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Basic potential of spiritual work and progress:
The following points may cause some interests in community or social service and generally charitable, virtuous and religious nature.
No real attraction or even inquisitiveness is expected about emancipation or what it entails.
Sun as ascendant lord is placed in the 9th house and this may occasionally entail a moderately religious nature.
Moon in the 9th house may give occasional religious inclinations.
Mercury in the 9th house may encourage you towards religious and virtuous acts.
Venus as the lord of 10th house placed in the 11thhouse may make you truthful.
Saturn in the 3rd house may give you some occasional generosity.
Rahu in the 11th house may make you religious at times.
Ketu will offer opportunities for association with saintly people.
But these planetary configurations can NEVER bring you to a spiritual way of thinking or living.
Mundane priorities and aspirations, various weaknesses, several frailties and attractions would remain significantly high, prominent and continuous and will always stand strongly against spiritual tendencies, even if any develops by chance or by association.
Negative points that can abort, divert, retard or stop spiritual attitude or progress:
Sun is placed in Aries sign.
Sun is conjunct with Moon.
Sun is conjunct with Mercury in Aries while Mercury is ahead of Sun.
Sun is opposite Saturn.
Moon is in Aries sign.
Moon is in conjunction with Mercury.
Moon as 12th lord is placed in the 9th house.
Mars is in Taurus sign.
Mercury is in Aries sign.
Jupiter is in Scorpio sign.
Venus is in Gemini sign.
Saturn is in Libra sign.
Saturn as the 6th house lord is in 3rd house.
Saturn as the 7th house lord is in 3rd house.
Ketu is in 5th house.
Beyond some general attraction towards occasional noble actions, you will not be interested in adopting a spiritual life style of any level or variety.
For you, spiritual life style may become an optional refuge at the most, especially when you are deep in obstructions, failures or frustrations that you fail to handle by yourself.
Attractions for mundane success, various enjoyments and indulgences and lack of any meaningful soul power, will promote all obstructions to spiritual learning or progress.
Your mind will not remain focused on any one matter for long and you will easily tend to find fault with most things, events and people.
Profile of progress for spiritual growth:
During the balance part of Rahu main period till Nov 2028 [age: 31yr to 45yr] you may make some efforts to control your mind and senses but your inner mind will remain primarily filled with desire for wealth, prosperity and associated attractions for improving your mundane gains and with removing all obstructions to them, by all possible means and thoughts about them.
You will be capable of mundane success but will fail to associate with or relate to anything spiritual at this stage.

From Nov 2018 to Nov 2044 [age: 45yr to 61yr] during the main period of Jupiter, you will have much accentuated sexuality, constant delusions of invincibility of wrong and unworthy actions and much pride and conceit and will thus face repeated and continuous problems and challenges in many areas of life, less than desired progress in career and various other disappointments in mundane matters of life.
You will have a much materialistic, over sensitive, much quarrelsome, argumentative and highly combative attitude.

You will take even small matters and minor disadvantages too seriously and react in much arrogant, obstinate and irrational manner.
You will be much angered very easily but will remain basically incapable of handling difficulties and oppositions successfully.
You will endeavor to achieve success in materialistic life and will have nearly no desire to focus on in any other areas of life.
The basic lack of motivation towards spirituality can at the most lead you to some occasional charity or minor community service.
Failures and frustrations in the mundane areas may occasionally cause you to just be curious about spirituality.

But your inner consciousness will remain inert and will not be ready to accept spirituality as a way of life or even to try it out any seriously.
Period from Nov 2044 to Nov 2063 [age: 61yr to 80yr] will be covered by the main period of Saturn.
You will become more and more self opinionated, much prodigal of expenses on unworthy causes, highly controversial, vindictive, of easy anger, highly over confident and whimsical while you will develop more significant involvement with retaining and making material progress and gains and indulging in power struggles despite your seriously falling health.
Your desire levels for various addictions and material gains will remain entrenched.
You will be much affected by your immediate and quite unworthy associations promoted by your own actions.
There will not be anything spiritual in any sense of the term.
This will also be the last main period of your life.
You will physically suffer much at this stage due to ill health.
This period will be too close to the end of your life and at this stage you can only manage to occasionally THINK ABOUT living the life of spirituality.
You will remain unable to do anything practical, even if you want to.
Ways to start or further your progress:
Do introspect every day, at the end of the day.
Find your mistakes and omissions and confess to yourself.
Get engaged in as much voluntary community service as possible.
Donate liberally to charity.
Be ready to work with and for anyone who needs help.
Perform physical work every day for keeping your body fit to follow spiritual path without any break.
Love one and all, and all the time, without any precondition.
Forget your desires and needs and only feel the pain and need of others.
Meditation, Prayers and Mantras.
All these are useful and are especially important to make you start a spiritual life and make progress too.
Meditation will do you a world of good to detach you from mundane matters and collate all your positive energies and focus them on spiritual path.
Your basic health too will improve.
Without this, one may lose focus at weaker moments.
One may unconsciously drift away to various levels of attachment.
You should meditate concentrating on your own chosen or favorite image.
Best will be to concentrate on a burning candle or lamp.

Mantras work in similar manner and help one in focusing your energy to a single particular task and earn the Grace of God for that specific task.
You can use Mantras to turn your mind towards spirituality and away from a life of consumption, pleasures and comforts.
Prayers can be for general Grace or for a specific task.
For overall Grace, you must thank Him every day and pray.
Specific prayers will depend on the form and sect that you belong to in your own religion.