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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared 2018 Wealth code & Fortune Report for you. It can be read under the following heads:

  • Financial Trends - overall positive or negative year
  • Which areas will give maximum financial growth in 2018
  • Investment areas that would promote finances
  • Areas which are not favorable
  • Month wise advice for finance

Financial trends - overall positive or negative year:
2018 is a year of mixed results but slightly more inclined to be negative.
Planetary situation can be only slightly favorable for financial progress [but only with much care and caution], through modest increase in income from job career as well as income from other sources like investments in right areas.

The main determinants of success in finance [birth chart, current main and sub periods of planets, and the transits of primary planets] are NOT in adequately positive consonance with each other.
Birth chart has several negative planetary combinations indicating slow and disturbed movements in career and income, and much carelessness and lack of discipline in matters of handling money.
Main period lord, Saturn [planet of contraction] is strong in his own sign, but is ill placed in the 5th house of investment from ascendant and in the 4th house of home/property [negative].
Saturn also afflicts Venus, the lord of wealth house and fortune house from ascendant.
Sub period lord Jupiter [the planet of financial growth] is involved in valid Sakata Yoga with Moon [planet of financial stability].

Jupiter has very poor auspiciousness and nearly no digbala.
Also Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis.

Thus the period lords do not promote or protect your financial growth.
Even transit chart is not favoring your finance either during the year.
Transit Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd house from Libra Moon [worst part of your Sade Sati] is not supportive for growth while he can cause much damage to accumulation of money through various wrong actions in handling money.

Transit Saturn in the 3rd house from ascendant supports increase in income from career [positive] but can bring in unworthy expenses on your social life and on other areas of immediate environments and needless travels.
Meeting these fruitless and needless expenses will be very difficult.
Jupiter, the planet of financial growth, is much afflicted due to reasons as given above.
Hence in transit, Jupiter cannot offer much good results despite the fact that he will be in much favorable positions over the year.
Transit Rahu will be in Virgo [till 30 Jan 2018] and then in Leo will be generally negative for finance for your chart.

The overall effect will be slightly positive for growth of income from career, if handled with care and caution.
Income from career can increase and savings and investments can improve but only moderately and can bring fair returns from right deployment.
Accumulation of money can be made to develop but only through total discretion and self control.
Your thoughts and actions will remain focused on growth but you will also need to take appropriate steps to utilize the full favor of time in right manner.

Only acting in a cautious and self controlled way, your overall gain and returns from suggested investments can be made more beneficial and stable for longer term.
Benefits will be fair enough under the circumstances, if you accept and utilize the specific guidance or action suggested in this report.

Prediction for good or bad period for finance (increment, windfalls, gains, business, unexpected gains)
The overall year is partially positive for financial growth and there is really no period that is specifically oriented to definitive loss [provided due cautions are exercised].

The following time slots will be generally auspicious for career progress, wealth generation and retention and also for making choice investments or for starting new ventures or for expanding existing ones.

These general periods are up to 30 Jan 2018 and 03 Jun 2018 to 02 Oct 2018 but especially after 14 Aug 2018.

It is recommended that you prepare your plans for financial progression in such manners that you can keep ready suitable amounts of money for making suggested investments during the above time slots and also the specific periods and dates given later in the report.
Fair gain of higher compensation from job career can occur during the year.
It is possible that such occasions can occur through a change of role in the current job during the second half of the year [after mid Aug 2018] while preparations for this has to be made during the first half without any loss of time.

Gain from right investments can bring in fair profits throughout the entire year.
No gain from inheritance is expected though some hints may develop.
Some of your due money that has been held up till now [if any] may arrive in this year.
However gain through any windfall is not expected while gain through business is entirely contraindicated.

Which areas will give financial progress: [Real estate, Equity, Savings, Debt, Business, Inheritance, Gold etc].

Investment areas that would promote finances:

The suitable areas of investment for promoting your finance during 2018 are:

Most suitable:
Conventional investments like savings, govt. securities and bonds.
This is recommended despite a much lesser dividend/profit rating, keeping in view the possible obstructions to financial growth.

Next suitable:

The next best options are investments in reputed MF-s of global presence [low to medium risk/gain schemes], preferably with capital appreciation guarantee or at least capital security guarantee.
Alternatively you can go for only low risk-low gain schemes in MF-s.
Choose MF-s that mentions investments in scientific and technological industry [any field], medicine and all its allied areas, health care services industry, hospital chains, hospital supplies industry, drugs and pharmaceuticals industry, chemical industry, and publication industry.

Other suitable areas:
Debt Instruments

Areas that are not suitable or gains not expected:
Real Estate is not a suitable area of investment in this year.
Direct investments in Equity, Stock market, Futures and Commodity, speculative investments of any kind, usury [giving loans on interest] and investments in own business are not suitable for you.
However just in case you still choose to invest in stock market directly by yourself, you will do well to choose and stick to the favorable areas given under investments through mutual funds.

Month wise advice for finance:

January 2018:
Opt for savings only.
Cut down on all possible expenses.

February 2018:
Avoid haste in all financial decisions.
Poor investments are quite likely.
Go for savings only.
Restrict expenses.

March 2018:
Mistakes in hasty investments highly are possible.
Invest in conservative areas, if at all.
Avoid even mutual funds.
Prefer only savings.

April 2018:
Save as much as possible.
Good investments possible too.
Remain alert about future needs.

May 2018:
Good savings and also investments possible.
Save as much as possible.
Safe investments possible but returns will be less.

June 2018:
Better month.
Increase savings.
Invest in conservative areas.

July 2018:
Good judgment possible for fresh investments.
Yet avoid fresh investments.
Reinvest returns from existing investments into safe areas.

August 2018:
Avoid emotional and social expenses.
Do not invest anywhere.
Stick to savings only.
Cut down on expenses for enjoyments.

September 2018:
No investments.
Increase savings.
Mutual funds are not suitable.

October 2018:
Not a good month for finance.
Medical expenses rise.
Do not try to invest.

November 2018:
Invest in Bullion.
Increase savings.
Better month.

December 2018:
Not a good month.
Increase in expenses.
Try to save.
Do not invest.

Suggestions for improvements in money matters:
Avoid getting into business in any form, with or without partner.
Business will invite assured loss.
Ensure growth of job career and income through it by maintaining logical and appropriate attitude and rational reactions at work.

Remain very alert about communication at work and also in society.
Take care to perform with enhanced team spirit and higher sense of responsibility.
Take note that you may have a strong tendency to spend or invest in hasty manners with forethought or discretion or self control and also to make wasteful expenses without any rhyme or reason.
This needs to be firmly stopped as otherwise many occasions of losses will be invited.
Avoid urgency for various enjoyments or emotional expenses.

Regularly set aside definite sums of money for savings, and investments in safe and fruitful areas.
Cut down on all avoidable expenses very strictly.
Try to maintain normal health through disciplined living and thus avoid expenses on medications.

Cautions and Remedies:


Developing your finance is your responsibility.
You will need to be very cautious about taking or not taking any advice or guidance from outsiders about your expenses and investments.
Your friends or relatives are not expected to be very intelligent or balanced in their judgment or much favorable to your growth while you will also have many unworthy people in your social circle.
Thus it is better to avoid their suggestions and use your own intelligence and determination to save and invest well for your future.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi daily.
Chant "Om Durgaoii Namah" as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.