You will suffer from problems related to your eyes.
Forced by circumstances you may ill treat your spouse and may even neglect her.
You may be seduced, deceived and misused by unworthy women.
A sizeable part of your property may have to be sold and the money thus received may go for unworthy causes.
Your children will have a bad time.
Their education will be badly affected.
Your masculine virility will decline.
You will try to earn money though wrong ways and means.
You will enter into unwanted and unwarranted quarrels and controversies.
You may decide to borrow large amounts for your own expenses.
But even that money will not be available to you when you will have dire need.
Remedies to reduce the ill effects of Sade Sati:
The scriptures give many such measures involving alms giving, worship, keeping fast, chanting of mantra, wearing the gems etc. as could be effective in mollifying Saturn’s evil effect.
Vedic remedies of Saturn are given below:
Through incantations (Mantra):
The following mantra should be should be chanted 19,000 times in 40 days.
Employ some learned Brahmin or you do it by yourself.
To get benefic effects of Sade Sati on health, mental peace, family happiness, finance and profession you should perform Maha Mrityunjaya Japa.
Chant this mantra 125000 times.
Gem and Metal Therapy:
Wear a Neelam (blue sapphire) embedded ring or made of Triloha (alloy of three specific metals) after its due sanctification.
Also wearing a locket with Neelam, Amethyst hanging in the centre round your neck can also do the needful.
However on overall analysis of your chart use of Neelam is NOT recommended.
Make a ring of iron horse–shoe (of a black horse) or from the nail of an old boat.
Soak the ring from one Saturday to another in mustard oil.
Wear it at Sunset on any Saturday after chanting the Saturn Mantra for 108 times.
The ring should be worn only in the middle finger.
The ideal Muhurtha is during the currency of periods of the stars Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada or Rohini.
This ‘Saturn – ring never causes any damage.
Fasting Regimen: Highly recommended
Keep fast on Saturday and have only one meal after sunset.
These fasts are kept for removing the ill effects of Saturn in its major period or in Sade Sati.
Actually these fasts are kept during the whole period when Saturn is active.
Since it is difficult for some people to observe the strict rule of fasts and the period generally runs for a longer time, so the period is reduced to its ratio of seven and half days per year.
You can keep fast for consecutive seven full days of Saturdays and on the eighth Saturday fast should be kept for half day.
Break the fast after performing prayers to Shani Dev preferably in temple.
It may include donation of Shani articles like mustard oil, black sesame and apologies for the known and unknown ill karmas done by you. The rules to be observed in this fast is that the priority is given to Shani Stotra to be recited strictly when observe fast.
You can pray Shani Dev by keeping his photo in peaceful pose [shani Dev has two forms- one is when he is in peace sitting on his throne and the other is Rudra means in anger.] or preferably you can keep Saturn yantra in front of you.
Perform prayer of Shani Dev by offering him panjiri, black sesame, violet flowers [if not available then you can use red rose or marigold but never use white, pink or cream flowers].
After performing pooja you can apply some of the oil from the lamp to the parts of your body suffering from the pain.
It proves to be useful.
You can partake the panjiri you kept while performing prayers, take milk, fruit etc till sunset.
After sunset you can take normal Satwik food i.e. food excluding onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.
Recitation of Dashratha Shani Stotra daily till the end of Sade Sati.
When breaking the Saturn – fast some almsgiving must be done.
Donate black blanket, urad dal [split black gram], black sesame seed, oil, leather sandals and dark piece of cloth, coarse cereal or some iron utensil to a deserving person.
Other Remedies:
(a) Wrap a raw cotton thread seven times round a Peepal tree (the holy fig tree) on a Saturday evening and recite the mantra for Saturn. Light a lamp with mustard oil under the tree and seek forgiveness for any misdeed done knowingly or unknowingly in the past.
(b) Measure a black thread equal to 19 times the length of your hand and wear it like a garland.
(c) On Saturday bury in an untilled place, a sweet made of urad [split black gram] pulse, sesame, oil and jaggery.