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The speculation luck is determined by a combination of factors. There are three important parameters which determine whether you can make money in stock market or other speculative type of investments.
The first parameter is based on your natal chart in the form of the lords of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11 th house who contribute to wealth.  The lords of 6/8/12 (6/8/12 houses are called “Trika Houses” and their lords are called “Trika Lords” )contribute to ruin and misery.  In order to determine the “luck” aspect in day trading and stock market generally, (including futures and options trading), we need to look at the lords of 2/5/9/11 houses and see if they are associated with any trika houses or trika lords in any form. If such association is there, there is unlikely to be speculative luck and even if in the short run, some money is made, in the long run, overall the losses are likely to outweigh the profits made.

In your chart, the 2nd lord is associated with the 12th lord, the 5th lord is posited in an enemical house, your 9th lord also happens to be the 12th lord (dual lordship) and 11th lord  is associated with the 8th lord.  It is advisable for you not to indulge in any speculative transactions in which you are more likely to loose money in the long run although in the short run  you may be able to make some money.
The second parameter we need to look at is 5th house (purva punya sthana) and its lord.  Purva punya basically means that in the earlier births, lot of efforts have been made but the fruits thereof will be reaped in this birth.  If the purva punya is good, there is a good possibility of “windfall” gains (although strictly speaking these are only rewards for efforts made in the earlier birth but the fruits of which have not been given earlier but is given in this birth). 

In your chart, the 5th lord also happens to be yogakaraka and is also well placed in Labhasthana  but is posited in an enemical sign.  Thus although it is in a position to deliver profit, due to positioning in an enemical sign, it is not comfortably placed.  This indicates that you may be able to post some profit but in the long run it will be difficult to sustain the same.
The third parameter to be looked into is your wealth potential,  investment potential and speculative potential in this birth.  These  need to be calculated which we have done for you and the position is as under:
Wealth potential 72.79%
Investment potential 62.50%
Speculative potential 28.85%
The number 100 represents full potential in these cases.  The closer these are to 100, you will have that much potential (you can take it as probability of success in these matters).
In your case
While the wealth  potential is pretty good indicating that you can be really wealthy by earning in normal course and  the investment potential is also good indicating that pure investment can get you profit (not day trading etc but long term investments) but speculative potential being very less, these are indicative that out of 3 speculative deals that you may do, in one you may make profit but in the other two you are likely to lose.  i.e. in only about 1 out of 3 deals, you are likely to make money.  This is of course, not to suggest that you should not invest.  Investments in various forms will likely get you the profits but do not indulge in speculation.
The  contribution to your investment potential by each planet in your chart is given below.
Jupiter 100.00
Sun 00.00
Mars 50.00
Venus 75.00
Mercury 12.50
Saturn 06.75
Moon 0.00
Rahu 25.00
Ketu 50.00

We give below the sectors represented by each of the above planets.
The planet Sun represents all the Public Sector units and precious metals.

The planet Moon represents Petroleum,Oil and gas sectors and Shipping industries.

The planet Mars represents Automobile industry and Pharma sectors.

The planet Mercury represents Textile sector and FMCG.

The planet Venus represents Media and sugar sector.
The planet Jupiter represents Banking sector and Financial sector.

The planet Saturn represents Metal industry,Telecommunication sector and mining sector.

The planet Rahu represents media,telecommunication and electrical sectors.

The planet ketu represents Power and IT sector.

From the above sectors you can select the sectors for which the planets representing them are making maximum contribution to your investment potential.
In choosing specific shares within the sectors, you have to exercise proper discretion and do considerable research, for investment.
Favourable Nakshatras for you:
The favourable time for investment (generally in any investment- not necessarily in stock market) will be the time when Moon is in the following Nakshatras:
Favourable Nakshatras for you:
The favourable nakshatras for you are the following which you can use for any purpose where you want an auspicious results.
Moolam Utradam Avittam Pooratadhi Utiratadhi
Aswini Kritika Mrigasira Punarvasu Poosam
Magam Uitiram Chitra Visakham Anusham
 The names of Nakshatras in different languages are given below for your ready reference:
No Samskritam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi Tamil Malayalam
1 Aswini Aswini Aswathi
2 Bharani Bharani Bharani
3 Krithika Karthigai Kaarthika
4 Rohini Rohini Rohini
5 Mrigashiras Mrigasheersham Makeeryam
6 Aardhra / Arudra (Telugu) Thiruvaathirai Thiruvaathira
7 Punarvasu Punarpoosam Punartham
8 Pushyami Poosam Pooyyam
9 Ashlesha Aayilyam Aayilyam
10 Magha/Makha Makam Makham
11 P.Phalguni/Poorva Phalguni/Pubba(Telugu) Pooram Pooram
12 U.Phalguni/Uthraph alguni/Uttara(Telugu) Uthiram Uthram
13 Hastha Hastham Atham
14 Chitra Chithirai Chitra
14 Chitra Chithirai Chitra
15 Swaathi Swaathi Chothi
16 Vishaakha Visaakam Visaakam
17 Anuraadha Anusham Anizham
19 Moola Moolam Moolam
20 P.Shada/Poorvashaada Pooraadam Pooraadam
21 U.Shada/Uthrashaada Uthiraadam Uthraadam
22 Shraavan Thiruvonam Thiruvonam
23 Dhanishta Avittam Avittam
24 Shathabhisha Chathayam/Sadayam Chathayam
25 P.Bhadra/Poorvabhadra Poorattathi Poorattadhi
26 U.Bhadra/Uthrabhadra Uthirattathi Uthrattathi
27 Revathi Revathi Revathi

We also give below the ashtavarga distribution in different signs in your chart.

Based on the above ashtakavarga derived from your chart, it may be observed that  Leo, Virgo and Pisces  are having 30 or more of ashtakavarga points.  When these signs arise, (i.e. when these signs become ascendant or lagna everyday, at that time of (approximately 2 hrs for each lagna) your luck factor will be optimum for the day.
You can time your efforts accordingly for everything where you want a relatively higher degree of success.
Please remember that we have not recommended any specific stocks but only the sectors indicated by planets in your chart which are contributing to your speculative/investment potential. Even at the cost of repetition, we restate that you have to exercise proper discretion and do considerable research in selecting specific scrips in these sectors.

The other general guidelines which help in conserving capital are: Do divide your capital into several parts and never risk more than what you can afford to lose. Always use stoploss and protect the trade. Never overtrade. Never let profit run into loss (i.e. keep booking profit periodically). Do not buck the trend. When in doubt get out and don't get in when in doubt. Trade/invest only in active stocks. Trade at the market levels. Follow up with stop loss to protect your capital. Accumulate the surplus separately. Never get in or get out due to impatience. Never cancel a stop loss. Avoid getting in and out very frequently. Never buy because the price is low. Do not change your position unless validated by research. Finally, nothing can substitute for Research of the stock where you are putting in money.