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Q_1:I am working as a director in a large company in USA.
There are many changes happening in my company and though it's going ok for now, I am trying to get promoted.
There are lots of organizational challenges and my boss left the company recently.
I was trying to find out how my position will change in the coming months.
My senior manager is very supportive of me but there is a lack of clarity in how the changes will impact and my future growth.

R_1:The flux within your employer company will continue in varying degrees till 27 Oct 2017.
The various effects that will touch you will include some restrictions or imposed changes on your working style and priorities while the other effects can cover change of role or team or domain.
However all these events or their fall outs, if any, will not cause any damage to your own professional interests and your growth avenues will not be restricted in any way.
But promotion is not supported by your horoscope within this time period.