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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Varshphal-One Year Birthday Report    

Nutshell Report for the year - positive or negative.
The Varshaphala Chart is made when the Sun completes it one cycle and comes back to the same position as it was at the time of birth in your birth chart. It focuses on the events of one year that begins from your one birthday to another birthday.

Your birth ascendant is Capricorn  and this year Scorpio is ascendant in your Varshaphala Chart. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the natural zodiac

In this year you are in Rahu major and Rahu sub period till July 2015. After that your Jupiter sub period will start.  Rahu is placed in the 3rd house and Jupiter is placed in the 9th house in your birth chart.

This one year period will give you mixed results. You will face lots of problems from many sources till July 2015.  You will emotionally disturb in this period but after that circumstances will convert in your favor.  Your non productive activities will convert in money oriented now. You will be happy in your personal life too.
Till July 2015 time is not very good for you. Relations with authorities will not be good during this period.  People will not be helpful any more now. Do not seek self interest.
You will be emotionally and intellectually over loaded. You will feel depressed and pessimistic. There will be a conflict between your personality and your actions.
You must be careful in your actions as otherwise you will suffer disappointments and also troubles from opponents.

After that time is good for you. This is a basically fortunate month than can allow good fortune, gain and success in all your undertakings at work. You will be cheerful and optimistic and will earn the good wishes of others. You will generally maintain synergy with them. You may have more power or authority and favor from superiors.
Some new acquaintance can challenge your value structure but this would be on positive lines. Maintain more discipline at work and do not allow the success to go to your head.

Till July time is not very good. You will have some unnecessary expense in this period. Money will not come as per hard work after that time will be good for earning. You will able to control your wasteful expense.

Till July 2015 period indicates you should be very careful on the social as well as person life. People may try to defame you. Own people may try to misguide you.

You could not capable to analyze things properly and you will be confused. Some misunderstandings between you and your spouse are possible. Besides this, expenditures would be on rising. Therefore, you are advised to be careful and try to tackle all the circumstances carefully. You should be careful, a few sudden and unexpected arguments and disputes might take place.

After July 2015 time will be good for you.  You will get some good news in personal life. If you are looking for new relationship this will be good time for you.

Till July 2015 time is not good for you health. You may face some problems related to brain or stomach. After that time will be good for you.

Till July you should avoid travel after that time will be good for travel. You may also travel on some religious places.

Date wise breakup of the full year marking the positive and negative periods.

Venus dasha will run till 1st March 2015
Except a few minor or avoidable problems, you may do well in profession.
Chances of expected income would be there.
But you should be careful in social life.
Some property related disputes may rise in family.
You may face some minor problems related to eyes and stomach You will feel more passionate and  attract with opposite sex.

Sun dasha will run 18th March 2015
Period will not be good for career
You may have fear from foes.
Flow of income would be average
Some little dispute with spouse
Advice you to control your temperament and don't argument with spouse and  friends.  

Moon Dasha will run till 18th April 2015
Be careful in any type of professional relationship.
So should try to adjust with working environment.
Some hurdles and breaks in profession
Overall this will mixed period
Mental tension will increase
Financial positional will be average

Mars dasha will run till 10th May 2015
This period will not be suitable for career  
Authorities will not be in much support
Profession life will not be much smooth.
You will face some property disputes
Family will help you
Drive carefully

Rahu dasha will run till 3rd July 2015
Avoid the tendency to be dogmatic in your views or to think only of your career improvement.
Listen to others more than working only on your own.
Do not do anything without thinking or do not be over optimistic.
Restrict your boldness as this is not the right time for it.
Do not argument  will family members and love one.
Friend may try misguide you
You need balance diet.

Jupiter dasha will run till 21st August 2015
This is good month to accelerate the tempo of your working life.    
You will get general cooperation from superiors.
Fruitful short journeys related to work will encourage you.
You may have to deal with a different area of your work and this may need studying a new subject.
You will get some good news from family side
Health will be good.
Saturn dasha will run till 18th October 2015
This will be a period of more balance and equilibrium.
You will feel more energetic and zealous.
This is a positive period and indicates growth.
The pay rise may occur in this month i.
You will have success in most matters that you may have to handle.
You will be satisfied in your personal life too

Mercury dasha will run till 8th December 2015
This period will prove to be auspicious General prosperity is assured.
 Efforts will be successful.
Your efforts will be improved to a great extent.
 Enhancement will be there in your working position and area of work.     
Overall this period will fruitful for your name & fame.
All of opponent will support you through influence of your work.

Ketu dasha will run till 29th December 2015
You will experience growth and rise in repute.
You will feel a higher level of energy & creative ability too.
Family life will be good. Health will be good but some functional ailments will be there
You will get support and respect from your siblings and friends

Suggestion for improvement this year:

Hard work
Avoid disputes

Recite Rahu beej mantra
Float coconut in the river till 5 Saturdays
Donate new yellow cloth to poor

The rising sign of the Varshaphala Chart- Pisces
Varshesha- the year lord- Mars
Muntha- 1st House
Munthesh- the lord of Muntha- Scorpio
Munthapati- the depositor of Munthapati-Mars