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I am an IT Professional with about 8 years industry experience. In mid 2014, I lost my job very unexpectedly and it took me by surprise. And I have been searching for any available job in IT industry with my prior experience since. I have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity but would like to know when exactly will I get my job?

As per your chart the prosperity giving and money making planets are Mars and Saturn. They both are ill placed in the eighth house and in degree conjunction. Astrologically they are in planetary war.
The eighth house represents the longevity, sudden fall, secret aspects of life, wealth of spouse, disgrace, change, unorthodoxy, inheritance, adjustment in married life, controversy, legacies, sudden financial gains, prolonged illnesses, inherited diseases and conjugal life. This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, property and luck. The eighth house of the horoscope is known for struggle, hidden enemies, inherited health problems, joint finances & monetary gains from property, long term investment, banking, fixed assets, sudden expenses, parent’s property and ill health of elderly people in family.

Mars conjunct Saturn in the eighth house indicates problems in financial matters and growth in career. These two planets are also causing delay in getting job.
As per your chart you are under the influence of the major period of Mercury and the sub-period of Moon during 25 August 2015-23 January 2017. Chances of getting a job are high during this period. You might also get a business opportunity during this period. A business related to online selling of products and import/export and trading will be beneficial for you.

Will I get good salary for my next opportunity?

You will get good salary.

I have taken multiple training to increase my work skills for my next employment. But my struggle to get work did not reduce. Could you please advise me what I should do or not do so I can to find suitable work in IT?

As per the forthcoming period of planets you are suggested to make some long term investment to have a regular source of income. A business related to import/export and trading will also be helpful for you. As per the forthcoming period of planets in your chart you will have passive sources of income in comparison to the active sources of income. Active sources of income are gains from service and business and the passive sources of income are income while you rest such as gains from banking, house rent, mutual funds, and property. Value of your assets will also increase. Cash inflow will be good, but you should keep a tab on your expenses. You may start to seek passive income, ways of making money while you sleep. Just beware of pyramids and get-rich-quick schemes. Avoid speculation and stock market investments. Avoid income from unjust means.